Cracking the civil service exam is a tough job. You have to give your 100%, but clearing the exam is still not guaranteed. While doing UPSC preparation, people come across doubts that can sometimes distress you. Many of such doubts and queries can be solved by contacting fellow candidates who are also on the bandwagon of IAS preparation.

If you are wondering about how do I find some civil service aspirants nearby my place, to have some group discussions? Then, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing some of the groups where you can discuss your UPSC related queries while doing UPSC preparation.

Online Study Groups

In Covid times, staying home and joining an online study group for some meaningful and useful discussion, while doing IAS preparation, is what you can do to improve your UPSC scores. Online study groups give you a platform to clear your doubts whenever you want from the comfort of your home. For taking part in group discussion and group study sessions, you can join several groups created on messenger apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Let’s have a look at some of the groups that you can join for UPSC preparation.

UPSC Discussion Whatsapp Group

Millions of people in our country use WhatsApp. It is the most used messaging app in India, and you will hardly find someone who doesn’t use WhatsApp. This app has an option to create a WhatsApp group feature, where many people sharing a common interest can come together and discuss things as per their preference.

There are many UPSC discussion Whatsapp groups where you can discuss your doubts, get useful notes, sample papers, etc., and help with your UPSC preparation.

UPSC Discussion Telegram Group

While many people consider using WhatsApp groups for their IAS preparation, the popularity of UPSC Discussion Telegram Groups is on the rise. IAS aspirants have started using UPSC Discussion Telegram groups to discuss IAS preparation and share notes.

Telegram allows the user to send larger files than WhatsApp, this makes it more popular among candidates as you can share large-sized notes and videos that will help you in UPSC preparation. There are thousands of Telegram groups dedicated to UPSC preparation, and you can choose any UPSC Discussion Telegram Group, which you find helpful as per your needs.

Offline Library Study Groups

The actual benefit of group discussions can be taken when you’re doing it face-to-face. Having a face-to-face discussion always supersedes the online ones. In a live group discussion, there are no obstacles, like slow internet, late replies etc. You can ask questions or discuss a doubt, and get it solved almost instantaneously.

If you want to find civil service aspirants near your place, then the study library is the place to go. You can visit a public library, and there chances that you will find some fellow candidates who will be more than happy to discuss their doubts and queries with you. Always try to help other fellow candidates, and others will start helping you too.

How to Discuss in Group?

Group discussion is one of the best ways to study, as your doubts are solved instantly by fellow students. You can discuss various aspects of IAS exams which can only be understood by someone who knows these civil services exams.

While studying in a group, one has to keep certain things in mind to ensure a smooth and satisfying studying experience.

Speak Only When Needed

In a group discussion, one always feels the need to give her inputs on a particular topic. However, you don’t have to provide your inputs just for the sake of doing it; speak only when you have some relevant piece of information.

Learn to Listen

This point is complementing the point mentioned above.. Whenever you are in a group discussion, you need to hear what others have to say. There may be some useful points that you’ll get to know if you start listening patiently. Always listen to understand and not to answer back.

Parting Words

Studying in groups benefits you in many ways for UPSC preparation. It is always recommended to join some study groups, whether offline or online, as it will immensely help you in your IAS preparation. Apart from the above-mentioned online groups, you can also refer to UPSC Pathshala for some useful tips and tricks related to UPSC; you also access the personalized coaching by experts from the field at UPSC Pathshala that will help you in acing the UPSC exam.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Keep checking this space for more such articles related to civil service exams.

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How do I Find Some Civil Service Aspirants Near My Place, to have Some Group Discussions?
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