Civil Service Foundation Course for School Students

Experts created the Foundation Course for school children in order to prepare them to pass UPSC Exams in the future. Public speaking, group discussion, leadership exercises, debates, and interview skills will all be taught to the pupils. We also seek to serve emerging civil service hopefuls at the high school or college level by developing a long-term coaching curriculum to help them pass the Civil Services Examination.

Civil Service Foundation Course for School Students Highlights

# Classes are available via the internet.

# Expert faculty instructing

# Videos that have been recorded as well as study materials

#  Model Examinations

#  Interactions with High-ranking civil servants

IAS Foundation Courses

#1 UPSC Foundation Course for School

It is for UPSC candidates who want to take the test in 2022 or later and wish to begin with the fundamentals of the needed skill set, followed by intensive preparation.

#2 Crash Course for the Prelims

With individualised preparation, you have the highest chance of passing the Prelims in 2021.

#3 Crash Course for Prelims and Mains

With individualised preparation, you have the highest chance of passing the Prelims in 2021.

#4 Induction Course for UPSC

The Inception course is designed for applicants who have less than a year until the test and want to get started on their studies. Immediately start their studies for students wishing to cover the UPSC curriculum in-depth, with clear comprehension and value-added components to offer you an edge.

#6 Pathshala Express: Current Affairs Program

The Current Affairs Program is designed for students who want a comprehensive yearly study of the most important current events in preparation for UPSC Prelims and Mains, as well as a current affairs exam series.

#7 UPSC Pathshala Junior

It’s an excellent UPSC preparation programme for kids in grades 6 through 10.

#8 UPSC Hindi

It is India’s top programme for comprehensive Hindi preparation. Coverage covers the complete General Studies curriculum, as well as CSAT.

Why do Students Need a Foundation Course?

Starting early can provide you with several advantages and rewards. # Many applicants miss out on the opportunity to prepare early and arrive late to the UPSC Civil Service Exam preparation field. Such candidates who begin their preparation early might pass the IAS test without sacrificing their enjoyment of life.

# Therefore, starting at a young age, especially while in school, will be very helpful to create a proper base. This will help you break from time constraints and prepare well ahead of time. This will solidify your chances of clearing the examination as well as build interest early on.

Advantage of Starting Learning Early

As UPSC is a national test, only 0.1 per cent of students who take it pass with flying colours and are eligible for a place in the civil service. With only a few thousand seats available, almost a million students fight for a spot on the civil service test.

Only a select handful make the cut, and those who do are regarded as extraordinarily fortunate. Therefore, preparing early on for such competition has the following advantages:

# The syllabus for the exam is huge, and it also requires you to be generally well informed about all sorts of affairs. Therefore, preparing early will let you gather as much information as you want without any time constraints.

# In order to be a civil servant, one must have a dynamic personality; therefore, starting early will help you focus on personality development. Most people who have limited time to prepare forget/ do not give a thought about this aspect and, therefore, are unable to crack the interview at times.

# Starting early also helps you develop strong basics (such as those provided in NCERT books, newspapers) that will aid your preparation later on.

# Most importantly, starting early would help you realise the importance of hard work, which will help you not only in school but also in college. It will also confirm the fact that UPSC is the right choice for you.

What can Students do Other than the Foundation Course?

#1 Read the newspaper daily

Make sure to read the newspapers to keep up with the daily current affairs as well as other relevant topics. Make sure to read similar articles written in newspapers that generally represent different points of view. For example, a left-leaning newspaper and a right-leaning newspaper would present different points of view about the same topic. This will open up your way of thinking about relevant topics.

#2 Learn how to make notes at class level

Making notes is extremely important for UPSC information due to the immense syllabus. Learning how to take notes at the school level will make it a habit, making it easier and better later.

#3 Develop interest in social science subjects by reading online or through school

Social sciences subjects form the base for UPSC. Therefore, developing interest is very important. It will also help open up your mind to help you study better.

#4 Get used to studying for long hours with proper concentration

Due to the massive syllabus, lots of studying is required to crack the examination. Learning how to study efficiently with focus early on will go a long way.

UPSC Pathshala Benefits

# Why will you be chosen if you take this course?

Development of Fundamental Skills Sees an example.

Learn the personality qualities required to become an IAS officer, making the preparation process easier.

# Video Content of the Highest Quality

Amazing films that cover all of the behavioural skills you’ll need to work as a Civil Servant.

# Current Affairs Training

Through video lectures, explanatory summaries, and frequent live courses, you will learn the skill of interpreting and internalising current events.

# Preparation for NCERT

Start your preparation in a new way with tried and true NCERTs, which include outstanding video lectures, live courses, and a question bank.

# Weekly Happenings

Every week, participate in a variety of events on UPSC-related themes, such as debate, essay writing, group discussions, and so forth, to develop an outgoing and confident personality.

# You choose the time and the location.

Prepare without regard to time or space constraints. There’s no need to quit your work or move to another place. Prepare in the privacy of your own home.

# Super Low-Cost

There’s no need to pay a lot to sit in a 500-person classroom. At a fraction of the cost, you can get specialised instruction.

# Analysis of the Day’s News

UPSC Current Affairs Preparation includes a part of daily news analysis.


Preparing for the UPSC examination is a feat on its own. Therefore, starting early is the best way to conquer this feat and crack the exam. School students can start early by taking the online foundation course offered by UPSC Pathshala and prepare themselves well ahead of time with the best resources.

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Civil Service Foundation Course for School Students: Here’re the Best UPSC Courses
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Civil Service Foundation Course for School Students: Here’re the Best UPSC Courses
Civil service foundation course for school students. Experts have created the Foundation Course for school students in order to prepare them for future UPSC Exams.
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