The Most Comprehensive Course for UPSC 2020 (That Actually Works)

UPSC Foundation Course

Develop the acumen needed to become an IAS in a planned manner

See how the foundation course works below

Why Foundation Course?

Civil Services Examination needs not just a coverage of content but also some personality traits, which help you navigate through the syllabus before examinations. Foundation Program first equips you in those skills and then provides you a grilling preparation and revision schedule to ensure guranteed success.

Reading Capacity
Experience of reading about various important issues from the world class writers
Writing practice
Training in organizing your thoughts on paper in a structured manner

Analytical Ability
Able to understand the given information properly and weigh the pros and cons before giving a balanced view
Interview Skills
Development of personality to ensure a confident and engaging interview at the examination

Thought Inclusiveness
Training to think in a social manner, incorporating all the factions and group's interests
Capacity to retain thoughts for longer period with help of visual techniques

The course plan

1. Skill Development
2. Syllabus Covered

3. Revisions & Practice
4. Exam Conditioning

Download plan for  20212022

What Some of Our Students Say


Bachelor's in Planning and Management

I have enrolled myself with Upsc Pathshala for my CSE preparation and I have completed half of my course. I was assigned Tasneem Ma’am as my mentor and she guided me well which enabled me for self study.

Richa Chandan

English Honours Graduate

I've completed my course with UPSC Pathshala and I'm ready to attempt the 2018 UPSC exam.There was never too much burden of studies, considering the study plan chalked out for me by my mentor. She has guided me really well till now.

Sanket Agrawal

IAS Topper 2017

I completed my chartered accountancy in 2016 and got into a corporate job at ITC Limited. So I was working from November 2016 to February 2016 there and although the job and pay was very good I realized that this wasn’t something I could do for the rest of my life.


What do I get?

You get everything that you need to prepare for UPSC


Learn Faster with Videos

The videos cover the entire syllabus of Civil Services Exam in a wholistic manner. They have been designed to provide optimal learning and extended rememberance. You get the complete content to cover general studies, current affairs, CSAT, and optionals. With this course you will not be required to buy any other material for your preparation.



Personalized Mentorship

Get a dedicated mentor to guide you regularly and resolve your doubts. He is is a friend, philosopher and guide in your journey of UPSC Preparation. A mentor will:

  • Provide you with a customised study plan as per your needs.
  • Solving doubts occuring during your preparation.
  • Motivating you when you stray away in your preparation
  • Evaluating your progress and giving you a feedback
  • The mentor is there with you till your last phase of the exams.
  • You get two classes of 30 minutes each with the mentor every week.



Regularly Check your Performance with Tests.

Keep a track of your preparation with a regular test series of UPSC standard.

  • Check point questions after every videos
  • Module wise tests to check your progress regurlarly
  • Full tests consisiting of GS + Current Affairs for exam like feel
  • Detailed evaluation of your answers and essays.

Prelims Test Series: (25 tests, two per month)
Mains Test Series: (16 tests, 4 of each GS Paper)


15th April, 2019
11 out of 50 seats remaining
21st April, 2019
23 out of 50 seats remaining
28th April 2019
34 out of 50 seats remaining
INR 1,20,000

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Still have questions?

No. The sooner you start the better it is. This course involves buiding your potential for a grilling UPSC preparation process. It is essntial that you finish your preparation well in time to ensure proper revision cycles.

Don’t worry. The beginner section is meant for the people who find reading a challenging task. You will be given small assignments to read and then some questions based on that. You will also be taking up discussion sessions with your mentor and your buddy (study partner) on a weekly basis. We promise you will start liking reading in this manner.

No. This course is a complete course and caters to all the aspects of UPSC preparation. You will not be required to take up any other course after this.

Your sessions will be conducted through video chats. In the beginner stage, there will be two students in a class. At the later stages, the classes will be for one student at a time only.

No. Mentors have personal lives as well. It will be advisable to call them on the schedule only. If you need special attention to some topic, message, email the mentor and he/she will call you.

No. You must take either Sociology or Geography as an optional. These options are best suited for the plan we have created.

You will get consistent support in your revision in terms of on-demand mentorship, revision study plan, and test series, till your examination gets over.