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UPSC Pathshala Mentorship Program is the best thing I came across. I am sure I can crack the UPSC exam only if I put extra effort into my preparation.



Classroom coaching for UPSC was not possible as I am studying and it will affect my college lectures. And for me, both are equally important.

Pooja Lavankar

(Maharashtra, 2019)

She was searching for an online class so that she can save her time and focus more on preparing for UPSC.

Sayeed Uzzman

(Bihar, 2019)

I took UPSC Pathshala’s Demo class and I was very happy. I can see the standards are really high and the price is very reasonable. The best part is video lectures, which no offline class gives it.


(Banglore, 2019)

I am now confident that I can appear for UPSC. I will try to crack UPSC in the first attempt itself.

Arshvi Pankaj

(Bhagalpur, 2019)

I opted for a Free Demo class and was convinced by the quality of lectures.

Aman Ojha

(Bihar, 2019)

So I searched for online classes which gives me the Delhi teaching standard yet is pocket-friendly for me. I am fortunate to have found UPSC Pathshala.

Sweta Routray

(Odisha, 2019)

I can say that I have transformed as a person under the guidance of my mentor. I was never a good reader, so I had practically no knowledge of the current affairs. But with UPSC Pathshala, I am updated with current affairs and have also developed the habit of reading.

Aparajita Singh Sinsinwar (AIR 82)

(Ambala, 2019)

Any material, any book or any random source on the internet that I am reading, if I can’t revise that in the last 2 months, then it is a waste and I should not be reading it. As far as covering the syllabus was concerned, I decided to cover as broadly as I could and at the same time I would organize it so well and make such concise notes that I would be able to revise everything in the last two months.

Krishan Kumar Singh, AIR 181, UPSC CSE 2018

(Gaziabad, 2019)

If you have the right guidance, sometimes these mistakes can be avoided. That is why we see that people who have better guidance clear the exam in their first attempt. So guidance helps.

Sagar Jain, AIR 160, UPSC CSE 2018

(Udaipur, 2019)

Answer writing practice is 80% of the preparation according to me. Because it helps you habituate yourself to think within a limited time. You will also get to know what speed you should be writing at right from the beginning

Bhumika Kaushik, AIR 395, UPSC CSE 2018

(Delhi, 2019)

Even though I was in Delhi I never went near Karolbagh, Mukherjee Nagar. I was at home the entire time because Karolbagh gives me the chills. You cannot survive the kind of pressure. It isn’t mandatory for anyone to be living there.

Anshuman Raj, AIR 537, USPC CSE 2018

(Buxar, 2019)

It is not impossible for a working professional to crack this exam, if they are focused. They have to take it as a well planned strategy, they must know how they have to study, if they do, they can do it.

Priyanka Rani, AIR 424, UPSC CSE 2018

(Jaipur, 2019)

I think anyone from anywhere can crack this exam. Nowadays there are ample resources available online. There are interviews from toppers. So their strategies are widely available online. So anyone can use those and start their UPSC preparation. So they can get the material anywhere online and they don’t have to come to Delhi and suffer the harsh weather here.

Ajay Jain, AIR 141, UPSC CSE-2018

(Delhi, 2019)

Developing critical thinking is the most important part because we can improve not only our planning but also our strategy. The most important part is self evaluation.

Akshay Agarwal, AIR 43, UPSC CSE 2018

(Delhi, 2019)

UPSC preparation is certainly a life changing event. It attacks your preconceived notions at the very roots. UPSC preparation broadens a person’s view about his country, society etc. It will definitely make you a great orator who can talk on views of current importance in friends, family circle.

H.V. Anirudh

(Hyderabad, 2019)

I came to know about UPSC Pathshala by online referring for the best UPSC online coaching. One of the searches landed me to the UPSC Pathshala page. I watched the sample videos, the test papers provided, their methodology of teaching to their students, understood the reasons why online coaching is better than the offline one and I was pretty much convinced which further let me to sign in.

Mamta Pavuluri

(Vijaywada, 2019)

I have had a great experience with UPSC Pathshala. Their optional course is very good. The conceptual clarity provided is great. I never thought Geomorphology can be so easy to understand. Akshay Sir gives very easy and relevant examples.

Kanav Gupta

(Ambala, 2019)

Kanav Gupta chose Geography as an optional with Pathshala and is very happy about it

Sachin Narwade

(Nagpur, 2019)

The mentorship offered is the main USP of Pathshala. Nidhi madam who is my mentor is always very helpful, she cleared my doubts as and when required, she regularly gives me tasks and also scolds me if I don’t complete them. She is very meticulous about current affairs.

Ashish Kumar

(Ranchi, 2018)

The idea of mentorship at upsc pathshala is great. Your single point of contact for any doubt that may arise. They also keep you motivated. I have taken several tests during my preparation. Their tests are quiet good and upto UPSC standards.

Piyush Ojha

(Bhubaneshwar, 2018)

Since I am working currently I decided to complete my optional subject first. After a lot of research, I decided to take Geography as my optional as the study material is easily available. That is when I came to know about UPSC Pathshala from Quora. Someone had posted there about how the Geography optional offered by UPSC Pathshala is very comprehensive.

Ashima Mittal, AIR 12, UPSC CSE 2017

(Jaipur, 2018)

Thank you very much for all your support and guidance throughout the journey. I want to express my wholehearted gratitude to you. I originally hail from Jaipur, Rajasthan and completed my schooling from there itself. My mother works as a Professor in the Computer Science Department at NIT Jaipur, Rajasthan; while my father is a businessman. I’ve pursued my engineering from IIT Bombay in 2014.

Sanket Agrawal, AIR 257, UPSC CSE 2017

(Raipur, 2018)

I completed my Chartered Accountancy in 2016 and got into a corporate job at ITC Limited. So I was working from November 2016 to February 2016 there and although the job and pay was very good I realized that this wasn’t something I could do for the rest of my life. I needed to find a greater purpose that could keep me going. UPSC was always there at the back of my mind so in March 2016 I resigned from my job and started preparing for UPSC. The Prelims was to be conducted in August 2016 so I had 4-5 months to prepare.

Nikhil Nippanikar, AIR 563, UPSC CSE 2017

(Hubli, 2018)

Nikhil Nippanikar has been kind enough to take us through his rough and tough journey with the UPSC exam. He secured AIR 563 in the 2017 UPSC Civil Services Exam. Read more to know more.

Mayur Kathawate, AIR 96, UPSC CSE 2017

(Mumbai, 2018)

I think online resources are kind of revolution for the preparation because of the advantages you get from the online coaching mode. First thing is that the cost will be much lesser than the classroom preparation. Not everyone can afford to go to Delhi and the expensive coaching classes. For such students UPSC coaching is available for cheaper cost.

Anupama Anjali, AIR 386, UPSC CSE 2017

(Indore, 2018)

The Civil Services Examination is a nationwide competitive examination in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission .The exam is conducted for recruitment to diverse Civil Services of the Government of India, including the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Forest Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS) amid others.

Kushal Chouksey, AIR 557

(Indore, 2018)

Kushal Chouksey's journey with the civil services goes way back. His father is currently serving in the state civil services. His upbringing has been in different cities across India, given the nature of his father's job. Following is a conversation with Kushal regarding his success in UPSC CSE 2017.

Rajarshi Shah, AIR 81, UPSC CSE 2016

(Mumbai, 2018)

In the Civil Services Examination of 2016, the result of which got declared a few days ago, Rajarshi Shah, who was associated with UPSC Pathshala, has secured AIR 81, IAS. He spoke to us and shared the success story.

Richa Chandan

(Lucknow, 2018)

I've completed my course with UPSC Pathshala and I'm ready to attempt the 2018 UPSC exam. It was a wonderful time that I had with my Mentor, Tasneem. There was never too much burden of studies, considering the study plan chalked out for me by my mentor. She has guided me really well till now. For every aspirant, that jump from 0 to 1 is the most important.


(Surat, 2018)

I started preparing for the UPSC CSE 2018 in May 2017. That's when I joined UPSC Pathshala. I'm still in the preparation phase and if everything goes as per plan, I'll start revising and taking tests by April 2018.


(Pune, 2018)

Hi, my name is Srivathsa A, I have pursued Bachelors of planning and will be appearing for Civil Services Examination in 2019. I have enrolled myself with UPSC Pathshala for my CSE preparation and I have completed half of my course. I was assigned Tasneem Ma’am as my mentor and she guided me well which enabled me for self-study.


(Delhi, 2018)

UPSC Pathshala is not just an institution but it is a platform which enhances your whole personality. In fact, it grooms you. Each day there are challenges which later condensed into a frenzy of experiences. I express my heartiest gratitude for the golden opportunity UPSC Pathshala is providing me to appear for CSE in 2018 with great confidence.


(Patna, 2018)

UPSC Pathshala has been very helpful in my preparation. The video lecture provided by them cuts the time required for studying by half. I have finished studying the video lectures and have started revising.These video lectures make me confident enough that I could crack this exam with proper preparation.

Kanwar Fateh Singh

(Gaziabad, 2018)

On commencement of this battle with UPSC, I was baffled all over, like what to do and how to start and thus one day, I encountered with the videos of uFaber on my fb page. And according to me, there would be no exaggeration to say that I encountered the perfect teacher,


(Delhi, 2018)

Like a lot of aspirants, I too was anxious about the difficult preparatory demands of UPSC CSE before I actually started "learning" without the feel of "studying". UPSC PATHSHALA made me rethink about this image because through their lectures, I could understand topics which sound like high-end complex things.


(Mumbai, 2018)

"UPSC Pathshala provides an excellent UPSC preparation plan and their videos are very easy to comprehend. Even someone as an amateur (in UPSC preparation) as me has been able to get a hold of the gigantic syllabus. All major topics are extensively covered and explained in depth with relevant examples which helps in making my learning process better and better. And all of this is at a very economical price as compared to the other coaching institutes.

Shahbaz Khan

(Jabalpur, 2018)

I am a working professional and have always aspired to clear UPSC. Hence, I started preparing for the exam a few months back. But considering the fact that I was a working individual, I did not have enough time for regular coaching classes. Besides, the fees of regular coaching classes did not resonate with my budget. However, I also knew without guidance I cannot continue with the preparation of the mammoth syllabus which is there in this exam needs strategical preparation to complete it. I then searched for the material that is available online which I successfully found.

Chaitanya Shah

(Ahmedabad, 2018)

I’m in my final year of graduation in engineering from Shah and Anchor. It is only recent, about 4 months, that I have begun my preparation for the Civil Services Exam. The preparation, though at a beginner level, is going in the right direction.

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