Mentorship Model

The revolutionary pedagogical innovation in UPSC preparation!

What is Mentorship Model

Mentorship model is a unique one-to-one teaching methodology adopted by UPSC Pathshala. It ensures perfect and absolute customization of the preparation process as per the requirements of the student.

Key Features

Qualified & Trained Mentors

Every single mentor has partially successful UPSC experience and goes through rigorous training.

Time & Location Flexibility

Mentors can be based anywhere in India and sometimes, outside India as well.

Steep Learning Curve

Mentors, while mentoring, learn not just subject matter, but also student management and project planning.

What a Mentor does?

Study Planning

Make a day-by-day calendar for the student.

Doubt Resolution

Helps the student get rid of all the doubts on a regular basis.

Growth Monitoring

Monitors the progress or the lack of it and takes appropriate action.

Subject Matter Discussion

Provide high quality thought provoking discussion on the tpics covered to generate interest of student.

Test Compliance

Ensuring that the student it giving tests and scoring well in them.

Writing Improvements

Making sure that the student is writing subjective answers on a daily basis and learning the expression.

Want to become a mentor?


Opportunity to mentor best students in India

Earning potential of Rs. 50k+ per month

Totally work from home profile

Intellectually challenging and stimulating work

Guaranteed recovery of the training fees within one month of finishing the training

What does the training consist of?

Academic training in various subjects related to UPSC Pathshala

How to grasp and educate Current Affairs better

How to take live sessions with students

How to track the progress of the students

Reporting structures and UPSC Pathshala portals

Training Fees:

Rs. 50,000/-

Training Fees:

Rs. 50,000/-