The Most Comprehensive Course for Sociology

Sociology Optional

Recent results have shown majority of students securing rank have opted for optional

What is covered?

1. Sociology – The Discipline

2. Sociology as Science

3. Research Methods and Analysis

4. Sociological Thinkers

5. Stratification and Mobility

6. Works and Economic Life

7. Politics and Society

8. Religion and Society

9. Systems of Kinship

10. Social Change in Modern Society

A. Introducing Indian Society:
(i) Perspectives on the study of Indian society
(ii) Impact of colonial rule on Indian society

B. Social Structure:
(i) Rural and Agrarian Social Structure
(ii) Caste System
(iii) Tribal communities in India
(iv) Social Classes in India
(v) Systems of Kinship in India
(vi) Religion and Society

C. Social Changes in India:
(i) Visions of Social Change in India
(ii) Rural and Agrarian transformation in India
(iii) Industrialization and Urbanisation in India
(iv) Politics and Society
(v) Social Movements in Modern India
(vi) Population Dynamics
(vii) Challenges of Social Transformation

Sample Videos

What you get?

Video lectures
100+ hours of video lectures covering Sociology Paper 1 and 2 extensively
Modulewise Tests
Module wise supply of probable questions with model answer structures for answer writing training

Discussion Forum
Regular doubt solving using social media platforms like WhatsApp
Live Lectures
Live online revision session to keep you updated of current affairs

*(installment option also provided)

Still have questions?

Sociology has an easily understandable, less technical brief syllabus, which can easily be understood and mastered in 3 months. It gives you ample time to adjust it in your preparation calender. Moreover, it gives you a better and deeper understanding of the social issues, which help you a lot in General Studies as well.

No. Not at all. We all are social beings and have our own ways to understand society. Sociology is an organized way to look at social reality. It is an extention to human personality, so very easy to understand.

The course provides you the best quality HD video lectures, which explain everything in detail with examples. There will also be time to time events and doubt solving sessions conducted remotely, so that you keep learning in the best manner possible.

There will be doubt sessions conducted from time to time. You will get a notification about them. Apart from them, you can mail us the doubts or post them at our facebook page to get a quick resolution.

You will be given model questions to write the answers of and your answers will be duly evaluated.

You will have the online access of the course, which will enable you watching the course online.