The Most Comprehensive Course for Geography

Geography Optional

If you want to score 300+ in Geography, we have a trick for you

What is covered?

1. Geomorphology

2. Climatology

3. Oceanography

4. Environmental Geography

5. Biogeography

6. Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography

7. Perspectives in Human Geography

8. Economic Geography

9. Population and Settlement

10. Regional Planning

1. Physical Setting

2. Resources

3. Agriculture

4. Industry

5. Trade, Transport & Communication

6. Settlement

7. Regional Development & Planning

8. Cultural Setting

9. Political Setting

10. Contemporary Issues

Sample Videos

What you get?

Video lectures
100+ hours of video lectures covering Geography Paper 1 and 2 extensively
Modulewise Tests
Module wise supply of probable questions with model answer structures for answer writing training

Discussion Forum
Regular doubt solving using social media platforms like WhatsApp
Live Lectures
Live online revision session to keep you updated of current affairs

*(installment option also provided)

Still have questions?

There are multiple reasons to take geography as an optional. Firstly, it is easy to study and has already been covered in elementary classes. Secondly, it is a concept based subject which requires more of understanding and less of learning.
Thirdly, the material is easily available in the market for preparations and the preparation is also useful in General Studies where geography forms a major chunk. Lastly, the papers are fairly straightforward making scoring in Geography comparatively easy. You will find that many of the candidates who find their name in the list have opted for geography as an optional subject.

Irrespective of whether you have a formal degree in geography, every person has studied geography during the school years. So, everyone technically has a background of geography. Moreover, the conceptual understanding in geography is easier, making the grasping of the subject relatively easier. Even though geography is more a science, it is a simpler science based on logical conclusions.

The course will work on the following lines:

  • We will be providing you with HD quality videos for conceptual learning and understanding.
  • Along with that, there is a small exercise at regular intervals which you will be expected to practice. In UPSC answer writing is the key to success and we believe that it should be practiced from day one to get more and more fluency.
  • We will also be providing you with a diagram bank which you will need to practice on your own. These diagrams are very important and need to be replicated by you in the exams for scoring great marks.
  • There will be time to time events like doubt solving sessions for keeping you up to date with the course.

There will be doubt sessions conducted from time to time. You will get a notification about them. Apart from them, you can mail us the doubts or post them at our facebook page to get a quick resolution.

At regular intervals we have provided you with questions which you need to solve and submit to us. These answers will be duly evaluated from our side with appropriate feedback.

You will have the online access of the course, which will enable you watching the course online.