The UPSC DAF form is a compulsory form that needs to be filled by every student that has passed the prelims exam in order to be eligible for the UPSC mains round. The main reason to learn how to fill the form properly is that it will not be accepted if the exact guidelines are not followed. The guidelines are for every student that passed the first round and if they fail to do so, they will be unable to write the next round.

Mistakes in this part are unacceptable so candidates should know the DAF inside-out for safety. Also, the parts where the candidate fills in things about their personal hobbies and interests are an integral part of the personality round.

It’s better to not take a chance with it and settle for the best DAF and Interview Consulting Program where you can get expert guidance for filling the DAF. Read this article till the end to know everything about this program.

What is the DAF and Interview Consulting Program?

The program will provide you assistance in filling your DAF that will play a pivotal role in your UPSC Interview. After your Mains, you will be provided with 200+ questions with model answers so that you might prepare them in the best manner possible.

What is DAF?

Detailed Application Form is a form of resume that you fill after qualifying the Preliminary examination. It is a detailed form that carries a lot of information about your personal and professional life and achievements. During your Personality Test (Interview), this is the primary document that is available to the interview panel. Usually, more than half the questions are based on your DAF.

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Why is it important to fill it carefully?

DAF will be more than half of your interview. You need to fill it in a manner that you appear to be a rounded personality with a deep interest in certain things. You also need to ensure that you fill the things which you are most comfortable with at. This document will be the single most important document that might get you selected with a top rank.

Why do I need help in filling DAFs?

DAF is a serious document that needs to be filled in a manner that matches your personality, opinions and interests. It should be the impression that you have built your personality by working on it. If there are contradictions in your thought process and your DAF, it will be difficult for you to manage them. You must also fill your hobbies and interests in a manner that you may show the depth of your engagement with them. Many times candidates end up filling the form with the wrong thought process which makes their interview preparation excruciatingly difficult. For example, if you end up filling 10 hobbies in your DAF, you will have to prepare a lot about all 10 of them. It is best if you fill about any 2.

How will the program help me in filling DAF?

The program will assign you a counsellor, who will connect with you over a video call for 1 hour. He/she will understand your profile, personality and interests. Based on that the counsellor will suggest you the best answers to be filled in the DAF.

How will it help me after my Mains?

Usually, the task of pointing out the specific questions based on one’s DAF is to be done by the candidate. In this program, you will not have to worry about that at all. We will be sending you a list of 200+ questions based on your DAF along with answer pointers. You will also have the option of seeking the counsellor’s help in understanding the ideal answers.

Who will be the counsellors?

Counsellors will be specialists in Civil Services examination preparations. All of them have given the Personality Test at least once and scored excellent marks.

How has the pedagogy of this program been developed?

The pedagogy was developed by research conducted by UPSC Pathshala for over 2 years, in which we connected with more than 300 successful candidates in the Civil Services Exams in the last 5 years. Based on their experiences, the conclusive texture of ideal answers emerged.

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