So, now that you have cleared the prelims round of the exam, it definitely calls for a celebration, but remember you do have to get back to studying very soon!

Now that the prelims round is out of the way, it is time to focus on the mains round of the exam. The toughest and lengthiest part.

Here is where most make or break their careers in UPSC. The first step towards the mains exam is filling the DAF form. So this article will talk about DAF of toppers and how does the UPSC DAF look like and more about the UPSC DAF form.


Do you want to know how does UPSC DAF look like?


As seen above, this is a small summary of the entire DAF application. This is directly sent to the interview board if you are selected.

All the information will be collected and you will have to fill in your details in the same manner.

Make sure you keep your scanned documents ready.

How to Fill DAF for UPSC

Filling your UPSC DAF form is very important. First, log on to the official UPSC website.

You will then have to log in and register yourself.

After registration, you will find a link for DAF. You will be redirected to the page for DAF. You will have to keep scanned documents ready for your exam as it will play a key role.

You will also need a passport size photograph

After filling in the form correctly, you will have to pay an application fee online. Generally, this amount is INR 200.

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Documents Required

There are very basic documents that are required.

  • Date of birth proof
  • Grade X marksheet
  • Grade XII marksheet
  • College Marksheet
  • Bonafide letters
  • Scanned copy of the signature
  • Scanned copy of Passport size photograph
  • Medical certificate if handicap or any requirement
  • Caste Certificate if required

These documents should be scanned beforehand and made sure that they don’t exceed the file size limit as prescribed by the UPSC. Your application will be deemed invalid if the certificates are not in order or uploaded in the right manner.

Tips on Filling DAF

What is DAF’s importance in UPSC? Well, it does have a lot of importance.

Many candidates are asked questions directly from their final DAF summary in the personal interview round!

And to help with that, go through the tips below:

  • Do not put false information. This is a very bad idea, even if you are trying to impress the board, do not think about it.
  • Don’t write too much information too. Keep your details very tight and to the point. Do not let your passion get to you!
  • Check more than once. Check every word and sentence you write in the form. If there is any mistake, correct it before submitting because it cannot be done afterwards.

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Common Issues Faced

Many times students face issues like spelling errors. This has to be avoided at all costs. Filling your UPSC CSE form is very important, and it can be rejected if any information is wrong!

If you are not strong in the language, ask someone else to fill it for you as you tell them, but remember it is about you and no one else. So your participation is a must in the form filling process.

You also need to ensure the date of submission. Many students leave the form for the last date and forget to submit. Do not let this happen to you. Think of this as the first step to prepare and make sure you submit them.


The UPSC has set up certain guidelines for the students.

Students must pertain to these guidelines. Failure to do so may lead to rejection of the application. So stick to the guidelines and ensure that they are followed.

The guidelines are simple and official.

Keep looking for any notification on the DAF form or any change in guidelines with respect to the pandemic around the world as of now.

So it is suggested that you keep yourself up to date by regularly checking the UPSC website for any further updates.

Preparation for Mains

After you have completed the formalities, make sure that you are on track with your preparation goals.

Getting a high score is very important, but also keep practicing your DAF now and then. Most questions are asked out of DAF for your personal interview test, so do not miss out on that.

Keep working around a new time table as your needs have now changed. You are not just preparing for general studies, but optionals too.

Start working around your optional subjects and look to start revising as much as you can.

Going Forward

The mains exam is due very soon, be ready as time does fly quickly.

Keep working with current affairs and subjects. Do not lose inspiration now. Only half the war is done.

In these tough times, it is understandable to lose focus but make sure that you do not fall behind too much. Take breaks if you want, there is no crime in that. It is absolutely necessary to take breaks now and then so that you can start fresh completely.


It sure is a moment of pride if you have cleared the prelims round. Now with preparation beginning for the mains round, you will have to submit the UPSC CSE DAF.

This is a compulsory form to be submitted by everyone who has qualified for the mains round. If you do not fill the form, you are not eligible to write the exam and will miss out.

Go through UPSC Topper DAF forms to get a good understanding but do not try to copy anything from it. It will be of no use. The DAF is very personal, so do not copy anything as such. If you want to get the right guidance to fill DAF, fill this form here.

All the best!

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