The bank exam has many privileges attached to it along with a stable and secure job profile. If you are preparing for it, you must be searching for the questions asked in the interview and. If you wonder, do banks ask engineering subjects in bank interviews for PO? You have come to the perfect place. You need to read this article diligently and get every detail.

To ace, this examination is not everyone’s cup of tea. The candidates must prepare adequately with time management to get high scores in the exam. Do not miss the information about the interview section as it has its significance. Continue reading the article.

Do Banks Ask Engineering Subjects in Bank Interviews of PO?

If you want to know about the types of interview questions asked in the bank examination or the questions raised from the engineering subjects, here are the questions given.

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#1. Question

Q: Why do you want to come into banking despite being an engineer / Don’t you think you wasted your money studying engineering as banking and engineering are completely different / How will your academic background help the banking sector?

Answer: Sir/ma’am, this is evident that bank and engineering have no traits in common but the advent of technology in every sphere has made the bank functions dependent on it. All the officers working in the bank are required to be tech-savvy to carry out functions well. I believe I am already well versed with technology as an engineer. Moreover, I can solve the issues effectively as engineering has developed a more analytical approach in my mind. These properties will help me in discharging my duties in the bank.

#2. Why do you want to join the banking sector in particular?

Answer: Sir/ ma’am, the banking sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country nowadays. Furthermore, in today’s world order, the economy is the backbone of the standing of a country. Many spheres and functions can be changed if we have the power and hold to influence the economic balance of the world. I believe that being a banker is the first step towards bringing a change along with the large scope of engaging with a farmer. This is to hobnobbing with the leading industrialists in the country is also an incentive of the bank job.

#3. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Answer: Sir/ ma’am, I have the ambition to learn initially in the bank to get the opportunity to become a human resource for the bank as soon as possible. I believe I put in hard work wherever I go and within five years,  I am looking for a meaningful contribution to my work area in the bank. This is to ensure the growth of the bank and to be rewarded by the authorities for holding the responsibilities in the long run for the sector.

Therefore, the questions from normal queries can be asked related to the engineering field along with few subject-related questions. You will not be asked deep meanings from the subject-related points. You must know the basics.

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Bank PO Interview

The interview for the bank PO is taken by the examiners. They ask questions from different fields and genres. The candidates must be prepared beforehand to tackle the situation with their presence of mind, knowledge, honesty, and creativity. You must answer the questions adequately and don’t approach false narratives. The interview round decides whether a candidate can qualify for the exam or not. This is why it is an integral part of the recruitment process. In the article ahead, you will learn about the critical questions asked in the interview. The questions are asked into major categories. These are written below.

#1. Personal questions.

#2. Banking Awareness & Current Affairs.

#3. General Knowledge, Current Affairs & Hot Topics.

#4. Educational Background or Career Objectives.

#5. Current Job Profile (for working candidates).

Bank PO Interview Questions

Do you want to know the questions for the bank interview in detail? The interview usually starts with the question, tell me something about yourself. You must have a concrete answer for this question as it is said that the first impression is the last. Let’s know the detailed questions about each category given above.

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#1. Personal Questions

In this category, critical questions are majorly asked. The type of questions is given below.

#. Tell me something about yourself.

#. What does your father do?

#. Tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership skills.

#. Who is your role model and why?

#. What’s Special About Your Hometown?

#. Why don’t you join your father’s business?

#. What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

#2. Banking Awareness & Current Affairs

The frequently asked questions by the examiners from this category are given below for you to acknowledge.

#. Trending Topics or Terms. For example Cryptocurrency,  NPA, KYC, Money Laundering, Inflation, Deflation, FDI, etc.

#. New government schemes. For example Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, etc.

#. Recent Events. For example GST, FRDI Bill, BREXIT, Banking Scams, Recapitalization of Banks, etc.

#. Terms related to Processes having Day to Day in Banks. For example Types of accounts, Types of checks, Lockers, Check vs Draft, Demat Account.

#. Important Banking Terms. For example CRR, PLR, NPAs, Repo rate, Reverse Repo Rate, etc.

#. Terms related to day-to-day processes in banks. For example Types of accounts, Types of checks, Lockers, Check vs Draft, Demat Account.

#3. General Knowledge, Current Affairs & Hot Topics

More questions are asked from this category related to the current happenings, government policies or issues, constitution, etc. Have a look below to know a few questions that could be asked.

#. Environmental issues. For example Global Warming, Pollutions, etc.

#. Critical points from the constitution of India

#. Important events from around the world. For example, elections in any country, Conflict between two countries, etc.

#. Your political opinion. For example: Which government is better? Which is your favourite political party?

#. Person in News. For example, A leader from another country visiting our country, Sports Person, etc.

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#4. Educational Background or Career Objectives

The questions of this category have the highest probability to be asked by the examiners in the interview. You must be prepared beforehand to give a perfect answer. These questions can be asked whether you are from Science, Commerce or any other background. We have shared a few questions with you.

#. Why the government sector, why not the private sector?

#. Why did you choose this stream?

#. Why do you want to join the government sector, being an XYZ graduate?

#. What did you do after your graduation?

#. Why do you not want to pursue higher education?

#. Why do you want to join the Banking Sector?

#5. Current Job Profile

If the candidate is working somewhere, he/she could be asked relevant questions from their specific work field or the reasons to quit the job, etc. Let’s know about them.

#. Are you happy with your current job?

#. Tell me about your current job profile.

#. How is your experience relevant to this position?

#. Why do you want to quit your current job?

Bank PO Preparation

If you are a candidate for the bank examination and preparing for it to excel in the question paper, you must be aware of the preparation scenario and required traits for it. For those who don’t know, you have to learn the time management skills along with the answer writing aspects and completing the syllabus. The preparation phase is the most important time. You must give your full focus on the syllabus and revisions, sample papers and previous years’ question papers and solve them to get an idea of solving the paper with ease. Online platforms and mock tests can make you more practical and comfortable with the questions. For more details, keep reading the article.

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This article is for providing you with the best information regarding the bank PO exam. You must be aware of each section to score high. We hope that our mission of enriching your mind with the intellect of knowledge has reached. Start preparing honestly and consistently for the examination and make your future comfortable and stable.

If you have any confusion regarding the topics of the syllabus or need guidance over any sphere, visit UPSC Pathshala. The professionals will make you the perfect candidate for it and guide you exponentially in choosing the right direction to reach your final destination. We wish you luck in your future endeavors. Keep doing hard work and achieving milestones.

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