Bank Probationary Officer is an all India worker having proficiency in the English language who has a specific advantage. Decent English proficiency will surely assist you in the Prelims and Mains examinations.

There is no official language for Interviews. You can choose any medium of language – English/ Hindi/ Regional. But it is advised to use English for the interview as it is an all India work.

English speaker applicants are preferred more because there are certain regions where Hindi is not spoken that much and there you can use English to communicate and perform your duties without any hindrance.

But aspirants should also keep in mind that it doesn’t give a guarantee that you will clear the interview as knowledge of the aspirants are also examined. Read on to learn more about how I can give a bank PO interview in Hindi.

Can I give a Bank PO Interview in Hindi?

The answer to can I give a bank PO interview in Hindi is ‘yes you can, it also depends on the panel which language they ask you the questions, you can answer in Hindi but if the interviewer asks questions in English it is advised you try to reply in English because it affects your opportunities. In India English is an official language and it is widely used in the banking industry.

Chances of Selection

If you give your interview in Hindi or your regional language it’s fine. This does not imply that an individual whose English is not strong doesn’t have the chance to clear the interview. They as well have the chance to get selected.

The most crucial aspect is how you reply to the panel’s question, how fair is your understanding of the banking sector and your confidence. So if you speak good English, have confidence, and have good knowledge about the banking sector, you might have a chance of clearing the examination.

How to Prepare for an Interview for a Bank PO?

An Interview is the most crucial and demanding level of recruitment in all the examinations.

Bank PO holds examinations in 2 phases, CWE (Common Written Examination) and Group Discussion or Interview. Candidates who clear the written test are called for the interview.

When aspirants enter the stage of the Group Discussion, it comes to be a wish for them to crack it to obtain their goal. The interview stage is a huge barrier, which can’t be cracked by all the aspirants without adequate guidance and strategy.

Cracking the Group Discussion requires systematic and practical research of the topics which have the chances of coming in the exam. Read on to learn more about how to prepare for the interview for Bank PO.

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Bank PO Interview

In the bank PO interview, the most crucial thing is to retain the exhibition in a way that will be remarkable for the panel. We’ll assist you in preparing your demonstration impressive with the given mentioned vital points with a systematic method that an aspirant should follow:

Knowledge about the Banking Sector

The very main aspect to begin your practice is to do a reasonable investigation on the banks which you have captioned as your choices. Investigate their official page and learn all about it and create a record of the valuable data like the history of the bank, firm size, current marketing position, aids etc.

It will assist you to reply to questions asked by the panel like what is the justification behind selecting the banking job as your occupation.

Rehearse Mock Group Discussion

It is very ordinary to feel anxious during the interview. It’s a relatively ordinary issue within the aspirants. But you have to give a reasonable duration to figure out this issue as this anxiety can waste your full practice for Group Discussion as you won’t be competent to speak without mumbling and provide a valid explanation to the questions inquired by the panel.

Mock interviews emulate the real task Group Discussion and are as well held by career specialists. Thus, assist you to put on positive information to your creation. It will enable you to comprehend your weak points, mentor you to prepare modifications and accordingly, improve your enthusiasm.

General Understanding and Current Events

Formulate strongly for general understanding, as there will be numerous topics associated with them and current events. Making a habit of reading the news is an everyday ritual.

We instruct you to choose English publications that would help you enhance your language as a maximum of the panel asks their queries and expect you to reply in English.

Gain the Full Information about Your Area

While inquiring about your knowledge the panel will ask you queries associated with your area and the region you stayed or did a job in.

Analyze Your CV

The objective of a CV is to exhibit your documents and facts in a true direction for the work you have pertained to. The components of the CV must be very realistic and in a simple layout to be comprehended by the panel, as they barely waste one to two mins to have a look at the CV.

The CV must not just be understandable but as well, able to provide an optimistic effect on the work. The key point is to build a CV systematically and with all the necessary important elements such as your name, residence, phone no., email id, your interest and hobbies, academic qualification, job experience, etc.

Practise for the Most Repeatedly Asked Topics

As we understand that for each kind of Group discussion there will be few points that are inquired to every aspirant as it will enable the panel to recognize the behaviour and the dignity of the aspirant planned for the work.

Follow Three Basic Things of Healthy Living – Sleep, Exercise and Proper Diet

During the time of practice, take a decent diet. Do not ignore your food, particularly breakfast.

Having 3 big meals every day will calm down your mind and bodily status. So, take five to six tiny meals at normal duration, as it will benefit you in maintaining nutrients and the stamina degree of your body will stay healthy and stress-free.

Bank PO Preparation

Lakhs of aspirants are applying for this exam so the bank PO preparation and strategies will bring the difference in the result. So all you need to do is work hard, be dedicated, clear your concepts and think positive. Above mentioned points should be kept in mind by the aspirants while preparing for the examination.

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Bank PO Interview Questions

Given below are few Bank PO interview questions that are frequently asked:

Personal Information

# Introduce yourself.

# What is the uniqueness of Your town that you belong to?

# What’s your father’s occupation?

# If your father is a businessman why don’t you join his business?

# Person, that inspires you the most?

# Tell us about your weak points and strengths?

# One episode in your life when you showed your skills of leadership.

# What are your thoughts about teamwork?

Academic Qualifications

# The reason behind choosing the line of education?

# Once you finished your graduation what did you do?

# What is the main reason behind joining the banking industry?

# After graduating from the XYZ line, why do you want to work in the public sector?

# Why did you choose the public industry and not the private industry?

# You could have gone for higher education. Why didn’t you go for it?

General Knowledge

# What is the recent government schemes and their importance or what is it about (for example : Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana)

# Ongoing terms or trends (for example GDP, Bitcoins, KYC, Market status, NAP etc)

# New Events (for example SBI internet banking, mobile app YONO, Federal Bank launches credit card)

# Crucial Banking words (for example Statutory Liquidity Ratio, Retail Banking, Call Money, Capital Market / Money Market)

# Words associated with procedures of bank daily activities (for example Compound interest, financial account, Bank vs cash entries)

# Other than these subjects, queries from the full syllabus of the Bank Probationary Officer examination can be inquired in the PO group discussions.

Current Events

# Crucial topics from the Indian constitution.

# Critical incidents from happening around the globe (for example Afghanistan current situation, elections in countries, civil wars and conflicts around the world)

# Individual personality’s News (for example Olympic winners, different nation leaders)

# Surrounding problems (for example Climate change, ozone layer depletion, overpopulation)

# Political viewpoints of yours (for example: which political party is doing good for the society? Which party do you support? What things do you expect them to work on?)

# When the election takes place which political party do you vote for, which party is doing better than the last government and during this pandemic.


In the above article, we discussed the Bank PO Interview related details. Hopefully, it helps you with the Bank PO examination. For more assistance join UPSC Pathshala where you will get great guidance, top quality study materials, doubt clearing personal sessions, and many more. You also get a free demo in your first trial. So hurry up and join now.

So which job are you applying for in the banking sector? Share your thoughts with us. Comment in the below section.

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