To clear the UPSC exam and become an IAS officer, it is vital to clear UPSC prelims first. Only a select few UPSC aspirants qualify in the Prelims and make it to UPSC Mains. Therefore, you must be well-prepared for all the subjects of UPSC Prelims 2021. Unlike other subjects like History, Sociology, Geography, etc., Economics has a broad application in any society. An aspiring UPSC student often finds it hard to focus on Economics as it might come across as boring. However, with proper planning and strategy, students can easily score good marks in the UPSC Prelims Economics paper. This article discusses a few pointers to help students prepare for UPSC Prelims Economics paper 2021.

 Understand the Prelims Economics Syllabus 2021

As a UPSC aspirant, one must have precise knowledge of the UPSC Economics syllabus at the back of their hand to avoid repeated referring while preparing for the subject. Students must also read the syllabus carefully to understand if there are any changes in the current syllabus of the UPSC Prelims Economics syllabus. Since the pattern and syllabus of the UPSC exam are constantly changing, the students must refer to the syllabus beforehand to ensure nothing is left amiss. They should structure the syllabus wisely to ensure that all relevant topics are touched upon in a time-bound manner. To get a better result, the aspirants need to have an Economics strategy for UPSC Prelims 2021.

Focus on Conceptual Learning

One cannot entirely mug Economics. It requires the student to have an understanding of the concepts of various topics to ace the UPSC exam. If a student wishes to have a good score in the UPSC prelims, he/she must have conceptual clarity. The student should also have the ability to co-relate the various concepts with other topics in the current economy. A good understanding of the concept and basics of the subject is the only way to clearing the UPSC Prelims Economics paper.

Make Precise Notes

Making notes for Economics’ paper is a must, and it will guide you in “how to study economics for UPSC?.” However, making the right notes is also vital because precise, organised, and concise study notes will help students remember the key points and overall picture of the different topics. Make sure that you have ample space for diagrams in the study notes as they are an essential part of the Economics UPSC Prelims paper.

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Opt for Quality Source

Students should refer to books or notes that are from credible sources. With such a challenging and demanding exam like UPSC, it is easy to get lost in the sea of different pieces of information. Students can clearly understand “how to read Economics for UPSC?” by opting for only a few sources and focusing on quality learning sources like NCERT books,  study notes from coveted online classes, etc. Students can also refer to the coveted newspapers and news channels for their current affairs’ knowledge.

Revise and Practise Writing

When it comes to “how to prepare Economics for UPSC Prelims?”, then practise & revision of the subject matter is your safest bet. Revising the study material or notes makes it easier for students to recall the information and get acquainted with the different topics and concepts of the subject. With writing practice, the student will be able to write the precise answers with examples and opinions without sounding repetitive. Writing practice is also a great way to master time management skill if you want to clear your UPSC exam.

Engage in Discussion with UPSC Fellows

Since the subject requires students to be updated on current affairs like government policies, fiscal trades, etc., they should participate in discussions with their fellow UPSC students and mentors to understand and gain perspective on such issues. It will help students get a deeper understanding and clarity on such issues and help form independent opinions while answering such questions in the UPSC Prelims Economics paper.  

Sit for Online Mock Test Series

Many distinguished UPSC coaching centres regularly update their mock test series for their students to help them to evaluate their level of preparation for the subject. Students can engage in mock tests online regularly or weekly as per their learning ability and level of preparedness. It is the best way for the students to understand their weaker areas related to the subject and help them to focus on improving and strengthening such topics. Economics strategy for upsc prelims 2021 can be achieved through adequate mock tests. 

Guidance from Learned Mentor

Economics is a subject based on the understanding of concepts and their application. Therefore, students who did not have Economics as a High School or Graduation subject may find it difficult to grasp certain concepts and topics. Having a learned and experienced mentor can help provide guidance and clarity of different concepts to students. Mentors can also provide you with tips and tricks to help you answer questions correctly. With COVID 19, many renowned UPSC coaching institutes are offering online classes at an economical process. Students can take advantage of online coaching to get a quality learning experience from the comfort of their home. A mentor can help you to offer the best economics strategy for UPSC Prelims 2021.


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Economic Strategy for UPSC Prelims 2021:Top 8 Guidelines for Preparing Economics for UPSC
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Economic Strategy for UPSC Prelims 2021:Top 8 Guidelines for Preparing Economics for UPSC
Economics must be good for clearing UPSC Prelims as it constitutes about 15% of the exam’s total weightage. Therefore, it is essential to have an Economics strategy for UPSC Prelims 2021
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