UPSC aspirants pursuing UPSC Prelims are very well aware that Economics is an integral part of the UPSC exam preparation and a subject that students should prepare efficiently. However, how to study Economics for UPSC is a big concern.

Economics as a subject of the UPSC exam requires a very different approach. The pattern and the nature of the questions asked in the UPSC exam differs. The economics syllabus in the UPSC Mains paper is much more concept-based and requires a deeper understanding of the application of different concepts. Hence, UPSC aspirants need to distinguish and design a self-study course that caters to the varying requirement of Prelims’ and Mains’ question paper. Listed below are a few pointers to help you create an Economics strategy for UPSC Prelims and Mains.

Understand the UPSC Prelims and Mains Economics Syllabus

The subject has a vast syllabus, and you must cover the relevant topics beforehand. Economic as a subject has two major sections, Agriculture and Economic Development. Under these two main sections, there are many other essential topics such as planning, mobilisation of resources, government budgeting, the economics of animal rearing, food security, etc., that need to be understood and read before the UPSC exam. Go through the UPSC Prelims and Mains syllabus properly and understand the changes made for the current year syllabus before you dive into the preparation of the subject. It will help you make a better strategic plan for preparing Economics.

Study Material and Books

Books are the most vital tool for preparing the subject efficiently. The right books and study materials will aid you with a deeper understanding of the subject and help you grasp the required application of the different concept of the subject matter. You must go through the NCERT books and other Economics’ books to help cover the syllabus strategically. Online classes also offer quality study materials that could aid you in your UPSC Prelims and Mains Economics’ preparation from home. There are also some coveted UPSC Economics books available in the market that you can easily refer to.

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Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers

It is the best way to prepare for the subject. It will help you comprehend and understand how to read economics for UPSC, the different types of questions asked, and the distribution of marks in the UPSC Prelims exam. You must practise the diagrams as these are also important and frequently asked in the UPSC question papers. Solving the previous year question paper will help you touch the relevant topics easily. Make sure that you solve at least 10 years of question papers to ensure that you have covered all the relevant topics of the subject.

Appear for Online Mock Test Series

Another great way to know your preparation and level of understanding of the subject is by making sure that you appear for online mock test series regularly. Several prominent and respectable online UPSC coaching institutes offer free mock test practise series for their student to help them prepare better. You can appear for mock test regularly, weekly, monthly, etc., depending on your level of preparation of the subject and the time available on your hand. Mock tests series will also help you with time management. Such series can guide you on how to prepare economics for UPSC Prelims in an organised manner.

Update Yourself by Reading Newspaper

The UPSC Economics question paper can directly ask a question related to the Economic survey and national budget. Therefore, you should read the daily news to stay updated on the country’s budget planning and economic growth. Pick the brains of your UPSC fellow mates on the current annual budget plans of the government to get a broader perspective.

Start Revision at Least a Month Before

Apart from completing the syllabus on time, you should have ample time to revise all the relevant and essential topics at least a month before the exam. You will also get confident and develop better clarity on the subject matter by systematically revising the subject.

Time Management for Economic Subject Preparation for Prelims

The syllabus of the Economics Prelims in the UPSC exam covers core subject matters. The Mains UPSC paper covers concept-based topics and their application. If you had Economics as your subject in your high school or graduation, it is a bonus. However, when it comes to how much time is required to prepare for UPSC Prelims, the answer depends on the student’s ability and learning capacity. There is no fixed time limit for the preparation of Prelims for UPSC. However, a minimum of 3 months is advisable for preparing for UPSC Prelims. Many established and leading online coaching institutions also offer crash courses for UPSC Prelims preparation at an affordable price.

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 How to Prepare Economics for UPSC Prelims and Mains? 7-step Process of Preparation
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