Following are things which are on every aspirant’s checklist:

  • Did you study the syllabus well before starting with preparation for exams? Yes
  • Did you purchase the right textbooks for studying? Yes.
  • Did you prepare a proper daily time-table to study? Yes.
  • Did you prepare notes while studying? Yes.
  • Did you focus well on subjects you’re weak? Yes.
  • Did you choose your optional subject right? Yes.
  • Did you read newspapers every day? Yes.

Oh! and Did you subscribe to monthly magazines for Current Affairs? Of course!
All set for CSE! But what did you really forget to do?

  • Taking care of health daily
    Majority of candidates appearing always neglect taking good care of health. You are stressed, worried, panicked and tensed about qualifying and scoring but all this will go in vain if you neglect to look after your health. This should not be practiced only for few months before examination but from the very first day, you begin with preparations.
    Eating healthy daily: It is said that the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach, basically meaning good food keeps you at peace. Therefore it is important to eat at right time and consume the right amount of food daily. Usually, candidates stay busy with either academics or professional work and often neglect eating good food, this will affect your health in many ways and at times resulting in fatigue, tiredness all time, mental and physical stress and strain, depressions etc. Falling ill frequently and during the examination, time is definitely the worst nightmare for all candidates appearing for the examination.


  • Yoga
    Developing a practice yoga every day will help you keep yourself calm even during a stressful time such as an exam. It does not have to be very advanced asanas but few simple asanas involving breathing and stretching will help to keep your body, mind, and soul fit and at peace.


  • Cutting off excessive use of digital medias
    We all know how attractive and also addictive electronics gadgets are. They have a lot of positive usages especially for preparing for examination but the harm they cause should also not be neglected. The rays from these gadgets harm your eyes and make them tired, this will hamper your study time. These medias also affect psychologically and therefore one must ensure to cut off from them as much as possible.


  • Sleep right and sleep tight
    Research shows that sleep helps in re-energizing the body’s cells, clear waste from the brain, and support learning and memory. This definitely does not mean to sleep more! The normal duration that body requires of rest is for 8 hours. Candidates often because of busy work schedules neglect sleeping hours and get involved in staying awake late in the night for studying. Over time, it can lead to premature wrinkling and dark circles under the eyes. Also, research links a lack of sleep to an increase of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Other potential problems include obesity, depressions etc.


  • Involve in outdoor games
    This can be any form of outdoor games which involves a lot of running (not necessarily marathon!). Games will help in excretion of various body toxins through sweat, develop your body to become physically strong and this will also enhance hormones mechanism thus providing your body a good boost of energy.


  • Practice a Hobby
    A hobby can be anything and in the literal sense anything. Collecting stones, stamps, coins or drawing, painting, dance, swimming, craft, cleaning, walking, travel(short trips!), music, puzzles etc. Now, why is it important to practice a hobby? This is a good way to keep yourself distracted in a peaceful activity apart from constant studies. Also, hobbies play a very vital role in developing certain brain areas and help stay psychologically at peace.
    Today onwards, include the new checklist pointers to your CSE preparation schedule and stay fit, healthy and happy. A healthy mind needs a healthy body!


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