It won’t be wrong to say that the civil services examination is one of India’s gratifying examinations. After all, you need to undergo three competitive phases, including a fierce interview round. You can crack the UPSC examinations if you have the right belief, put in sheer hard work and determination. In this discussion, we’ll help you unleash your potential and make you understand “How to Discover Your UPSC Exam Skills?’’.

How to Discover Your UPSC Exam Skills?

Here are the things that one should focus on:

1) Qualitative or Quantitative

Are you managing your time well and getting productivity out of it?

Everyone gets the same 24 hours daily, yet some still manage to study more effectively. Time Management is a life skill; learning to prioritize things can help you to a great extent. It’s in your hands to use time judiciously and get maximum out of the available time.

2) Dependency on Institute

No doubt a coaching institute provides helpful references and resources but your total dependence on it might prove to be a setback in terms of opinions, intellect, insight, etc. The only solution out of it is to read newspapers or journals! After all, it’s not incorrect to say that today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader. So keep fuelling that curiosity of yours.

3) Pro at Optional

500 marks can be quite an easy catch in your final tally if you choose your Optional Subject wisely and strategically. Prior knowledge on your Optional Subject can smooth up and fasten the process by saving your time. But if that’s not the case, then genuine interest in the particular subject you choose as optional will suffice for the preparation.

4) A Strong Foundation

When it comes to UPSC preparations, there’s a good amount of information to cover, and in this process, one may lose its touch on the basic concept, which is provided by the NCERT textbooks. In fact, it’s the most reliable source to strengthen the theories, and you don’t have to worry much about its legitimacy and updating.

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5) Regular Revision

Unfortunately, we aren’t robots to retain information forever; hence, our human brains need to revise no matter what. Even though your timetable might be hectic, you must include a revision period whether learning or writing (helps increase muscle memory). Keep brushing up on old concepts and theories after all you can’t afford to slip any information on the D-day.

6) Note it Down

When exams are near, you wouldn’t want to waste your precious time going through dozens of heavy books to find a piece of specific information. To avoid that last-minute hassle, you must always keep some notes and pointers with you where you can note down valuable information. Organizing different information and topics in books and files will help you to prepare more efficiently.

7) Presentation Matters

One of the significant milestones of civil services is the Interview. To ace the interview round, one must brush up on their communication and diplomatic skills. The presence of mind, confidence, and sincerity towards the profession will be the icing on the cake!

8) Don’t Stress Too Much

You reap what you sow! You need to be cautious of what content you hear or listen to because it will affect your mental health and well-being accordingly. If the process becomes overwhelming, then a little break or some motivation by experts can do the needful. This journey is a little competitive, and a fun nut to crack, but a little positivity will surely do the magic.

Some Important Points to Keep in Mind –

– Refer to syllabus from the authorized website only.

– Avoid unnecessary information and references.

– Refer to legitimate sources for current affairs.

– Be thorough with mock tests and papers.

– Never miss out on previous year’s question papers.

– Make NCERT a foundation stone and keep it strong.

– Don’t rely entirely on coaching classes.

– Have trustable study material and coaching for your optional subject.

– Always stay under expert guidance for further clarity and motivation.

– Keep up with the writing and reading habit.

– Don’t lose touch on magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, Economic, Political Weekly, etc. (if physical copies aren’t accessible then check online for soft copies)

– Try not to stress as it will be counterproductive.

In Conclusion

Representing central and state authorities need real calibre. To answer your question on “How to think like an IAS officer?”, well you will understand that on your own naturally. Once you clear the exams, you can map all the successful IAS careers and take inspiration from their biographies.

But first, it is important to understand how to make the most of your skills and strategies to clear the UPSC exams, which will ultimately lead you to the journey of becoming an IAS officer. Don’t worry. You aren’t alone on this journey; we are there to solve all your queries and doubts. Keep reading our regular blogs for more UPSC-related tips, tricks, and strategies.

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Here's How to Discover Your UPSC Exam Skills? Unleash your Potential by Understanding the Need!
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