Many of you must be wondering if it is possible to consolidate your preparation for UPSC prelims in just 100 days. Don’t let anyone tell you it is not possible, because it is. With the right approach, plans, and proper implementation of those plans you can do it.

Here’s how to start UPSC preparation.

When to Start Preparing for UPSC?

It is one of the most-asked questions for UPSC prelim exams. And the answer is straightforward: the moment you decide to appear for the UPSC exams you must start your UPSC exam preparations right then.

This will support your preparation with better strategies and cover the UPSC syllabus in very early stages. Once you are done, you can easily make your preparation stronger in the next 100 days and chase your IAS dreams.

UPSC Preparation Strategy

This method of approach is very famous amongst all the UPSC aspirants. It is known as the “TTT technique”. This includes referring to relevant textbooks, continuous self-assessment through test-series, and sharpening your techniques.

This is the simple yet most effective tactic for strengthening all your hard work. Adhere to these three Ts, and you will pass the UPSC exams with flying colours. Adapting for the UPSC exams by using the TTT strategy will take you a step closer to your dreams. Let’s look into the details of this strategy:

  • The First Step – Textbooks

Textbooks are the most important tool for the preparation of UPSC exams or IAS preparation. It is essential to understand and learn from the relevant books rather than running all over the place in these last few months. Wasting any second can cost you your dreams. To take all such worries away here’s a list of important textbooks:

  • Environment by Shankar IAS academy
  • India Art And Culture by Nitin Singhania
  • Modern India History by Sonali Bansal
  • Science and Technology by Ravi Agrahari
  • India Yearbook by McGraw Hill
  • Indian Economy Key Concepts by Shankar Ganesh
  • Indian Polity by Laxmikanth

These are the last-minute books for UPSC preparation that you can refer to while revising. UPSC experts also advise the aspirants to stick to the NCERT textbooks as far as possible.

But only going through the textbooks is not the only key to success. In the UPSC exam, you must solve the previous year’s papers and various mock tests. Here’s when the power of the Test Series comes into the picture.

  • The Second Step – Test Series

Along with textbooks, it is crucial that you continuously solve the previous year’s papers or attempt online mock tests during UPSC preparation. The more times you practice, the more you will understand where to focus and improve your strategy. Accordingly, the test series will help you to improve your skills before your prelims exam.

Test series will boost your confidence, improve your accuracy level, and highlight the important topics. Online mock test series are one of the best options to excel in UPSC prelims.

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Importance of Attempting Mock Tests

  • You will be introduced to new challenges every other day you attempt a new mock test. These challenges will help you know your weaker parts. It will also provide you with time to work on those specific topics.
  • It also reduces the fear of attempting the real exams as you will be familiar with the types of questions in the exam.
  • Your strategies will help you improvise and prevent the same mistakes. It also allows you to revise the entire syllabus once again.
  • It will also help in retaining capacity of the topics.

You can solve the mock tests online or download UPSC prelim mock test applications on Google Playstore or IOS.

  • The Third Step – Techniques

Practising and revising will surely help, but having a plan in place is important. You have to personalize your timetable to manage UPSC preparation time efficiently. Experts suggest that you must dedicate eight to nine hours studying to excel in the exam.

You can opt for online tutorials for UPSC prelims or take guidance from the experts as they focus on every aspect of the exams. This will help you in coming up with better techniques, resulting in excellent outcomes.

Importance of the TTT Method

Using the TTT method will give you an upper hand in this competitive exam. Textbooks will help you with the revision of the topics. The Test Series will help you understand your shortcomings. Proper techniques will help boost your confidence while appearing for the exam.

Other Important Aspects

Self-preparation for IAS is an essential part of preparing for the exam. You have to work as efficiently as possible. Ideally, you have to revise the topic of each subject daily. Based on that topic, you must attempt the mock test regularly. In equal intervals, you must solve the previous year’s UPSC papers.

This will keep your head clear and help you in concentrating on specific mistakes. You can divide the 100 days as per your preference. Here’s an example of how you can divide your 100 days productively –

  1. Reserve the first 30 days for revision of the topics.
  2. While revising those topics, opt for some online mock tests.
  3. While solving each test, make sure you are scoring better than what you had achieved earlier.
  4. Account for as well as avoid the same mistakes.
  5. Continue until you feel like you are thorough with all the essential topics. It would most probably take 60 days.
  6. After that solve the previous year’s papers, i.e. CSAT papers from the last nine years, as stated by the official key.
  7. In the last ten days, make sure you are less anxious and try to keep calm and cool.

UPSC 2021 prelims are all set to arrive, and the last 100 days are the most valuable days for every aspirant. You can easily centralize your capacities by using appropriate tactics and being consistent in your efforts. It is also crucial that in these 100 days, you are ready mentally as well as physically.

As the exam dates approach, it is very important to keep your mind at peace. Overcoming nervousness will gain you all the outstanding achievements you are destined for.

Passing UPSC is indeed one of the highest honours. At uFaber, we aim to help you with all the tips, tricks, strategies, and ideologies to help you achieve your dreams. We keep bringing informative articles and blogs related to UPSC exam strategies regularly. Visit our website to know more.

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