Holi is a celebration of joy, victory, and love. It shows the victory of good over bad. It is celebrated with flamboyant colours and delicious delicacies. People enjoy the festival of colours and love by putting “gulal” on each other and resolving all the previous differences.

The UPSC candidates must be aware of the beginning of this festival and have complete knowledge about it. You can get questions related to this festival in the interview or prelims round as it is one of the most significant festivals celebrated in India.

Why is Holi important for candidates appearing in UPSC? Well, this article has all the information related to the importance of Holi. So, let’s go through it.

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Importance of Holi

If you have the question: why is Holi celebrated? You need to go through this article. Holi is the festival of colours that is celebrated to show love and to depict the triumph of good over evil. It is a traditional and spiritual value. On this auspicious day, people share sweets and the older ones take blessings from the older ones. This is an incredibly vibrant festival to show love and to enjoy with friends and family members.

The questions on the festival are given below. You must go through them and understand the importance of Holi for your UPSC exam preparation.

UPSC Interview Questions on Holi

UPSC Interview is considered the toughest round of the examination because the candidates are required to confront the examiners and answer their questions. The questions can be related to any field, area, scenario, or topic.

The candidates must be honest, knowledgeable, and confident to crack this round. Well, not only this, but the examiners can also ask you multiple questions related to your clothes, your favourite festival, desired destination, and much more. You must be mindful, wise, and knowledgeable to answer the question correctly. India is popular for its diversity in culture and traditions.

All the festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show in the country and each festival has its ways of celebration and importance. You must be aware of the reason for the celebration of different festivals to be quick and correct in the interview. If you want to fetch the basic information related to the festival of colours i.n.

Holi, you should read the article below. Try to answer the questions given below. If you can answer these questions, it means that you have the basic knowledge and understanding of this popular and colourful festival. Let’s go through the questions.

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Holi Questions

#1. Holi is also known as the?

#A. Festival of colours

#B. Festival of fruits

#C. Festival of vegetables

#D. Festival of lights

Answer. A

  1. By which name Holi is recognized as in Orissa?

#A. Dolajata

#B. Dhilhatta

#C. Dhoajun

#D. Dolijatta

Answer. A

#3. In which Hindu month, Holi is celebrated?

#A. Magha

#B. Baisakh

#C. Phalguna

#D. Pausa

Answer. C

#4. There are many legends associated with Holi. Hiranyakashyap insisted everybody in his kingdom worship him but his devout son, Prahlad became a follower of which god?

#A. Lord Vishnu

#B. Lord Shiva

#C. Lord Krishna

#D. Lord Brahma

Answer. A

#5. The name of Hiranyakashipu’s sister was?

#A. Holika

#B. Holi

#C. Holima

#D. Hidimba

Answer. A

#6. Does the Holi festival mark the end of winter and the beginning of?

#A. Summer

#B. Spring

#C. Monsoon

#D. Autumn

Answer. B

#7. The famous ‘Lathmar Holi’ is played at which place?

#A. Barsana

#B. Mathura

#C. Hampi

#D. Jaipur

Answer. A

#8. Holika Dahan in South India is known as:

#A. Phalguna

#B. Dolajata

#C. Kama Dahanam

#D. Dol Jatara

Answer. C

#9. Name the Sikh festival in which they show their physical strength and power and celebrate a day after Holi?

#A. Baisakhi

#B. Hola Mohalla

#C. Bandi Chor Diwas

#D. Maghi

Answer. B

#10. The story behind the Holi Festival is related to:

#A. Radha and Krishna

#B. Shiv and Parwati

#C. Demon Holika and Prahlad

#D. None of the above

Answer. C

#11. Which temple in Vrindavan is known for its Holi celebrations?

#A. Prem Mandir

#B. Nidhivan Mandir

#C. Banke Bihari

#D. Birla Temple

Answer: C

#12. What is the other country that celebrates the Indian Festival Holi.?

#A. Srilanka

#B. China

#C. Nepal

#D. Japan

Answer: C

#13. What are the natural colours used for Holi in the olden days.?

#A. Turmeric

#B. Kumkum

#C. Neem

#D. All the above

Answer: D

#14. What was the plot of Devil Holika.?

#A. Push Prahlada into the fire to kill him

#B. Make Prahlada sit on a Pyre (Combustible material)

#C. Fight with Prahlada with a firestick

#D. None of the above

Answer: B

#15. Who saves Prahlada caught inside the fire with the pyre.?

#A. Lord Krishna

#B. Lord Shiva

#C. Lord Vishnu

#D. Lord Brahma

Answer: C

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Therefore, we hope that the article has provided you with the best information and questions related to Holi. If you are preparing for this exam, you must be aware of the basics related to the festival. The examiners can ask any questions related to the festivals, cultures, occasions, traditions, etc. regarding the country and its value and the reason for celebrating it.

You must be prepared to answer it well to the examiners. Let’s get the complete information related to different festivals and topics for UPSC notes on the one-stop destination: UPSC Pathshala. You can fetch maximum information and knowledge related to the examination and things related to the UPSC CSE exam on the website.

You can do your UPSC exam Preparation on the site by joining the lectures of the experts and learning exponentially.

So, you can make your mark on the paper by being prepared for all the questions. If you have any queries related to the exam, you can type them in the comment section given below. You will get the answers from experts and professionals. So, all the very best for your journey ahead! Make the right choices and achieve your destination.

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Why is Holi Important for Candidates Appearing in UPSC? Let's Check Out the Interview Questions About Holi!
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