A Customs officer is an official who implements customs law on behalf of the government. Students who choose to become Customs officers in India must take either the Civil services exam administered by the Union Public Service Commission or the SSC CGL. The person is in charge of the flow of smuggled goods into and out of India’s major airports. It is a well-respected but demanding career. The Customs officer has the right to make an arrest on the spot.

After the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, many exporters have used IGST credits to charge customs duties. The Indian government is enacting strict policies to prosecute such practices. Using unauthorized documents and fraudulently claiming GST credits are common practices when exporting products in India. As a result, as a responsible government official, you will put a halt to the transportation of those illicit goods.

In this article, you will learn everything about Customs officers in India.

Career in Customs Officer

Customs officers are responsible for preventing the importation of illicit products such as narcotics, cigarettes, and beer. To deter smuggling in India, they must have a hawkeye. They are stationed at international airports or ports to oversee the transport of goods. To discourage such fraudulent practices, they operate in communities.

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Career in Customs Officer: Qualification & Perks

When you progress from the executive level to the senior level, you will benefit from pay increases. The below are some of the major benefits received by the officers:

# Control all throughout the airport: They have unrestricted access throughout the airport, something only a few officials have. They are permitted to access the aircraft for screening. Unlike the rest of the residents, they are allowed to fly on international flights for free.

# Prestige and honour: No international aircraft or ship may leave without the permission of a Customs officer. As a result, the role is highly respected and prestigious.

# Government Cars: These officers receive government transport and lodging when doing their duties. He even gets to fly for free to major Indian destinations on occasion, particularly when the airline trip has domestic interruptions.

How to become a Customs Officer in India? Things to Know about the Customs Officer Exam

There are 4 different paths you will take to becoming a Customs Officer:

Group A Level

Successful completion of the UPSC test is required. You must choose the Indian Revenue Service, which includes customs and central excise. You will be assigned to either the federal excise or customs departments as an Assistant Commissioner. All across your profession, you would be required to work in both divisions.

Group B Level

There are 3 separate postings at this stage:

# Customs and Custom Duties Inspector: You should clear SSC-CGL and select a Customs and Central Tax inspector. You will be sent to one of the divisions as an inspector. Through most of your profession, you would be required to work in both divisions.

# Preventive Officer: After passing the SSC CGL test, you will pursue a career as a preventive officer. This role is only for customs officers, and you will be assigned to coastal areas (for seas and airports). You get to don white uniforms, and it’s the most daring job in the service.

# Indian Regulations Examiner: After passing the SSC CGL, choose the examiner. You will be in charge of seaports and air freight, and your post will be restricted to customs only.

Customs Officer India: Eligibility

Candidates who have earned their bachelor degree from a recognised institution are qualified to apply for the role. A qualified degree must be earned in any channel with a minimum of 55 percent marks. Only those above the age of 21 are entitled to apply for the position. The applicant’s maximum age is 30 years. Applicants from the underprivileged group may be eligible for an age reduction.

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Customs Officer India: Roles and Responsibilities

#Inspect visitors and items entering and leaving the region.

#IMaintain law and order during import and export.

#IPrevent illegal immigrants from entering the country.

#ICheck for and apprehend any extremist or criminal acts.

#IUnderstand the different rules and the circumstances under which they should be applied.

#IImport and export operations must be recorded and managed.

#ITake care of the nation and the state of its affairs.

Customs Officer Salary

Job Role Average Salary Offered
Preventive Officer Rs 44900 / month
Central Excise Inspector Rs 44900 / month
Examiner of Indian Customs Rs 52000 / month
Assistant Commissioner Rs 50000 – 65000 / month

How to Study for the Customs Officers Exam?

There is a lot of rivalry for the role of an officer. As a result, you must begin your preparations as quickly as possible. Firstly, ensure that you download the whole syllabus from the web and begin reading NCERT. Be certain that you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals.

Create a timetable and keep to it. The secret to success is continuity. There are several online courses available, so enrol in one or two. You don’t have to spend a bunch of coaching fees in this modern era. If you enrol in either of these online classes, you will most likely have to pay less than Rs 10000 for the whole course, which will be your three-day wage until you become a border guard. So don’t be afraid to spend your money if it means a happier future for you.


Customs officer is a great job if you want to go for something other than IAS, IPS or IFS. This job has its own perks and a good pay scale. But the journey is not an easy one. Like the IAS, you need the same level of dedication and hard work.

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