IPS is a much respected and prominent position in our country. The full-form of IPS is the Indian Police Service, and these officers are responsible for grassroots level law and order in the country. An IPS officer has great responsibility and power. He/she is in charge of the entire functioning of their district and solving malpractice in the law enforcement system in their assigned district post.

The main thing to understand about IPS officer is that this post requires immense guts. The job of an IPS officer is very demanding and requires quick wit to solve essential matters at hand. An IPS officer must have excellent interpersonal skills and people management skills to function in a sensitive and challenging environment without losing their cool. Listed below are few tips to help you guide you on how to become an IPS officer?

Understand IPS Qualification and Eligibility Criteria

The first and foremost thing to do is understand if you have the adequate qualification required to apply for the IPS post and whether you are eligible for the same or not. Apart from the basic qualification, an aspiring IPS candidate must also possess physical attributes for successful application for the IPS post. The aspiring candidate also has to have the additional medical qualifications to fulfil the eligibility criteria when applying for the post of an IPS officer.

Appear for UPSC CSE

Aspiring IPS candidates have to appear for the UPSC CSE exam and clear the test to qualify for the IPS officer post. The UPSC exam consists of three stages; Prelims, Mains, and the Interview round. After you have successfully qualified for all three stages of the UPSC exam, you can become a part of the elite service like an IPS officer. Hence, you must start your preparation for the UPSC exam right after high school if you are firm on your decision of becoming an IPS officer.

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Choose the Right Subject

You must choose the subjects in your high school that are part of the UPSC exam curriculum to guarantee success at the UPSC exam. Subjects such as History, Geography, Economics, etc. are very much part of the UPSC exam syllabus. Having an understanding of the subject before you starting preparing for the UPSC exam can be advantageous. It is also suggested to choose the right subject that will help you increase your strengths quickly.

Get Inspiration from Successful Candidates

The best way to begin your preparation for an IPS officer is by learning from the experts in the field. Study and gather information about their approach towards the UPSC exam and get a head start on how to become an IPS officer? You can learn and get inspired by their journey and at the same time get valuable insight on how to be an IPS officer?

Stay Motivated and Work Hard

Staying motivated during the long hours of study is a tall order. The UPSC exam syllabus is massive, and thousands of aspiring candidates appear for the exam every year. Therefore, you must work hard and stay motivated if you want to be the next IPS officer. You can engage with fellow aspiring students to stay motivated and focused on your goals. Working hard is the key to becoming a successful candidate in the UPSC exam. Therefore, be ready for long hours of study and preparation if you wish to become an IPS officer.

Follow Current Affairs

Current affairs will help you stay updated on national and international events. To become a successful IPS officer, one has to have proper knowledge and understanding of law and order. It helps to handle any urgent and sensitive situation at hand. Current affairs are also an essential part of the UPSC syllabus, and hence, reading and following news is a smart move. Current Affairs will help you gain an advantage for becoming an IPS officer.

Develop Communication Skill

As an IPS officer, you will come in contact with all different kinds of people. Therefore you must have excellent communication skill to manage a situation like maintaining peace, disaster management, etc. Good communication skills will also come in handy in your interview round of the UPSC exam. In the interview, you should present your ideas and opinion on the different subject matter in an organised way. Good communication is an essential tool for career advancement after becoming an IPS officer.

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Enrol in an Online Coaching Class

For aspiring IPS candidate enrolling in coaching, the classes can be beneficial. Since you only have a fixed number of attempts to qualify for the IPS officer, seven to be exact, you must crack the UPSC exam in a few attempts. Coaching classes can provide you with the correct guidance and help you stay dedicated and focused on your goals. Several credible online and offline coaching centres offer quality learning experience and have experienced faculty to guide their students to success. You can browse online to research for reputed coaching classes in your district or town. With the ongoing pandemic, you can also enrol in several coveted online coaching class to help you with your UPSC exam preparation for 2021.


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How to be an IPS Officer? Tips to Prepare Yourself to be an IPS Officer
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