How to be an IFS Officer?

The full form of IFS is Indian Foreign Service, and it is a highly acclaimed civil service in the country. IFS is a sought out choice for youth looking forward to serving their country. It is an administrative diplomatic service, and an IFS officer’s job is to manage the external affair, cultural relation and developing trade of the country. It is a huge responsibility not everyone is equipped to undertake. Hence, if you are an IFS aspirant looking forward to achieving your dream of becoming an IFS officer, then below are a few tips on how to become an IFS officer after 12th for you.

Understand the Educational Qualification Required

How to be an IFS officer begins with the right qualification. If you are serious about pursuing IFS as your career choice and want to start preparing for it right after your 12th grade, it is a good sign. However, the educational qualification required to appear for the IFS post is a graduation degree. Therefore, you need to complete your graduation degree to become eligible for appearing for the UPSC exam. Narrowing down your career choice of becoming an IFS officer right after your high school will allow you to choose the right subject and stream in your graduation to get you closer to your goal of becoming an IFS officer.

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Start Preparing for UPSC Exam

The most coveted national level exam is the way to become an IFS officer. IFS aspirants need to clear the UPSC exam with decent marks before they can qualify for the position of IFS officer. However, successfully cracking the UPSC exam is not a cakewalk. Thousands of UPSC aspirants appear for the UPSC exam every year. However, only a handful of candidates make it to the final cut. The competition is fierce with only limited seats. Therefore, aspiring IFS candidates have to work very hard to achieve their dreams. Preparing for UPSC after 12th grade will give you an upper hand in successfully cracking the UPSC exam as you will have ample time to prepare for the UPSC exam.

Enrol in a Coaching Centre

UPSC exam is the most prestigious and tough exam to crack in the country. The syllabus is massive. Enrolling in an established and reputed UPSC coaching centre for weekend classes or regular classes will allow you to get the needed guidance and quality learning to prepare for such a competitive exam. However, you must conduct thorough research about the faculty and quality of education imparted in any coaching classes before applying for it. A good faculty will provide you with all the necessary guidance regarding how to become an IFS officer.

Update Yourself with Current Affairs

Current affairs are a major part of the UPSC syllabus, and hence, you must keep a tab of all the latest events nationally and internationally. Get a subscription to the daily local newspaper and read all the relevant and important pieces of news that you come across. It will allow you to correlate different topics and form an independent opinion on the various subject matters, which is vital because it will help you stand out in your UPSC exam and interview.

Know the Age Limit

As a UPSC aspirant, you only get six attempts to appear for the UPSC exam. The age bar for IFS aspirants is 21 to 30 year old. Knowing about the age limit and number of attempts will allow you to design a study plan that will help you prepare for the UPSC exam in such a way that you clear your UPSC exam in the first few attempts. It will help you stay focused and motivated. You will have a clear idea about the number of attempts and age limit for appearing for the UPSC exam.

Develop Communication and People Managing Skills

Being an Indian IFS officer, you are required to manage external affairs and cultural relations beautifully. To be a successful IFS officer, you need to possess exceptional communication and people-managing skills to get your work done. As an IFS officer, you need to represent your country on various international grounds and countries and discuss issues related to trade and investment, bilateral issues, cultural appreciation etc. Therefore, having good communication and people managing skills is essential while pursuing your goal to become an IFS officer.

Learn from Successful Candidates

Another great way to prepare for the UPSC exam is by learning from the past successful candidates. These candidates can provide you with valuable insight on how to become an IFS officer after 12th. Follow their interview and success story on various online platforms to know more about the different ways to prepare for the UPSC exam.

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IFS is a central civil service and very different from other civil services like IAS, IPS, etc. The question of who is an IFS officer is very elaborate. Hence, the aspiring candidates need to study all the responsibility and function of an IFS officer to get a better idea. It is a critical and vital position to hold as you will be representing your country. This is why the IFS officer position requires high intelligence and intellect to hold its office.

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How to Become an IFS Officer after 12th? A Guide to Getting Your Dream Job
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