The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the most prestigious and coveted jobs in India. It is a highly competitive exam that requires a lot of hard work and dedication to crack. One of the primary concerns of aspirants is to know how many marks are required to clear the exam. In this blog, we will discuss the marks required for IAS and how to get them.

How many Marks are Required for IAS?

The IAS exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and consists of three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interviews. The marks required to clear each stage are as follows:

Prelims: The Prelims exam consists of two papers – General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II (CSAT). The General Studies Paper I is 200 marks, and the General Studies Paper II is 200 marks, but only 33% of marks are required to qualify for the Mains exam. Hence, the total marks required to clear the Prelims exam is 200 (General Studies Paper I) + 66 (General Studies Paper II) = 266 marks.

Mains: The Mains exam consists of nine papers, and each paper is 250 marks, making the total marks for the Mains exam 2250.

Interview: The Interview is the final stage of the exam and is of 275 marks.

The final selection of the candidate is based on the marks obtained in the Mains exam and the Interview.

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How to Get the Marks Required for UPSC Exam?

The UPSC examination is one of the most challenging exams globally and requires a well-planned strategy and immense dedication. To get the required marks for the IAS exam, aspirants need to follow a few essential tips:

  1. Understand the Exam Pattern: It is essential to understand the exam pattern, syllabus, and marking scheme before starting the preparation.
  2. Make a Study Plan: Make a study plan that covers all the topics, including current affairs, static GK, and optional subjects. Stick to the study plan and revise regularly.
  3. Practice Mock Tests: Practicing mock tests and previous year’s question papers helps in getting familiarized with the exam pattern and improves time management skills.
  4. Read Newspapers: Reading newspapers regularly helps in improving current affairs knowledge, which is essential for the IAS exam.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are a few more ways that can help aspirants to get the required marks in the UPSC exam.

  1. Optional Subject Selection: Choosing the right optional subject can be a game-changer for aspirants. Aspirants should choose the optional subject they are comfortable with and have an interest in. This will help them score better marks in the optional paper.
  2. Writing Practice: Writing practice is crucial for the Mains exam, as it constitutes 70% of the total marks. Aspirants should practice writing answers daily and should focus on improving their writing skills, content, and presentation.
  3. Time Management: Time management is crucial for the UPSC exam, as aspirants have to complete the paper within a specified time. Aspirants should practice time management while attempting mock tests and previous year’s question papers to improve their speed and accuracy.
  4. Group Discussion: Group discussion is an excellent way to exchange ideas, opinions, and knowledge. Aspirants can form a group and discuss current affairs topics, which will help them in improving their analytical and communication skills.
  5. Revision: Revision is the key to success in the UPSC exam. Aspirants should revise the topics regularly and should focus more on the topics in which they are weak. Revision helps in retaining the information for a longer duration and helps in better recall during the exam.

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In conclusion, getting the required marks in the UPSC exam requires a holistic approach, and aspirants should focus on all the aspects mentioned above. A well-planned strategy, dedication, and hard work are essential for clearing the UPSC exam and getting into the Indian Administrative Service.

UPSC Preparation Online to Get the Marks Required for UPSC Exam

In today’s digital world, online preparation for UPSC exams has become popular among aspirants. Several online portals offer courses, study materials, and mock tests that help aspirants prepare for the IAS exam effectively. UPSC Pathshala is one of the best online coaching platforms that offer comprehensive courses, including live classes, study materials, mock tests, doubt clearing sessions, etc.

How UPSC Coaching Platform UPSC Pathshala can Help?

UPSC Pathshala offers a holistic approach to UPSC exam preparation. The platform provides online coaching for all three stages of the exam, including Preliminary, Mains, and Interview. The courses are designed by experienced faculties and cover all the topics comprehensively. The live classes and doubt-clearing sessions provide a personalized learning experience to the aspirants. The platform also provides comprehensive study materials, current affairs updates, mock tests, and analyses that help in effective preparation.

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The IAS exam is undoubtedly one of the toughest examinations globally and requires immense dedication and preparation. Aspirants need to follow a well-planned strategy and study plan to get the required marks for the IAS exam. Online preparation for UPSC exams has become popular among aspirants, and UPSC Pathshala is one of the best online coaching platforms that provide comprehensive courses and study materials that help aspirants prepare for the IAS exam effectively.

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