How do you feel while observing designated civil services officers in your neighborhood or any other social gathering? Isn’t it exciting watching them? The honor they receive in the society or the power they possess in the system. These are the essential aspects of human life in the social system, apart from earning a living.

If you have such experience, the first question that should come into your mind is how to be a civil servant. If you have decided early and are looking to achieve success with a step-by-step process, you may wonder how to prepare for IAS after the 10th.

However, if anyone wants to appear for the IAS or civil services, he/she needs to be a graduate from any recognized university in any subject. The UPSC allows the candidate to appear in the exams after graduation only.

Therefore, planning for the civil service exam at an early stage can make you better prepared with strong fundamentals.

Brief about the Civil Services Exam Pattern

However, it is worth having a brief about the civil services exam pattern. Generally, UPSC conducts the civil service exam in three phases, the preliminary (CSAT) exam, the main exam, and an interview.

  • The preliminary involves the aptitude test, along with general knowledge.
  • The main exam consists of the four compulsory subjects with an optional subject of your choice.
  • This is followed by a personal interview with a panel of experts.

We have summarized here the preparation process for you initially while planning to appear for the UPSC exam later. These steps will clear your doubts about how to become an IAS officer after the 10th.

How to become an IAS Officer after 10th?

  1. Being a student, you can choose your favorite subjects after passing out the 10th standard. However, history and politics are crucial for the civil services exam because it overlaps general studies and is considered high scoring.
  2. Study the subjects of your choice and sharpen your basics
  3. Once you finish with senior secondary, opt for the graduation course, which includes your preferred course.
  4. Gain mastery over the subject by keeping the civil services preparation in mind.
  5. Along with the graduation subjects, add public administration, economics, sociology into your reading list.
  6. Besides, you have the option to choose economics, public administration, politics as your main subject in graduation.

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Which Stream is Best for IAS after 10th?

The student, moving to the 11th standard, might not be aware of the subjects, which may help prepare the IAS exam. However, the UPSC does not restrict the optional subjects, and there is plenty to choose from. They vary from engineering to medical, humanities to science, etc.

It would be a long journey, starting with your thoughts about preparing for UPSC from class 10.

However, it is the individual preference and dedication towards the exam to achieve success. Even though humanities students can gain over the rest because of the subject they study, it covers a considerable part across all the civil service exam stages, including both phases.

Humanities cover subjects like history, public administration, political science, geography, psychology, sociology, economics, etc. And these subjects form the central syllabus of general studies’ papers.

IAS Preparation from Class 10th

The general studies have the maximum weightage for both phases, the Prelims and the Mains of civil service exam.

Therefore, it is evident that if you are looking for IAS preparation from class 10, the humanities could be the best option. However, the subjects are not the restrictive force in the path to success and glory.

Which Subject is Best for IAS?

As it is stated above that humanities students have the edge over others in some way. Thus, you can opt for the humanities after passing the 10th standard. Humanities have a broad spectrum to cover history, public administration, political science, geography, psychology, sociology, economics, etc.

However, if you have passed the senior secondary or the 12th and wonder how to become an IAS officer after 12th? It would be best if you chose the subjects from the humanities stream while opting for graduation. There are plenty of options available. You can opt for a bachelor’s in arts (B.A.) with a major in economics, political science, public administration, history, etc.

Which Group is Best after 10th for IAS?

You completed 12th in science and are wondering about the group for the preparation of IAS. It would be a relief that you are not denied admission to the bachelor of art (B.A.) with a major from the humanities. Therefore, you can start your journey even if you are a bit late with proper planning to follow the path to success.

However, you should be better aware that geography has been the preferred subject as an optional subject. The sociology and public administration come at second and third place among the UPSC’s 45 subjects as an optional subject.

How to Plan Ahead?

The UPSC CSE has a broad syllabus with the diversification of the subject. UPSC revealed that a candidate takes the three attempts to CSE on average, and there are lakhs of candidates for mere several hundred seats only.

Nevertheless, your quest for IAS preparation from class 10 makes you ahead in the race, as most people start late and take the time to cover the syllabus.

In case someone starts early with proper planning, there is a high probability; he/she would be able to do so in the first attempt itself.

Moreover, it requires you to be a little extra attentive to certain things if you are keen on your IAS aspirations.


In case you are having thoughts on how to start UPSC preparation from zero levels? You should keep your priorities and start your journey slow and steady. The civil services exam needs the effort directly from your heart and soul. It would help if you were honest to yourself to attain success in the IAS exam.

However, it is worth understanding that every journey goes through ups and downs. The one who remains steady with perseverance and devotion can win the race.

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