UPSC exams are one of the most prominent exams in India. More than a million individuals give the UPSC exam every year. Out of these UPSC aspirants, many belong to the medical field. These students often cogitate about how to prepare for UPSC while doing MBBS? UPSC aspirants doing MBBS often face problems while preparing for both simultaneously.

In this article, we will be discussing how UPSC aspirants can prepare for the same along with MBBS so that they can score good marks in both the exams.

UPSC after MBBS or While Doing MBBS?

Both UPSC and MBBS are challenging, and doing them simultaneously can be a huge task. Many people decide to study MBBS while preparing for UPSC. While MBBS is a degree course, UPSC is an exam for services in government agencies. MBBS gives you a doctoral degree, and UPSC gives you a government job.

As doing both MBBS and UPSC together is a Herculean task, such aspirants often finish their MBBS first, then they invest a year or more in preparation and give the IAS exam afterwards. In the past ten years, MBBS degree holders have secured top 200 ranks five times in IAS exams, with AIR 1 being an MBBS degree holder, Dr Shena Aggarwal, in 2011.

Is it Okay to Prepare for UPSC after MBBS?

Choosing to prepare for IAS exams after MBBS can be a good decision if you feel that your marks in MBBS would be compromised because of preparing for both simultaneously. Focusing on your degree is a better choice as compared to preparing for both together and feeling pressurized to perform well in both.

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Preparation for Prelims with MBBS

If you are a medical student, then, prelims of IAS exams won’t be a big problem for you. Many IAS aspirants question, Do I need to read all NCERT books for UPSC? The answer to this is no. The subjects in the prelims are though not related to any medical-related subjects, they are easy and of secondary level. You can pass the prelims by reading the relevant subjects from NCERT books from class 6th to 10th. The prelims include subjects such as history, economics, geography, political science, general science, etc. With such an easy difficulty-level, one can prepare for these exams while doing MBBS, albeit with good time management.

Preparation for Mains with MBBS

The Mains of IAS exams are the real test of an IAS aspirant. Mains exams are to be given in a written manner, unlike prelims which are objective type. Mains exams are pretty testing, so are the ones for MBBS. As stated above, studying for both on a regular basis can be a bit strenuous thing to do. Hence, it is best to first complete the degree course than giving IAS exams along with it. It is always better to complete a degree course before giving any competitive exams.

Strategy to be Used for IAS Exams

Whether you are a medical student or not, you need discipline and strong strategies to achieve the feat of cracking UPSC after MBBS. Here are some tips that will help you in preparing for UPSC after MBBS:

b Make Consolidated Notes

In IAS exams, you have “Medical Science” as an optional subject. This should be your go-to choice if you are pursuing MBBS and want to give UPSC exams in future. You can make consolidated notes for the topics that are common in both UPSC and IAS. Making such notes will help you in saving your precious time while studying.

Give Special Attention to NCERT Textbooks

NCERT books hold a special place in preparation for UPSC. If you are pursuing MBBS, then you should give special attention to the biology part in science textbooks and make notes for easy recall and memorization of the same. Also, try to do multiple revisions to ensure that the topics covered do not slip out of your mind.

Make a Time Table and Stick to It

Action speaks louder than words. The same is true when you make a time table for IAS or MBBS exams. If you want to prepare for both IAS and MBBS together, then, what you need is a timetable that you can implement with full discipline. It is very easy to make a well-managed time table, but it takes dedication and willpower to stick to it. An MBBS student needs virtues like discipline and persistence in her/his work, and the same is to be followed while preparing for exams.

Concluding Words

If you are a disciplined and dedicated student, then you can easily crack UPSC and MBBS together. Doing UPSC after MBBS may seem to be an uphill task, but the same can be achieved if one decides to do so. If you follow the above-mentioned tips religiously and be clear about your goals, then you will definitely achieve success.

Keep checking this space for more such informative and helpful articles.

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