Aspiring for the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE)? Are you the one who  searched the “IAS coaching center near me?” In this article, we will recommend some of the best coaching classes across the country from some of the major cities. Read the article till the end to know all about the finest coaching center which you can choose for your UPSC preparation.

Top UPSC Coaching Institutes in Mumbai

Some of the top UPSC coaching classes in Mumbai are:

  • Plutus IAS Coaching

It is regarded as one of the top institutes for UPSC preparation in Mumbai.  This is one of the lost coast coaching institutes. Plutus IAS Coaching prepares for UPSC in English as well as in Hindi.

  • The Hindu Zone IAS Coaching

The Hindu Zone IAS coaching, Mumbai is very well known for its UPSC training sessions. This is also one of the low-cost coachings in  Mumbai. The coaching is also known for Indian Forest Services training sessions.

  • Dronacharya IAS Coaching

In Mumbai, Dronacharya is popular for its fine IAS coaching.  They prepare candidates for UPSC in English and UPSC in Hindi as well.

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Top UPSC Coaching Institute in Pune

Some of the top UPSC coaching classes in Pune are:

  • Plutus IAS  – IAS Academy Pune

A very famous institute of UPSC preparation in Pune. The faculties are very experienced. The classes offered by them have the highest positive review in Pune.

  • Paradigm IAS Academy Pune

Paradigm IAS Academy, Pune is known for its expert guidance as well as proper and accurate notes for UPSC.  A separate batch is offered for working professionals.

  • Abhyankar’s IAS Academy

One different thing about Abhyankar’s IAS coaching is that they take very few students in their batch. The focus is more on paying attention to each and every student.

Top UPSC Coaching Institute in Delhi

Some of the top UPSC coaching classes in Delhi are:

  • Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching Delhi

Time after time Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching have proved that they are number for UPSC preparation. They are responsible for giving training sessions to many UPSC CSE toppers.

  • Vision IAS Coaching

Many UPSC aspirants have rated this coaching as one of the best UPSC coaching institutes. The students of this coaching often get a chance to meet successful IAS officers and bureaucrats.

  • Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS coaching has also managed to produce good results in the past. They also have a good quality of online coaching class.

Top UPSC Coaching Institute in Jaipur

Some of the top UPSC coaching classes in Jaipur are:

  • The Hinduzone IAS Coaching

One of the topmost coaching of Jaipur. The coast is also very affordable.

  • Rau’s IAS Coaching

This is also very good coaching for UPSC in Jaipur. The teachers in this institute are competent administrators and dedicated researchers.

  • Yojana IAS Coaching

Yojan has also shown some exceptional results in the past. This is considered the best for UPSC coaching in Hindi.

Top UPSC Coaching Institute in Nagpur

Some of the top UPSC coaching classes in Nagpur are:

  • New Vision IAS Academy

New Vision offers the best coaching for UPSC as well as MPSC. The faculty as well the infrastructure of the institute is pretty decent. The study material provided to students is also on point.

  • Premier Academy for Administrative Services

The faculty and overall staff work very hard in providing quality training for the UPSC aspirants.  The study material is filled with fresh and best techniques which are very useful to crack the UPSC exam.

  • Unique Academy

Unique Academy is known for the unique techniques and strategies they offer their students. Giving attention to each and every student is what the institute is famous for.

The above-mentioned coachings are offline coaching. While there is nothing wrong with offline coaching nowadays many aspirants are preferring to join online coaching which is not only cost-efficient but also very time-saving.

UPSC Pathshala is one of the best online coachings you can get.

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UPSC Pathshala

UPSC Pathshala is an online coaching platform dedicated to UPSC aspirants. UPSC Pathshala understands that everybody learns at different rates. That’s why they bring courses that can be customized according to your learning pace.

But there are many online coaching programs available out there. Why choose UPSC Pathshala?

Here’s why:

  • Video Lectures from Top Faculty across Country

This is one of the benefits of joining online coaching. Offline you would mostly be taught by faculty who are best in your local area.  But UPSC pathshala online coaching can give you the best faculty across the country

  • Personal Mentorship

Once you join, you will be provided with a personal mentor who will guide you in your UPSC preparation and will motivate you to be consistent in your hard work.

  • Practice Tests

The Practice tests created by UPSC Pathshala are very close to the actual UPSC exam so you would have an actual feel of giving the UPSC exam beforehand.

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There are such things as good or bad coaching classes unless you are willing to do hard work yourself. There are many options for you to join good coaching classes across the country.

Many UPSC aspirants are preferring online coaching nowadays. UPSC Pathshala is one of the qualities of online coachings.  Go and check-out a demo lecture on the UPSC Pathshala site now! All the best for your preparations.

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