What was IAS Officer Jag Pravesh’s strategy for clearing UPSC? What is his biography, his age, and his educational qualifications? How did he prepare for the civil services? How did he approach the exam? What were his Optional Subjects for the UPSC Mains? What is Jag Pravesh’s domicile? When was Jag Pravesh appointed as an IAS Officer?

Read about all of the above and more about the famous IAS Officer Jag Pravesh in this article. You can also find out about his mark sheet, and his current postings.

IAS Jag Pravesh Strategy and Marksheet

Before understanding his UPSC Preparation strategy, let us learn a bit about the officer’s background and his biographical details.

Biography and Educational Qualifications

Jag Pravesh was born in 1994 in Dausa, Rajasthan. He belongs to the ST category. He finished his graduation in 2015 from IIT Patna in the field of Electrical Engineering. After his first attempt in the UPSC exam, he got selected for Indian Revenue Services (IRS) Customs.

In 2018, he attempted the Civil Services exam again and cleared it with AIR 483. In both attempts, he chose Electrical Engineering as his Optional Subject.


If we take a look at his Marksheet, he scored 854 out of 1750 marks in his Mains, 157 out of 275 marks in his Interview, which brings his total marks to 1011, and his community rank or score was 2. The highest marks that year in the Mains examination were 974, in the Interview or Personality test it was 206, and the highest overall score was 1126.

UPSC Preparation Strategy

Here is a list of advice or tips given by IAS Jag Pravesh for UPSC Aspirants based upon when one should start their preparation, how to choose their optional subject, how to study for the Prelims and the Mains, what precautions to take while preparing for the interview, and how to prepare a study plan.

How to Choose an Optional

He chose Electrical Engineering as his Optional subject even though it has a vast syllabus because it was one of his strongest suits when it came to the UPSC CSE syllabus. He had graduated with the same subject and he knew the basics well. He advises the aspirants to choose a subject that they are well prepared with. Specifically choosing science or commerce subjects would be better since they are more or less logic-based over the humanities subjects.

When to Start Preparing

He believes that one should start preparing for their UPSC Civil Services Exam properly after they are done with their graduation. One can start preparing while graduating by reading newspapers and staying updated with current affairs but they should start with their full-fledged preparation when they can devote long hours to study for the exam.

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Prelims and Mains Preparation

Instead of preparing for the exams separately, he made a plan for an integrated study of the Prelims and the Mains. However, a month before the Prelims paper, he dedicated a large portion of his time to its preparation. He advises that instead of completely giving up on the Mains preparation as the Prelims approach, give at least an hour or two to it or you might have difficulty catching up with the preparation after a gap.

When to Prepare for the Optional

He recommends that one prepares for the Mains compulsory and optional subjects in advance. There are barely 3 months available after the Prelims exam for the preparation of the Mains, and this time should be solely devoted to revision and practice of previous years’ question papers and mock tests.


For the interview, you need to be prepared with your background information, current affairs, your Optional subjects, and everything you can think of under the sun. The interview can be unpredictable, and the only way to be prepared for it to understand that you need to be informed about things around the world and have a politically correct opinion about it.

Study Plan

He believes that it is important that you keep limited study resources. You can limit your resources to 2-3 books or notes materials. You should keep going back to your Optional Preparation while preparing for the Prelims and the Mains, it helps you take your mind off the regular subjects and you can have ample time to prepare for the Optionals that way.

Answer Writing

He suggests that one writes concise, coherent, and impactful answers. He says that you can make your answers impactful by starting with a great anecdote, end it with a great summary or make really good points. The essay needs to be coherent. You need to find points that cover the topic from every perspective and structure the answer in a way that it comes back to the main theme in some way or the other. If you don’t know the answer to any question, try connecting it with concepts from the syllabus and then structuring a possible answer.


IAS Jag Pravesh is currently posted as a Joint Magistrate in Uttar Pradesh’s Siddharthnagar. He conducts seminars and posts online to help out UPSC aspirants with their IAS strategy. For more such success stories of IAS Officers, keep watching this space.

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