Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, is a dream destination for every civil services aspirant. Why? Let’s go through the perks of being a part of it!

Lakhs of aspirants appear for the UPSC exam every year, out of which only around 80 to 90 candidates get selected for the post of IAS. After clearing the exam, the selected candidates spend three months at LBSNAA for training. The training aims to provide candidates with appropriate knowledge about civil services.

Keep reading to know everything about the LBSNAA training period and the IAS training period salary. We have all the details that you need.

LBSNAA Training Period

The duration of the training period of IAS in LBSNAA is three months. Each month you will get paid a stipend. Keep reading the article to know what is the stipend given.

In 2020, the 95th foundation course was commenced for the 2020 batch from 24th August to 4th December. In this duration, lbsnaa initial training is also included.

What will You Get from Training?

Throughout the training, candidates get familiar with Indian constitutional bodies, law, and order of the Indian government and public affairs. The core values given are public service, integrity, professionalism, patriotism, and respect. They also conduct regular seminars and workshops. Discipline is of utmost importance there; everything has a fixed schedule, and one can’t disobey it.

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Your Schedule at Training

The day starts sharply at 6 a.m. with physical exercise or horse training for one hour. As the training includes many things on the plate, exercise helps in feeling fresh and agile during the whole day. After a healthy start, two hours of self-time is given to the candidate for morning activities and the actual training starts at 9:30. Various activities such as lectures, extra-curriculum, etc., keep the trainee indulge for 8 to 10 hours. Nighttime is given to eat dinner and socialise with respective colleagues.

Phase of Training at LBSNAA

In the training period of IAS in LBSNAA, the foundation course is run for all the selected candidates.

The main aim of the course is as follows:

#1. Make them familiar with the duties and challenges faced within the civil services.

#2. Promotion of good moral, physical, intellectual, and aesthetic personality of a trainee.

#3. Create a sense of honour and pride among the members of different civil services institutions.

#4. Mould the trainee according to the country’s economic, social, administrative, and political environment.

Perks Given at the Training Centre

#1. Teaching facilities are top-notch. Classrooms are adequately equipped, and lecturers are high-profile.

#2. Officer mess for get-togethers.

#3. Gandhi Smriti Library with over 1.65 lakhs books.

#4. Information technology services to keep all track of activities and events carried.

#5. Gyms are provided for both male and female candidates.

#6. LBSNAA has an amazing sports complex for the trainees. They can play badminton, cricket, tennis, squash, basketball, volleyball, football, etc. One of the most favourite activities of the LBSNAA house is horse riding.

#7. All the rooms, washrooms, and other blocks of the building are kept nice and clean. So, there’s no need to worry about hygiene.

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LBSNAA IAS Training Fees

The mess fee is between Rs 9,000 to Rs 10,000, which is a bit high, but the food quality is highly appreciable. Fresh and healthy food are served while maintaining proper hygiene.

If you want to have a separate room of your own, then the monthly charge for the same is Rs 350 including water facilities and electricity charges. If you can adjust with another candidate, then the fee will be only Rs 175.

Other than mess and room charges, no extra fees are taken. You have access to all the facilities available in the centre for free.

Rules to Keep in Mind

If someone is doing the following things, then he or she goes through a probation period:

#1. If the candidate neglects the curriculum structure (unless there is some medical or personal emergency).

#2. If the government thinks the candidate is not suitable for the service.

#3. If the candidate fails the re-examination.

#4. If the candidate doesn’t have the proper state of mind for the job.

LBSNAA IAS Training Period Salary 

The total salary of an IAS trainee at LBSNAA is Rs 56,000. However, they are not paid in terms of salary; instead, a stipend is given. The total salary gets decreased due to the mess and room charges, as mentioned. There will be a need for other things such as shopping for personal necessities, uniforms, etc. After deducting every fee and other necessities, a stipend of Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000 is paid every month. This is a very handsome amount to start your career with!


The LBSNAA training period is a time where you get shaped for the future. Before the training, everything is quite vague and new. In training, you’ll meet several people from different backgrounds and cultures. This helps in expanding your thought process as different people have different sets of mind. With all the events, fun activities, and teachings, this period will become the most memorable time of your life. And you are not just trained but also awarded the IAS training period salary!

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 IAS Training Period Salary: Here’s the Payscale You can Get in the Initial Stage of the IAS Journey
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