The Indian Foreign Service is also known as IFS is one of India’s most famous civil services, like the other Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS). In order to become an IFS officer, the civil services exam must be cleared. Those who are recruited to the Foreign Service undergo training for three years before being confirmed to the IFS.

Applicants are supposed to go for training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie and then at the Foreign Service Institute located in Delhi. Not many know what are IFS officer facilities, so today you will get an insight into their lives. Let’s begin!

Before we talk about salaries and other perks, let us understand the role of an IFS officer first.

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Functions of IFS Officer

  • Representing India in embassies, high commissions, foreign embassies, and permanent missions to bodies such as the United Nations.
  • Defending the national interests of India in the country wherever they are posted.
  • To promote friendly ties with a certain country and also with its citizens.
  • Providing coverage on developments in the country they are posted in that are able to impact India.
  • Negotiating deals on concerns with the authorities of the country where he/she was posted.

Let us find out what is the salary and facilities of IFS officers.

Salary of IFS Officer

The Indian foreign service officer’s income is roughly 60,000 a month, along with all benefits and allowances. However, this salary varies on the basis of the candidate’s posting, that is, if the candidate has been assigned to a foreign country, he/she may receive a salary of 2.40 lakhs under a special foreign salary. Again, this Special International salary differs from one person to another depending on the country in which they are deployed. This international allowance will be raised on the basis of the rank and scale of the applicant.

Take a look at this chart highlighting the salary according to the ranking they hold.


Rank Basic Pay/Grade Pay
Junior Time Scale Under Secretary 15,600 -39,100/5400
Senior Time Scale Under Secretary 15600 – 39100/6600
Junior Administrative Scale Deputy Secretary 15600 -39100/7600
Selection Grade Counselor Director 37,400 -67,000/8700
Super time scale Joint Secretary 37,400 -67,000/1000
Above super time scale Cabinet Secretary 90000 fixed

Perks And Facilities of an IFS Officer

  • Your passport is red or white. You get red if you’re on top of the posts and white as an official. This passport is a diplomatic passport and it is a pleasure to get it, it saves you a lot of trouble with the immigration of the airport because you are served by a different diplomatic counter.
  • You are offered first-class flight tickets for you and your wife and children to the city to which you are being deployed or transferred.
  • They often get to meet with famous personalities.
  • You will get opportunities to travel to multiple countries in your career. This will give you international exposure and experience.
  • In the case, of Indian foreign service, there is absolutely zero political interference so that you can do your job effectively.
  • Their number plate is distinct from that of the other officials. The IFS officer’s car number plate is blue. There is no other number of such plates available. This number plate indicates that the car is unique and that it belongs to a diplomat.

Apart from these, there are other facilities given to an IFS officer listed below.

More such Benefits That IFS Officer Enjoy

  • 2 or 3  BHK accommodation
  • Government transport
  • Protection and Home Support
  • Hospital Expenses
  • Water and electricity are almost free.
  • No mobile charges
  • Pension and retirement benefits
  • The IFS officer also has the ability to study abroad and the costs will be paid by the Government.


It depends entirely on the applicant whether he or she wishes to become an Indian foreign service officer. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that it takes a lot of hard work and passion to be a government officer. It’s a prestigious work, as you serve and represent the country. You should be concentrated, as it’s not easy to crack these tests. The IFS officer is the one who represents the country in different countries. So, you need to shape your personality similarly. Benefits and benefits are very eye-catching, but the expectations are very overwhelming. Whatever they do, that’s the decision of 1,34 billion Indians. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?

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