Important Essay Topics for UPSC 2021: Take A Look at Essay Sample Answer

Important Essay Topics for UPSC 2021

Writing is a window to the thinking process. Like Bill wheeler says “Good writing is clear thinking made visible”.  What you write on paper will tell the reader how you perceive, how you justify, and how you explain your point of view. That is why, for most competitive exams and academic entrance tests like UPSC, essays are mandatory.

Essay writing is the most neglected and lightly taken paper in civil service preparation. For the aspirants to do well in essay paper, they need to be aware of essay writing topics, and only then can they practice writing on important essay topics for UPSC 2021.

What is UPSC looking for in an Essay?

Applicants may be asked to write essays on various topics. They are required to keep their essay close to the subject, to organize their ideas in an orderly fashion, and to write concisely. Credit will be provided for an efficient and accurate speech.

The  UPSC essay paper differs itself from general studies in the sense that in GS, marks would be awarded solely on the basis of content. In the essay, however, examiners will pay particular attention not only to the text, but also to the grammar, the coherence, and the manner in which you structure your writing. So you must take proper care to organize your thoughts correctly and not commit any basic spelling or grammatical errors.

IAS Essay Topics with Answers

Here is the list of the most common and important topics that UPSC brings each year. Take a look:

  • Education
  • Economic sector
  • Media & Society
  • Environment/urbanization
  • Social justice/poverty
  • Indian Culture & Society
  • Judiciary
  • Administration
  • Democracy
  • Character
  • Philosophies

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Now we will pick a relevant topic and you will be provided with a sample answer which will give you an idea on attempting the essay question.

Topic: New Education Policy 2020: A Progressive Policy with Diverse Challenges”

Start your essay by introducing this policy and why it is created. You can also mention other education policies created earlier. You can frame your intro like this:

The Union Cabinet recently approved the new National Education Policy  2020 with the goal of implementing a range of reforms to the Indian education system, starting from school to college.

NEP 2020 aims to make “India a global knowledge powerhouse”

The Cabinet also supported the renaming of the Ministry of Human Resources Development to the Ministry of Education.

The Cabinet-approved NEP is only the third major revision of the education system in India since freedom.

Structuring Your  Main Body Paragraph

You can talk about key points like:

Education at school:

Universalization of pre-school to secondary education with a 100 percent Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of school education by 2030.

Bringing 2 crores out of school kids back to mainstream with an open school system.

The existing 10+2 system is to be substituted by a new 5+3+3+4 curricular system referring to ages 3-8, 8-11, 11-14, and 14-18. 

It will put the unidentified age group of 3-6 years under the school curriculum, which has been recognized internationally as a key stage in the growth of a child’s mental abilities.

Class 10 and 12 board exams are to be made easier, to test skillsets instead of memorizing facts, with all students required to take the exam twice.

Concluding Your Essay

You can make a positive way forward in the following manner:

The New Education Policy seeks to promote an integrated, collaborative, and holistic approach that takes into account field experiences, academic studies, input from citizens, as well as lessons learned from international standards.

It is a gradual change towards a more practical approach to education. The recommended structure would help to account for the child’s capacity – the stage of cognitive growth as well as social and physical awareness. If enforced in its true vision, the new framework will put India into line with the world’s leading countries.

What you read now does not satisfy the UPSC’s essay world limit of 1000-1200 but gives you an idea about how you can approach essay topics for UPSC. You will need to add more content from your own in order to meet the word limit.

How to make Transition through One Para to Another

It can be achieved in three ways.

1.) By means of a connection sentence at the end of the paragraph:

Here at the end of the para, you’re writing a sentence that signals to the examiner what’s coming next.

2.) By means of a question:

Instead of a link sentence, you can also add a question at the end of the para, so that the attention of the examiner is carried to the next.

3.) Signaling the change at the beginning of the next paragraph:

Here you can just add a word or two at the starting of a para that indicates a change in your subtopic

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What Can You Read for Your Essay Writing

You need to read some strong essays to see how seamlessly people are putting up their arguments. Your essay does not have to be diverse in nature but requires depth. So reading some good essays will teach you how to start an essay, write arguments, and end. The most important thing is how to build an essay structure.

Reading in your daily newspaper, if you find any good lines or excerpts, keep track of them, particularly from editorials.

Take on some common/relevant topics such as women, education, health care, the internet, science (refer to last 10 years’ essay) and prepare some forage. Including excerpts, relevant case studies, illustrations, accurate facts, government initiatives, etc.

Have a successful opening and closing paragraph. You’re going to find out by reading journals, strong essays from others, etc.


Now that you are familiar with the UPSC essay topics, you should aim at writing 5-6 exams. Try to apply the above points as you write. And the most important thing is to have your essays reviewed by some professors, chosen candidates, or friends. This will let you know which you’re lacking. All the best!

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