In this havoc caused by COVID-19, everyone is struggling to get back to their calming situation. The same is felt by UPSC aspirants who have worked so hard, but due to covid-19, the exam has been on halt. But once the situation settles down, everything will be back to normal where UPSC aspirants will be able to give their examination and fulfil their dream of becoming an IAS officer.

But this situation should not stop you from researching all about the UPSC examination like is there any medical test or is there an eye test for personality tests in UPSC? It is important to know if there is any such requirement and you need to make sure to have it fulfilled before putting so much hard work into the preparation.

 Passing the Medical Test is Imperative for an IAS

A UPSC aspirant needs a thorough knowledge of key subjects. But it is important that a candidate is ready to function even in stressful and demanding situations, to become a good public servant. This is why it is important to evaluate a candidate’s total personality and to carry out an interview. After the interview, all the candidates may be asked to appear for the medical examination which is mandatory. It is important for the UPSC aspirants to clear the examination and if passed they are moved forward with the application.

According to the PTI report, the commission looks at things like a candidate must be in good mental and bodily health and free of any physical disabilities that may interfere with the discharge of his duties as an officer. As a result, a medical examination is one of the most important factors in service allocation, and timely completion of medical examination is critical for timely and hassle-free allocation of the cadre to selected candidates.

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Hospitals for UPSC Medical Test

Hospitals given below are the UPSC designated hospital in Delhi for the candidate’s medical test:

#1. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital

#2. Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital

#3. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital

#4. Safdarjung Hospital

#5. Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital

#6. Sucheta Kriplani Hospital

#7. BR Ambedkar Hospital.

For the candidates who fall into the Physical Handicapped (PH Category) they can go to the below 5 mentioned Hospitals

#1. LHMC

#2. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital

#3. Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital

#4. Safdarjung Hospital

#5. Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital

For female candidates, a lady doctor will examine in any of the hospitals mentioned above.

Note of Advice for the Candidates

On the day of the Medical Examination, the candidate should fast for at least 10 hours. They should not arrive for the Medical Examination after having any kind of medicine. If the candidate wears spectacles, hearing aids, etc, they should bring them along with the prescription. If the applicant wears contact lenses, they are advised to stop wearing them at least 48 hours before the medical examination. The Candidate should bring records of any previous surgical procedures with him/ her.

Aspirants who fall under the Physically Handicapped (PH) category are advised to bring any appliances he/ she is using, as well as the ‘Disability Certificate’, if any, issued to him/ her in the past by any Disability Medical Board. All pregnant candidates will be eligible for all services except those requiring physical training. Those who require or receive physical training will be declared “Fit” after confinement.

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Is There an Eye Test for Personality Tests in UPSC?

Yes, aligned with other physical tests the candidate also has to pass the Ophthalmic Test which is an eye test in UPSC through various activities that are asked to be done by the candidate.

#1 First one is to identify the letter from a distance as shown in the picture given below:-

Eye Test for Personality Tests in UPSC

#2 ColoUr vision test: Candidates must correctly identify the character, and there will be mazes in which you must trace the path according to the colour.

eye test for upsc aspirants

Colour perception is ranked as higher or lower based on the size of the aperture in the lantern, as shown in the table below:

Grade Higher Grade

Colour Perception

Lower Grade

Colour Perception

Lower Grade

Colour Perception

1 Time of exposure 5 second 5 second
2 Distance between the lamp and the candidate 16 ft 16 ft
3 Size of aperture 1.3 mm. 13 mm.

#2 Colour vision of a high level is required for IPS, Other Police Services, RTS, and RPF.

Low-Grade Colour Vision is sufficient for the rest of the services listed.

 How can I Clear My Personality Test in UPSC?

Unless and until you clear your personality test you cannot go further in fulfilling your dream, hence you need to start your online or offline preparation for the UPSC personality test early, which is in the form of an interview. Make sure that you are aware of all the current affairs happening around nationally and internationally. It is important for you to be confident enough to speak in front of the panel who will be judging you on the basis of each question asked to you. If you are a pessimist then you need to be optimistic and see the world from a positive perspective. Once you get optimistic it is depicted in your answers that give a good impression.

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Gear up yourself to become an IAS officer after clearing the UPSC examination along with clearing the Medical examination. We are sure that you are adamant to fulfil your dreams and work towards bringing about a positive change. There might be hurdles that may become barriers but the only way out is to face them and overcome all the challenges that come your way. One barrier that might come in your way after clearing the personality test is the Medical test which is equally important. So read all about it above and prepare yourself. Best of luck!

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