Union Public Service Commission or Civil Services Examination allows aspirants to attempt the examination till the age of 32 for the General category and the age bar is higher for the remaining categories. But the question lies here is that, is it really worth giving a shot to the world’s one of the most difficult examinations when you’re already 28 and your career time is at its closing and it is time to slow down to get settled for the long term?

Let’s find out the facts, stats, psychology, and other aspects one must consider going through before reaching the ultimate decision.

As the UPSC attempts limit is till the age of 32, one can go for it. Clearing the UPSC exam is one of the highest proud moments one can feel in their lifetime. The respect, attention, power, and pleasure to serve the country by bringing change is like a dream come true for most of us.

 The Best Age for Starting UPSC Preparation?

Having an absolutely focused goal of clearing the Civil Services Examination from an early age (sometimes as early as schooling) surely helps in clearing this examination at an early age but at the same time, this benefit can’t be considered as a reason for not preparing if you’re 28 years old or above. While several aspirants have given up on the attempt only because they were at an age of 28 or more due to the fear of not being early birds, let’s go through a few points to understand the mindset of a younger versus mature aspirant to find out whether it is worth giving a shot if you’re 28 or above.

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Benefits of Passing the Exam at Early Age VS Late

#1 Aspirants who clear this exam at an early age are eligible as well as likely to get more promotions than the ones beginning their journey at the age of 28 or more.

#2 Preparing at an early age gives one an upper hand of more young blood energy to put into and less mental pressure of ageing and still not holding a source of income and stable life.

#4 There are some senior posts (like Cabinet Secretary) to which a person clearing exam after 28 won’t be able to take promotion due to their tenure ending before they become eligible.

#5 Recognition and fame is more compared to the ones clearing the exam late.

#6 The journey of preparation and multiple failures before finally cracking the exam is exhausting as well as scary and this fear only increases with age until the exam is cleared so the earlier an aspirant clears the exam the better it is for mental health and avoid bad phases.

Some more Benefits

#7 But if you clear the exam at an age of 28 or even later, you’re already mature enough to understand and make decisions that a person who is below 25 would be able to.

#8 People who clear exams on or after 28 years, have most likely worked in one or more industries by that time and have taken a taste of the real world. This gives an upper hand in understanding the actual working of things as well as how to deal with people at the workplace and in real life.

#9 When you’re old enough, it gives you different confidence over yourself and on your decisions, at the same time others also see you as mature and authoritative enough to believe in you, if not always but this might be missing in aspirants clearing exams at an early age.

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Is it Worth to Start Preparing for the UPSC at the Age of 28?

You must have heard the phrase “it is never too late” and that’s an absolute truth. If it took you some time to kickstart the preparation due to several reasons like having to support your family at a younger age, finding your passion at a later age once you tried the taste of the corporate world/job but could not imagine yourself there for next 30 or 40 years, not being confident enough while you were still in your early 20s after graduation or simply because you were missing the required guidance and came to know about CSE later.

The eligibility for the exam is 32 for the general category and more for the remaining ones, if there was any mental, physical, psychological, or other issues in preparing or starting as a Civil Servant at the age of 28, the option would not have been kept, to begin with.

 Advantages of Preparing UPSC at the Age of 28

#1 You’re more experienced in life than early blood, by the time you turn 28 you have already had all the fun of life.

#2 The general distractions, feeling to explore the world and self, making mistakes, and doing everything that’s not productive are already done by you at an early age so there is little or nothing to act as a hurdle between you and your preparation.

#3 A person is more focused at a later age than a younger age. That’s all because a person has already had enough taste of the fun side of life and the ultimate time of settlement begins.

#4 This mental phase of life gives you an upper hand while planning to prepare for CSE as the early blood may still be distracted due to a lot of factors until becoming a Civil Servant was their long-time dream and passion.

#5 The topper of the 2014 batch was 30 years old and AIR 2nd Anu Kumari was 29 as well as a mother when she cleared this exam and joined the services.

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If It is Your Passion then It is Never Too Late

A very important question you need to ask yourself is why you want to go for UPSC services? Is it due to family pressure or you saw the benefits of becoming one and you now want those benefits of power? Or if it is because you could not find yourself fitting in the corporate world and we’re always passionate about becoming a Civil servant to accomplish a specific desire of bringing change?

If this isn’t your decision or you’re just lured by the add-ons, you might end up wasting the time and since you’re already 28 this would be the last thing to do. CSE is one of the toughest exams in the world and family pressure can’t help in cracking it. The reason has to be within yourself and if you’re 28 then you should have less or no trouble in evaluating yourself for the reason than an aspirant who has just completed graduation.

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You have to identify your motivation to appear for the UPSC examination, if you are doing it under pressure from your family and friends then this might be a troubling situation for you. But if you are doing it of your own free will then you will find it difficult yet fruitful. Hopefully, this article cleared your doubt regarding if it’s worth start preparing for UPSC at the age of 28, if you still have any doubt, you can book a free demo class at USPC Pathshala and take direct guidance from the expert mentors. Best of luck!

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Is it Worth to Start Preparing for the UPSC at the Age of 28? Worth Giving an Attempt?
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