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If you are looking for the joint statement initiative UPSC for your UPSC notes, you are on the right platform. This article contains all the information about this significant topic. You must have acknowledged the information related to the initiative from the news as it is being broadcasted from the news channels in the current scenario.

This article will give you the details along with the reason for the topic dominating in news. You should read the article thoroughly and make notes of the points given here. Revise the notes before the exam and give perfect answers to the asked questions as well as to the examiners. You can make your way towards your ambitions with continuous learning and effective content.

So, let’s start with the details about the joint statement initiative UPSC.

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What is the Joint Statement Initiative (JSI)?

JSI stands for Joint Statement Initiative. The members of the initiative account for more than 90% of the international trade. This initiative welcomes and introduces the entrants. These are more than half of the WTO, World Trade Organization members.

The entrants are hugely from the developing countries. The developing nations are scared of being arm-twisted to accept the international trade rules as it can result in economic development as well as domestic policymaking.

Talking about the critics, you must note that India and South Africa have been the leaders of the resistance for JSI. India has combated the pressure from the developing world to accept and jump into the initiation.

Moving towards the new entrants, China and Indonesia have argued over the structure of the initiative and said that they must make the rules from within the initiative, rather than sitting on the sideline.

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Joint Statement Initiative UPSC

Well, the reason for the topic dominating in news is that MC12 which is the Twelfth Ministerial Conference has been cancelled. The conference is organized by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The conference was scheduled late last year on November 30, 2021-December 3, 2021.

The cancellation has been made due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the functions did not stop and the digital trade negotiations continued their ambitious and progressive march forward.

The co-conveners of JSI are Singapore, Japan, and Australia. You must acknowledge that all the co-conveners of the initiative welcomed the “substantial progress”. This happened on 14th December.

This made the netizens talk more about the topic and has demanded a convergence on more relevant topics. They have expected convergence on different topics by the end of 2022. The talk on the matter has been continued for the past three years. The expectations have made the topic highlighted in the news.

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UPSC Notes

You must understand India’s stand for the initiative. India’s international position has been reinforced by the developing nations through the political and industrial leaders by making narratives. India has criticized the initiative and has not been a part of it. India can have risks for trading and becoming an unwitting standard country.

Also, the country will lose the opportunities to frame the rules. The conclusion for the initiative says that despite all the failings of the negotiations, the WTO plays a critical role in global governance.

Also, the World Trade Organization is extremely vital to India’s strategic interests regarding the initiative. In conclusion, you must acknowledge and understand that India’s digital future is now under the key.

Negotiating for the important points without surrendering our domestic policy-making holds is the key to future digitalization. The candidates should work effectively on grabbing all the facts of the topic for their UPSC exam.

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