Did you know that IAS officers are among the top 30 in the list of India’s most prestigious position holders? Now you know. It is one of the most honoured jobs in our country.

Indian Administrative Service is the full form of IAS. The career options in IAS are wide. One can become a commissioner, chief secretary, collector etc., according to their preferences. An IAS officer can bring positive changes in society.

IAS Officer Journey

Becoming an IAS officer is not something that can be achieved overnight or even in a month. The struggles in the before and after journey are real. The “before” journey comprises hours and hours of preparation for prelims and mains taken under UPSC, i.e., Union Public Service Commission. After passing the prelims and mains, an interview is conducted to test the personality of the candidate. Passing the interview is not an easy feat, but a confident mind can easily make it through.

The journey after comprises hours of training in LBSOfficial Working Hours of an IAS OfficerNAA, IAS duty time, IAS responsibility, and many challenges. Although the official working hours of an IAS officer are fixed, sometimes an extension of their working hours is required due to emergencies.

History and Responsibility of an IAS Officer

In 1964, the IAS was constituted to work under the government of India. The duty they perform focuses on serving the public. They can work either under the union government or a state government. IAS responsibility circles around government affairs, and law and order of the area or sector they are working for.

Duty of an IAS Officer

  1. 1.The post of an IAS officer changes with time. When you are a fresher, you’ll join as a sub-divisional magistrate. After this, you can serve under the district level as district magistrate, popularly known as DM. You can be posted as a Joint secretary, Cabinet secretary, Deputy secretary or additional secretary at the central level.
  2. Administrative functions are managed.
  3. An IAS has the authority to serve the needy of the community.
  4. A constant inspection of areas under their control is held regularly by them.
  5. Management of funds and finance comes under IAS duty.
  6. They have the power of making policies under the minister’s consultation. Under different levels, the position for policymaking will be different.
  7. Supervision of policies and inspection of policies implemented in the area is done. In short, an IAS controls each and everything related to policies.
  8. Recovery of income is also one of the responsibilities of an IAS officer.
  9. 9.They are held responsible for any policy-related services and can show up directly to the legislatures.
  10. 10.They can also work in public sectors.

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Criteria for Doing the above Duty

All of the duties mentioned above are included in the official working hours of an IAS officer according to their level. The tasks can cause a lot of pressure as with higher power come more duties. Yet, if you are passionate about working hard and bringing positive changes in people’s lives, being an IAS officer can fulfil all of it. All you need is a zeal towards achieving your goals.

Facilities Given to an IAS Officer

The duties and responsibility may not feel like an easy task to perform. Nonetheless, the facilities provided are at par with their role.

1- They are provided bungalows with very less rent. To maintain it, gardeners, workers and cooks are also provided.

2- They can live free of cost at Government rest houses.

3- Transportation services along with drivers are also given.

4- Groceries are provided by the government.

5- They don’t have to pay electricity bills.

6- Security guards and bodyguards are available for their security.

7- Job security is very high.

8- Lifetime pensions after retirement are also given.

What are the Working Hours of an IAS Officer?

After clearing all the three stages of UPSC, candidates are trained in Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). Their training is held under high discipline.

1- At sharp 6 a.m: Physical activities like exercise and horse riding for 1 hour.

2- 7 a.m to 9 a.m: Free time.

3- After 9:30 a.m: Lectures and extra-curricular activities for 8-10 hours.

The total span of training is between 45 to 50 days. After the training, the candidates get selected for a different post. According to the post, the official working hours of an IAS officer are allocated.

After Training Journey 

Generally, their working day starts from 9 a.m and ends at 5 p.m. Although, in reality, it can extend up to 9 p.m due to numerous IAS responsibilities. Their average working per week is around 70-75 hours. Some days they are stuck in meetings. On other days, they perform inspections. It may even get extended due to urgent work.

Holidays (Every Year)

1- National holidays/gazetted holidays.

2- Casual leave (8 days).

3- Weekends.

4- Pay leaves (30 days).

5- Half-pay leaves (20 days).

Sometimes holidays and working hours of an IAS officer get merged.

Some of the below leaves can be taken under special conditions:

1- Maternity leave for women: 180 days.

2- Paternity leave: 15 days.

3- Study leave: 2 to 3 years (The course studied should be related to the public interest).

4- Adoption leave: For females,180 days and for male, 15 days.


The official working hours of an IAS officer are somewhat flexible. They have a lot on their plate. With time, it can become more stable. Nevertheless, with high dignity and honesty, one can easily do one’s duty.

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