The UPSC exam preparation is a high time for the candidates dreaming to serve the nation with integrity, perseverance, and dedication. You must prepare diligently for the most prestigious examination in India. Let’s go through the information related to the OIC UPSC to prepare well for the paper.

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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Well, UPSC notes are the basis of the UPSC exam. The candidates look up to different content sources to grab maximum details about the current and relevant topics to achieve high scores in the paper. To acknowledge details about OIC UPSC, you need to read this article.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is a global organization supported in 1969, consisting of fifty-seven member states, with a collective population of over one.8 billion as of 2015 with fifty-three countries being Muslim-majority countries.

This cooperation organization states that it’s “the collective voice of the Muslim world” and works to “safeguard and defend the interests of the Muslim world within the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony”. The OIC has permanent delegations to the United Nations and also the world organization.

OIC Details

Let’s acknowledge more details about this essential current topic. Few languages are mentioned as the official languages of the OIC are Arabic, English, and French. UN members with a Muslim majority will be part of the organization. The membership is to be legal with full accord at the OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers.

A similar provision applies to an observer’s standing. All decision-making within the forum needs a gathering outlined by the presence of a common fraction of the member states and complete accord. Just in case an accord can’t be reached, choices shall be created by a common fraction majority of members’ gift and vote.

OIC was established on the twenty-fifth of September 1969 when an Islamic Conference happened with twenty-four members. The catalyst that led to the current conference was a fireplace on the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

The OIC was formally supported in 1972. It’s headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Its fifty-seven members touch four continents.

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The membership spans roughly 1.8 million folks. The organization was come upon to safeguard and defend the interests of the Muslims within the world and additionally to push international peace and harmony among numerous folks of the globe.

OIC expresses commonness with conflict-hit Muslim regions like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syrian Arab Republic, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, yet like the peoples of the Turkish Cypriot state, Kosovo, and Jammu and geographical area. There are OIC permanent delegations to the UN and also the EU. The OIC has several organs and universities below its wing.

India had expressed its want to be a member of the OIC throughout its formation in 1969. However, this was bitterly opposed by Pakistan. India encompasses an important minority population of Muslims.

However, Pakistan’s opposition to India’s entry has prevented it from being a section of the body. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan additionally argues that India’s entry can violate a rule of the OIC that a state that wanted to be a section of the OIC mustn’t have conflicts with any member-state.

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We hope that you have grabbed all the necessary details attached to this significant topic for your UPSC exam preparation. It is the most crucial time to achieve your ambitions because preparation makes you close to your dreams. The more precisely and dedicatedly you will prepare for the UPSC exam, the more significant results you will achieve.

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