The civil services test includes science and technology as one of the subjects. In both the UPSC Prelims and Mains exams, many questions centred on this topic were posted.

The UPSC Mains syllabus includes Science and Technology (GS III). In the UPSC Mains test, scientific disciplines like Botany, Chemistry, and Biology are also available as optional subjects.

Subjects having a scientific foundation are high-scoring, although it might be difficult for UPSC candidates to balance static and dynamic subject matters in the news when taking notes.

Here, you will learn how to prepare for Science and Technology current affairs of UPSC.

How to Prepare for Science and Technology Current Affairs for UPSC?

Here’s how to prepare:


Before moving on to other topics, we must first grasp the IAS curriculum and the format of science and technology problems. According to the UPSC science and technology curriculum, you must have a broad understanding of everything, from theoretical principles and basics of physics, chemistry, and biology to the most recent technological breakthroughs, space flight, and so on.

However, for the UPSC main curriculum, significant preparation is required. For the mains test, the following points must be prioritized:

# Indigenization of technology and the development of new technology are examples of Indian accomplishments in science and technology

# IT, space exploration, computers, robots, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and concerns connected to intellectual property rights are all areas where awareness is needed.

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Previous Year Papers

Previous year papers are the finest tool for gaining a detailed understanding of the type and difficulty level of the questions. If you look at the pattern in the publications from the prior year, you’ll find two things:

# In the UPSC prelims test, the number of questions on the topic might range from 8 to 19. However, just 8 to 9 questions from the Science and Technology area have been asked in the last three years.

# The questions are mostly concerned with current events in science and technology rather than in-depth theoretical knowledge.

Science and Technology Current Affairs Books for UPSC

Here are the top Science and Technology current affairs books for UPSC:

Science & Technology For Civil Services Exams – Ravi P Agrahari

Science and Technology in India – Kalpana Rajaram

General Science For Civil Services Preliminary Examinations – S.A.Majid

1000 Plus Questions on General Science – TMH

Science and Technology – Neeraj Nachiketa

NCERT books for standards IX, X, XI, XII

How can UPSC Pathshala Help?

UPSC Pathshala introduced “Essence” which is a monthly current affairs publication. This publication is a great helping hand in your UPSC exam preparation. It covers all the UPSC current affairs and news related to the government and other events. In this magazine, you will get an article analysis of every hot news.

In this 300-page magazine, you will also get questions that you can be asked in your exam. So, hurry and get this product now to be ready for your upcoming UPSC exam.


Science and Technology is a somewhat important topic in both the UPSC CS Prelims and UPSC CS (Main) exams. It is covered in the CS(Main) GS III paper as well as the Prelims GS paper.

In Prelims, you’ll be given questions about current scientific and technological breakthroughs. However, in order to submit efficient answers in the Mains examination, it is necessary to have a theoretical comprehension of the subject’s static curriculum.

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How to Prepare for Science and Technology Current Affairs for UPSC?
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