Profit and loss questions for bank PO are some of the most common questions of the bank competitive exams. The bank examinations are the most challenging ones because of the high competition. Many candidates give this exam to get the most stable and perfect job. These types of questions include a message which is transmitted by the sender to the receiver in encrypted form.

The profit and loss are calculated and you are required to tick on the correct answer. You must be precise while answering because the options can confuse you. You can be either right or wrong. This is the reason that you must be immensely perfect at these questions. Practice is the only way to get perfect. This is why this article is meant for your practice for the profit and loss questions for bank PO.

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Bank PO Preparation

Preparation is the basic step to move ahead towards excellence in life. It is primarily required for all examinations. This bank consists of some of the most challenging questions. The questions become easy with practice. You must begin your preparation at the right time to get to your destination within the best period. If you don’t practice properly, you will start to have confusion about several questions of the exam which is troublesome for acing the examination. Therefore, keep an eye on the questions and different sections of the exam along with the updates of dates and other notifications. Remember, only studying doesn’t help in life, rather the right preparation helps you greatly to achieve milestones.

Profit and Loss Questions for Bank PO

Let’s look below to understand the pattern and types of questions asked in the Bank PO exam. Practice is an essential trait to excel in the test. The questions given below will let you get perfect at resolving every question in the main exam. Have a look below to gather the information.

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Bank PO Question 1

Rahim marks up all Jeans in his shop 20% higher. He gave 25% discount on 2/5th of the total Jeans and 12% discount on 1/4th of the total Jeans. If Rahim gets an overall profit of 2.3%, then what percentage of discount should be given by Rahim to customers on the remaining Jeans.

#A. 5%

#B. 15%

#C. 17%

#D. 6%

#E. 8%

Answer:- A

Bank PO Question 2

Vipin started a business with an investment of Rs. 42,000. After 5 months Amit joined him with a capital of Rs. 22,000. At the end of the year, the total profit was Rs.16,409. What is Vipin’s share in the profit?

#A. Rs. 16244

#B. Rs. 12568

#C. Rs. 10782

#D. Rs. 5677

#E. None of these

Answer:- B

Bank PO Question 3

An article costing Rs. 363 is marked to be sold at a price which gives a profit of 20%. What will be its selling price in a sale when 15% is taken off the marked price?

#A. Rs. 390.56

#B. Rs. 390.26

#C. Rs. 382.26

#D. Data inadequate

#E. None of these

Answer:- E

Bank PO Question 4

The marked price of Pant and a T-Shirt are in the ratio of 2 : 3. The shopkeeper gives a 40% discount on the Pant. If the total discount on the Pant and the T-Shirt is 40% the discount offered on the T-Shirt is

#A. 28    1/3

#B. 18 2/3

#C. 26 2/3

#D. 12    2/3

#E. None of these

Answer:- E

Bank PO Question 5

A shopkeeper gives a discount of 10% every 4 months on an article. If a man purchases it for Rs. 25515 in December, then what was the initial price of that article in January?

#A. Rs 40000

#B. Rs. 36000

#C. Rs. 35000

#D. Rs. 45000

#E. None of these

Answer:- C

Bank PO Question 6

A smartphone costs 10 times the cost of a headphone. On selling smartphones there is a profit of 15% while the total profit on selling both headphones and smartphones is 20%. If there is a profit of Rs. 2800 on selling headphones then find the cost price of a smartphone?

#A. Rs. 20000

#B. Rs. 30000

#C. Rs. 50000

#D. Rs. 40000

#E. None of these

Answer:- D

Bank PO Question 7

Genelia bought some stationery items at the rate of 5 for Re. 1 and an equal number of items at the rate of 4 for Re. 1. She mixed both types of items and sold them at the rate of 9 for Rs. 2. In this transaction she bore a loss of Rs. 3. Find the total number of items purchased by her?

#A. 1100

#B. 1080

#C. 1060

#D. 1020

#E. None of these

Answer:- B

Bank PO Question 8

A manufacturer fixes his selling price at 33% over the cost of production. If the cost of production goes up by 12% and the manufacturer raises his selling price by 10%, find his profit percentage.

#A. 28 7/5%

#B. 30 8/5%

#C. 30 5/8%

#D. 27 5/8%

#E. None of these

Answer:- C

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Bank PO Question 9

The marked price of three articles A, B, and C are Rs.2400, Rs.3000, and Rs.3600 respectively. A is sold at a discount of 5%, B at a discount of 8%, and C at a discount of 10%, yet the shopkeeper got an overall profit of 20%. If the cost price of A is half of B and the cost price of B is half of C, find the cost price of C.

#A. Rs. 3932.85

#B. Rs. 3942.85

#C. Rs. 3940.58

#D. Rs. 3492.85

#E. None of these

Answer:- B

Bank PO Question 10

A man purchased 150 chairs, each costing the same, but 40% of them are damaged which cannot be sold. He sold 50% of the remaining at 20% profit each and remaining at 5% loss each. If the total selling price of chairs is Rs. 7740, then what was the total cost price of all chairs?

#A. Rs. 13000

#B. Rs. 11000

#C. Rs. 12000

#D. Rs. 15000

#E. None of these

Answer:- C

Bank PO Question 11

Two partners A and B invest in the ratio of 3:4 in a business. Their monthly expenditure is Rs. 36000. What should be their income so that A gets Rs 6000 as profit:

#A. Rs. 50000

#B. Rs. 36000

#C. Rs. 48000

#D. Rs. 60000

#E. None of these

Answer:- A

Bank PO Question 12

The cost of a packet of tea and a packet of one-liter milk is Rs 20 and Rs 30 respectively. 10 cups of tea are made with one packet of tea and for each cup 200 ml of milk is used. If tea is sold at 25% profit, the selling price of each cup of tea is:

#A. 8

#B. 15

#C. 12

#D. 10

#E. None of these

Answer:- D

Bank PO Question 13

There were three partners, A, B, C in a business, and each had a share of the profits in proportion to his capital. A’s capital was Rs.240; B’s Rs.640; and A’s share was Rs.15 in every Rs.100. Find B’s share of profits and C’s capital.

#A. Rs.30 in every Rs.100; Rs.750

#B. Rs.60 in every Rs.100; Rs.700

#C. Rs.50 in every Rs.100; Rs.800

#D. Rs.40 in every Rs.100; Rs.720

#E. Rs.35 in every Rs.100; Rs.800

Answer:- D

Bank PO Question 14

If a man loses 20% by selling 10 pencils for 10 rupees. How many pencils should he sell for 12 rupees to gain 20% profit?

#A. 6

#B. 8

#C. 9

#D. 10

#E. None of these

Answer:- C

Bank PO Question 15

Neha purchases 10 kg of rice at Rs. 720 and sells at a loss as much as the selling price of 2 kg of rice. Find the S.P of rice per kg.

#A. Rs. 60 per kg

#B. Rs. 50 per kg

#C. Rs. 80 per kg

#D. Rs. 70 per kg

#E. None of these

Answer:- A

Bank PO Question 16

The price of a jewel, passing through three hands, rises on the whole by 65%. If the first and the second sellers earned 20% and 25% profit respectively, find the profit percent earned by the third seller.

#A. 14%

#B. 18%

#C. 15%

#D. 10%

#E. None of these

Answer:- D

Bank PO Question 17

Jeevan bought an article with a 30 percent discount on the labelled price. He sold the article with a 12 percent profit on the labelled price. What was his percent profit on the price he bought?

#A. 40

#B. 50

#C. 60

#D. Data inadequate

#E. None of these

Answer:- C

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Bank PO Question 18

A shopkeeper bought 200 tables for Rs 12000. He wanted to sell them at a profit so that he got 20 tables free. At what profit percent should he sell them?

#A. \(10\frac{1}{9}\%\)

#B. \(11\frac{1}{9}\%\)

#C. \(9\frac{1}{{11}}\%\)

#D. \(10\frac{1}{{11}}\%\)

#E. None of these

Answer:- B

Bank PO Question 19

A and Brent a pasture for 10 months; A puts in 80 oxen for 7 months. How many can B put in for the remaining 3 months? if he pays \(1\frac{1}{2}\) times of A?

#A. 280

#B. 250

#C. 220

#D. 180

#E. None of these

Answer:- A

Bank PO Question 20

A merchant has 100 kg of sugar, part of which he sells at 7% profit and the rest at 17% profit. He gains 10% on the whole. How much is sold at 17%?

#A. 28 kg.

#B. 30 kg.

#C. 32 kg.

#D. 31 kg.

#E. 25 kg

Answer:- B

Bank PO Question 21

Arun starts a business with an investment of Rs. 1200. Birju and Chirag join the business with some investment after 3 months and 6 months respectively. If at the end of year profit is divided in the ratio of 2:3:5, then how much money did Birju invest?

#A. 1800

#B. 2400

#C. 3600

#D. 5400

#E. 6000

Answer:- B

Bank Po Question 22

A person bought two bicycles for Rs. 1600 and sold the first at 10% profit and the second at 20% profit. If he sold the first at 20% profit and the second at 10% profit, he would get Rs. 5 more. Find the difference in the cost price of the two bicycles.

#A. Rs 500

#B. Rs 210

#C. Rs 100

#D. Rs 50

#E. None of these

Answer:- D

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Therefore, these were some profit and loss types and questions related to the exam. You must practice them regularly to ace the examination. We hope that with this article you got a brief glimpse of the profit and loss type of question of bank PO examinations.

Try to improve your vision and approach to these questions. It will help you excel not only in the exam but also in the life ahead. If you are preparing for the bank exam, you might be looking for a different type of article or might be needing support or guidance from the experts, you can go to the UPSC Pathshala website. The articles are extremely beneficial for the preparation. Also, you can get guidance from the mentors present there.

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