Are you the kind of person that does research for every job before working toward it? If yes, this article will help you understand the levels of IAS promotion along with the IAS promotion chart over years.

Learning about the IAS promotion chart and IAS salary can help you understand if you want to get into this field. This can add to the pros side of your pros and cons list (if maintained).

If you have any doubts, this should help you in giving a clear understanding and can help you to maintain your goals accordingly. How to start preparing for IAS? Let’s do the civil service preparation with this article.

IAS Promotion List and IAS Promotion Rules

The IAS promotion list is based upon their years of service, and certain guidelines are set up by the government regarding promotion.

These guidelines are also called IAS promotion rules and few major rules or guidelines are:

  • Screening committees are set up for each post, and they have to ensure that the suitability of the candidate is considered while choosing for promotion in an just and objective manner.
  • The committee has to fill in vacancies every year, and thus the committee should meet frequently on a fixed date every year. There should be a time schedule laid down in advance and the state government must ensure the proper functioning of the committee
  • The number of vacancies must be predetermined and accurate. Vacancies due to death or retirement should be taken into account whereas short-term vacancies for personal leaves or holiday should not be taken into account

Promotion List with Years

Years of Service Post 
1-4 ASP/SDM/ Assistant Commissioner
5-8 ADM/Deputy Secretary/Undersecretary
9-12 DM/Joint Secretary/Deputy Secretary
13-16 DM/ Special Secretary cum Director/ Director
16-24 Divisional Commissioner/ Secretary Cum Commissioner/ Joint Secretary
25-30 Divisional Commissioner/ Principal Secretary/ Additional Secretary
30-33 Additional Chief Secretary
34-36 Chief Secretary
37+ Cabinet Secretary of India

With the difference in Post, there is a difference in IAS officer’s salary.

IAS Salary

The salary of an IAS officer is very high. Depending on rank and scale pay officers can earn a salary of up to 2 50 000 INR.

It is a very highly paid and respected job. A lot of people get into this line due to the pay and respect.

Along with salary, IAS officers also enjoy certain perks. These perks are generally available in most government jobs, along with job security.

IAS officer’s promotion comes with a higher salary.

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The Basic Training

After a candidate has cleared the three rounds of examination and is deemed fit to be an IAS officer, he or she will be selected and given a call.

Their first and foremost step is training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri  National Academy of Administration.

In the first month of the two-year-long training, no salary will be given to the candidates. And they have to go through the foundation course, which is common across all civil services.

On completion of the foundation course, students have to go through the first training phase.


From training the students will be able to understand how an IAS officer has to work, what are the exact duties, and will help them to understand the day-to-day involvement and work procedure.

After training, they should be able to understand the emerging socio-economic and political trends upcoming across the whole nation.

They need to understand the rules and regulations of the job and be able to follow the guidelines set by the government and the constitution.

Depending upon their location, they will need to be able to speak the local language fluently. Thus they will have to be equipped with the ability to speak in a completely new language.

They need to be able to portray the values of being an IAS officer and then can move on to the next round.


At the end of the training, if candidates seem fit, they will be sent into probation with respect to their cadre. In total, there are 24 cadres as of now.

The probation time can be for a couple of years and they will be a part of a government department to learn the basics of government first hand. An exam will be conducted to test if the probation period was successful or not.

Time scales will decide your time on the post and a pay scale in accordance with that. Higher the time/ pay scale, more the experience of an officer and his or her salary.

The scales are:

  • Junior time scale
  • Senior time scale
  • Junior Administrative Grade
  • Selection Grade
  • Super Time scale
  • Higher Administrative Grade
  • Apex Scale
  • Cabinet Secretary Grade

Highest Ranking Civil Servant

The cabinet secretary is the highest-ranking officer among civil servants. They are the Ex-Officio  Chairman of the Civil Service Board. The Secretary has to ensure that the civil servants follow their duties and will act as the chairman of IAS. The person is the 11th most important in India.

He or she will have to ensure that all other officers are doing their duty accordingly and improving the status of India. He or she will finally be accountable for the actions of IAS officers.

How to Become an IAS Officer

Now that you know about how an IAS officer gets a promotion and if you are interested to know how to become an IAS officer read on.

Becoming an IAS officer is not a child’s play. Many have tried and succumbed to the mighty civil service exam.

Don’t worry yet, it can be done. Many have done it and with the right efforts you can to.


Preparing for the UPSC syllabus is one of the main tasks. There is so much syllabus that many people fail to cover each and every topic.

For this, it is recommended that students create a timetable that will help them to break down the syllabus into pieces for better understanding of concepts.

Time table should be well made and thought of. Start preparing in advance itself. Do not wait for the official date list to start preparing,

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Creating Notes

Creating notes will go a long way in helping you prepare for the exam. Creating notes will make it easy for you to revise as well as remember information from the topic.

It will be the best tool to use whilst studying for history, as you will need to remember quite a lot of dates and places along with key information about them.

Use them whenever you can, but most importantly during revision and final days, you will not have a lot of time to read chapters just before exams. So, notes will do what textbooks can do but in a much shorter and easier format.

Also, remember to make notes as customised and in a creative way. This will enable you to be motivated to create notes.

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NCERT books are going to be your best friend when preparing for this exam. They are from the government, and since the UPSC is also a government body, most questions will be based on NCERT books.

Another advantage is that it is available widely and at a very affordable price. They do not overcharge on the price of the books and you can find plenty of supplies online for NCERT.

With the pandemic, the NCERT books can be found for free online. So make use of that and download scanned copies!


The civil service exam is considered to be among the hardest exams in the country or even the world. It is rightly said so! That does not mean it cannot be done tho.

The exam has three parts, the prelims, the mains and the personal interview round.

The prelims round has 2 question papers. Each carries 200 marks.

The mains exam paper contains 9 question papers. (don’t worry, that is the correct number!)

If students get qualifying marks in all the papers, then they will be called for a personal interview where they will be tested and deemed to be fit or not as a civil servant.


How to start preparing for IAS? If you are interested in becoming an IAS officer, then this article is best suited for you! You can learn about the IAS promotion chart and an IAS officer’s salary depending on the IAS promotion chart.

Since income is a key factor whilst deciding on a career, this post should help you in clearing any doubts or should help you to understand how the pay system works for IAS officers.

Along with that, the article talks about the basics of how to become an IAS officer. If you wish to get the best guidance and support from experts, you should visit the UPSC Pathshala website. It is the best platform for your civil service preparation. Hope the article is helpful! All the best!

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