On November 4th, the Quad states held a high-level senior official meeting in Bangkok (Thailand) on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit. Differences across the Quad countries appear to have reduced in recent years.

The establishment of rules of the road, free, freedom of navigation and overflight, open, and inclusive regional architecture, and ASEAN centrality are all mentioned frequently.

The QUAD Group, also known as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD), is an informal strategic group made up of Japan, India, Australia, and the US. Because of the current geopolitical scenario in the world, it is a grouping that is regularly seen in the news these days. As a result, it is a crucial topic for the UPSC test.


#The Prime Minister spoke during the QUAD’s inaugural summit of leaders (Quadrilateral Framework). On a virtual platform, the United States hosted the gathering.

#The QUAD ministerial summit in February 2021 reviewed challenges across the Indo-Pacific, including the military takeover in Myanmar.

#The conference focused on urgent issues such as Covid-19, climate change, and emerging technology.

Important Takeaways from the Vaccine Partnership’s First Leaders’ Summit:

#To combat the pandemic, they agreed to ensure “equitable” access to immunizations.

#They agreed on a proposal to pool their manufacturing capabilities, financial resources, and logistical capabilities.

#The vaccine programme, which India has praised, will be funded by the United States, Japan, and Australia.

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UPSC Exam Notes: Countries Stand

India’s Stand:

It is bonded by democratic values and will continue to be a crucial foundation of Indo-Pacific stability.

The meet is referred to as a continuation of the ancient Indian philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ which views the entire world as one family.

Australia’s Stand:

The grouping might represent the start of a new, permanent, and powerful regional grouping of democratically aligned countries.

USA and Japan’s Stand

USA’s Stand:

It is a chance to collaborate on issues such as economics, technology, climate change, and security. It is not a military alliance or a counterpart to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The QUAD agenda prioritises maritime security, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief.

In the Indo-Pacific area, it will be a crucial forum for collaboration.

Japan’s Stand:

Recognized the new dynamism that dialogue has gained as a result of the meeting of the member countries’ top leaders.

It will work hard to achieve a free and open Indo Pacific, as well as make a tangible contribution to the region’s peace, stability, and development, including overcoming Covid-19.

UPSC Preparation Notes

The QUAD Group is an informal strategic conversation between Australia, Japan, India, and the United States. The common goal is to maintain an open, free, and wealthy Indo-Pacific area. All members of the QUAD Group meet on a semi-regular basis for information exchanges, summits, talks, and military training.

It’s seen as a grouping of marine democracies. Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is credited for conceiving the Group in 2007. However, it may be traced back to the 2004 Tsunami, when India, along with the United States, Japan, and Australia, performed relief and rescue activities for itself and neighbouring countries.

Some More Points

The move was timed to coincide with the multinational military exercise ‘Malabar,’ which brought together India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and the United States on an unprecedented scale. China has issued formal diplomatic protests to the members. Then, likely owing to Chinese pressure, Australia withdrew from the group.

In 2012, Abe proposed Asia’s “Democratic Security Diamond,” which would include the United States, Japan, India, and Australia, to safeguard the maritime commons from the Indian Ocean to the Western Pacific. The first official talks under the dialogue, however, took place in Manila, Philippines, in 2017.

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QUAD Group Guiding Principles

The Group’s goal is to keep the Indo-critical Pacific’s important water lanes free of foreign control (read Chinese influence).

#It is viewed as a strategic alliance aimed at preventing and reducing Chinese dominance.

#Its main goals are to maintain a rules-based global order, a liberal economic system, and freedom of passage.

#Its goal is to limit a “rising China” and to counteract its exploitative trade and economic policies.

#The QUAD also serves as a source of alternative debt financing for countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

QUAD Group Significance

Given the rising military engagements and the matrix of trilateral and bilateral interactions among the members of the Group, analysts argue that characterising the QUAD merely as a bureaucratic-level foreign-ministry-led conversation that meets on occasion may not be accurate.

It is thought that if Chinese aggressions on India’s borders intensify, India will be able to enlist the help of the other members to oppose the Chinese. India can use its naval front (as opposed to the continental front, which is surrounded by Pakistan and China) to conduct strategic explorations in the Indo-Pacific area.


Japan, India, and Australia can lead in infrastructure initiatives, while the United States must also be more proactive in advancing the connectivity objective. The Quad should concentrate on establishing a strong regional dialogue framework and coordinating with ASEAN members on regional concerns.

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