UPSC is the department of government that is responsible for conducting Civil service Exams in the country. Every year around ten lakhs of people apply for the UPSC Civil Service Exam. The Indian government system runs on an adequate administration system and civil service is the backbone of it. There are lots of posts in UPSC, but IAS is the core service that is responsible for administering all departments of the State and Central administration. After clearing the exam rank wise post are allotted for taking charge of the posts.

The UPSC conducts the exam for the post of IAS, IPS, and IFS. However, only a handful of candidates clear the exam. There is a certain number of vacancies reserved for physically disabled persons. This civil service exam covers 24 services, including IAS, IPS, IFS, Group A, Group B, etc. The salaries are different for different posts, depending upon the candidate’s role and assigned service post.

Overview of Rank and Post Allotment

The UPSC civil service exam rank decides the service and the department the candidate will be assigned. However, during the interview, the candidate is also asked for selecting the services as per their preferences. It is also observed that the higher the UPSC rank, the more the candidate gets from the post of their choice.

However, rank wise post in UPSC also adopts the reservation system. The Government of India has agreed to provide reservation for weaker section of society for the UPSC and other jobs. Several reservations are based on age, the number of attempts, fees, etc., for SC/ST/OBC candidates.

Allocation of Top Services & Cut-off Marks

The services are given to IAS candidate based on the rank, vacancy of the post, and the category the candidate belongs to. This rank wise post in UPSC will provide a clear idea to the candidates about the positions and help them target a particular service. It will enable the candidates to reach their goal.

The UPSC rank required for IAS is different for candidates belonging to various categories. So, if you are an OBC student, you can target getting a rank of at least 450 to get into the IAS. But, for the general category, the UPSC students should score the UPSC rank above 90 to get in the IAS. If the candidates belonging to the general category has secured the UPSC rank below 90, they get the chance of becoming an IAS officer. However, the last rank of the candidates from each category declared for UPSC Civil services 2018 is as below:

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The Last Rank Held by the Candidate for IAS

#. General was 92

#. OBC was 457

#. SC was 492

#. ST was 528

However, for IFS last rank held by candidates was

#. 134 for general category

#. 450 for OBC

#. 468 for SC

#. 603 for ST

If you want to know more about the eligibility criteria and other recruitment processes, do check UPSC Pathshala. The entire UPSC exam process appears to be mentally exhausting, and many candidates cannot clear the exam. But those who have cleared the UPSC exam, prepared for all types of outcomes.

Types of Jobs Based on UPSC Rank

There are three broad categories of jobs through the civil service exam. There are services are All India Civil Services, Group A Services or Central Services, Group B services or State services Under these three broad categories, the prestigious services lie for which candidates are running after is All India Civil Services. Sometimes, the top-ranking candidates do not opt for the top list service, such as IAS, IFS, IPS, etc., but opt for a field such as IRS, Group A services, Group B services depending upon their preferences.

The prestigious services like IAS, IPS, and IFS come under the All India Civil Services. Group A Services includes IRS, Defence Accounts Service, Indian Postal Service, Indian Civil Accounts Service, Indian Railway Traffic Service, Indian Railway Accounts Service, Indian Railway Personnel Service, RPF service, Indian Defence Estate service, and Indian Corporate law Service. Group B services include Armed forces Headquarters civil service, UT civil service, UT Police service, Pondicherry civil service, and Pondicherry Police service.

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Posts in IAS

The cabinet secretary is the top-most post and senior civil officer of India’s government. The cabinet secretary is known to be the eleventh rank in the Indian order of priorities. He/she is under the direct responsibility of PM and is designated for two years.

The role of the cabinet secretary is to run the business transactions in government departments smoothly. He/she also ensures decision-making responsibilities by maintaining ministerial coordination and bridging the gap between departments. There are various posts in IAS, starting from sub-divisional Magistrate in the district to Cabinet secretary. However, the post may differ from state to state due to local administration.

Post in IFS

Foreign Secretary is considered to be the highest post in IFS. He has to serve as the chief secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs.He/she has to present before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. He/she is also given the responsibilities of appointing officials under the Ministry of External Affairs.

Post in IPS

DGP is the highest post in IPS and normally he is the head of the state police for each and every state. The salary of DGP is Rs.80000 per month.

Tips to Get a Higher Rank

You should devote the final days of the UPSC exam to reading and revising the notes prepared for the exam. The main aim of preparing for the exam is to improve your strengths and focus on your weaknesses. Thus, such a terrific strategy for revision works better than merely re-reading notes. Therefore, it is best advised to do some more optimistic group revisions. So, devise a study pattern according to your preference, and stay away from changing your study patterns for no good reason. Mindset plays a vital role in any exam. Create study notes and make a habit of writing on paper. Draw a circle around relevant questions.


The civil service exam can be a great experience that can lead to removing doubts and panic. However, the syllabus is lengthy, but you have to devise a study plan to clear the exam. It is also common among UPSC candidates to get confused with the right post. They get confused between the posts such as IAS, IPS and IFS. All the posts are unique, and these services give you the chance to serve the country and earn a lot of respect. However, you can prepare well with the help of UPSC Pathshala and achieve your dream job of becoming an IAS officer. You can serve the country after becoming an IAS officer. But the first and foremost thing is to prepare well for the UPSC exam. You can take your preparation by enrolling on one of the best online UPSC classes. You will get expert guidance from your mentor.

How UPSC Pathshala can Help?

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