The UPSC exam calendar for 2021 has been released. Even though the 2020 exams have yet to be conducted, the official date list is out. The UPSC new calendar is also available on the official website of UPSC.

There are two UPSC 2021 exam dates. One for prelims and one for mains.

According to the UPSC CSE 2021 calendar, the prelims exam will be on 27.06.21 which is a Sunday. The final date for applying for the exam is 3.03.21. The students will be notified about it on 12.02.21 so you will have about three weeks to apply for the prelims exam.

The mains exam which will last for 5 days will commence from 17.09.21 according to the new UPSC calendar.

UPSC Revised Calendar

With the CoronaVirus Pandemic, the mains and prelims exam of 2020 could not be held. Due to that, the exams have been postponed and the UPSC 2021 exam date calendar contains the UPSC Revised Calendar.

The UPSC revised calendar has given two dates. One for mains and one for prelims. The prelims were conducted on 4.10.20 and a lot of people had appeared for the exam. If things are getting better, the mains exam will be conducted on 8.01.21 but this too depends on the situation.

Creating Time Table

Now that the IAS exam 2021 date is released, create a timetable that will help you to study. It is very important to have a timetable as this will enable you to practice regularly and will create a sense of self-discipline and motivation towards your goal. The IAS exam 2021 date is closer than you really think it is.

Do not panic though, there are ways to cope up. You can create a timetable like this. The timetable is very mixed, gives all the requirements like current affairs and practice tests importance and also has sufficient breaks.

If that time table doesn’t suit you, make changes to it or use it as a base to create another time table but remember balance is a key. Do not overwork yourself.

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Sample Time Table

The following time table is a very simple time table and should suit everyone. Like said before feel free to make any changes and make sure it suits you well.

  1. Wake up  by 8 am
  2. Get ready, have your tea and read the newspaper and write down important news
  3. After you are groomed, study from 9: 30 am to 12 pm. A good session focus on the general studies portion
  4. Eat lunch and rest till 2 PM.
  5. The afternoon session depends on how you feel, either take a mock test or practice more. Let the session be from 2- 4 30
  6. From 4 30 to 5 30 get your rest, evening snacks and be ready for a test session or study session depending on step 5.
  7. Finish your session by 7 and call it an end.
  8. Relax out and try sleeping by 11, get a revision of the day before you hit the bed.

Tips for Great Time Table

What makes a timetable perfect? The fact that you accommodate all your needs into it. Like playing a sport, watching tv or anything that you like. It is not about creating a short term hack but creating a long-term effect so that you can enjoy it too.

Add everything you like to the timetable, but control the moderation. Remember what the key reason or key goal is and then add your guilty pleasures around it. Like mentioned before, balance is the key.

So feel free to create your own timetable but just make sure that you stick to it and start immediately Time is ticking.

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Tips for Exam Preparation

  • Follow your time table. Stay disciplined towards it and do not make it too easy for yourself
  • Put in the hard work. No matter what work hard, results will follow.
  • Be an all-rounder, do not overstress yourself.
  • Take mock tests. One month before your exams, it is advised to take at least 1 to 2 tests every week. This will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keep up with current affairs, since it is very for an IAS aspirant. Read reliable newspapers for this.
  • Solving previous years papers. This helps you understand how questions are framed and how you can answer with maximum efficiency.


The UPSC exam calendar 2021 is out. Start preparing if you have not already. Your syllabus is very wide, and it is time to step up and get going. Do not freak out though. You are given tips on how to approach your exam and also sample timetables that can help you whilst preparing. Use it to your advantage and get going today. Work hard and keep going. All the best!

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