Sample of IAS Officer’s Salary Slip: IAS Officer Salary Break-Up

Being an IAS aspirant, many already have knowledge about the salary earned by an IAS officer. Now, what a good deal of people may not know how an IAS officer’s salary slip looks like. Go through the attached sample of IAS officer’s salary slip in order to understand the salary break up.

Sample of IAS Officer's Salary Slip

Break-Up of the Salary

As you can see that the above slip is of 10th pay level IAS officer. There is a transport allowance given, along with daily allowance and HRA.

The payslip is completely new, meaning it is based on the 7th pay commission. The DA, TA, HRA is added to the salary and deductions are made like tax, CGHS( central government health scheme), etc. After deduction of all that accordingly the Net pay is given to the officer.

This is the break up of an IAS officer’s salary.  An IAS officer’s training period salary is less due to all the hostel expenses. They do not earn a lot but will start to earn after their first year.

Pay Grade

There are different pay grades in the UPSC pay scale and it depends on the number of years spent in the office. The pay scales are:

  • Junior Scales (0-4 years)
  • Senior Scales (4-9 years)
  • Senior Time Scale (4+ years)
  • Junior Administrative Grade (9+ years)
  • Selection Grade (13+ years)
  • Super times Scale(16+ years)
  • Above Super Time Scale(25+ years)

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Perks Given

Along with high salary, IAS officers are also given many perks.  They get provident fund, gratuity, medical expenses are covered, transportation, accommodation by government, bodyguards and assistants.

They also get retirement benefits.

The job of an IAS officer is very respectable and has a high demand in the Indian society. Many people become an IAS officer just for better life opportunities and yes, IAS does offer that.


Knowing the salary of an IAS officer is pretty common knowledge, but knowing about the payslip is not easy.

This article supplies a sample of IAS officer’s salary slip and breaks down the salary slip of an IAS officer. Learn the different kinds of allowances like daily allowance, transport allowance, and HRA. The salary of an IAS officer depends on the post he or she holds and the amount of time they have spent on the job. There are different pay grades depending on just the number of years that exist.

Along with high salaries, IAS officers also receive great perks. These perks act as an incentive to them and also encourages overall development. The job of an IAS officer is one of the most prestigious titles and the workload is equivalent! Wishing all the aspiring candidates best of luck for their attempts.

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Sample of IAS Officer's Salary Slip: IAS Officer Salary Break-Up
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