How to prepare for UPSC in 6 months? Well, you need at least 6 months to complete the vast syllabus of UPSC and to catch up with current affairs. The steps to complete your preparation within this time are given in this article.

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How to Prepare for UPSC in 6 Months?

If you want to prepare for the toughest examination conducted in India in 6 Months, the best information for you is given below. If you follow the given steps, you will be able to complete your subjects and syllabus on time. Let’s acknowledge all the subjects and timetable to prepare for the exam completely in 6 months. Check out the given table below.

Month Subjects/Topics to be covered
1st Month History (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern)

Art and culture

2nd Month Indian Polity


3rd Month Science and Technology


4th Month Geography

Economic Survey


Practice Mock Tests

5th Month India Year Book – Important Facts

Indian Budget Highlights


Practice Mock Tests


6th Month Revision

Practice Mock Tests


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How to Start Preparing for IAS?

How to start preparing for UPSC? Well, this is the most asked question because the candidates don’t understand the process to start preparing for the toughest examination. Well, checking the previous year’s question paper can provide you with a transparent plan concerning what to expect in the prelims and mains examination also.

Even if you’re reaching to appear in the government officials test for the first time, or it’s your second or third attempt. Go through the past 10 years’ paper a minimum of once before beginning your preparation.

Plenty of queries are asked directly from the NCERT within the UPSC Prelims exam therefore rewriting the NCERT books should be your top priority for the last six months.

You can additionally think about NCERT notes if you’ve got less time to master all the ideas and probable questions. Generally, fifteen to twenty queries are asked about current affairs. The question of current affairs deals with the happening of the year, therefore specialize in the present affair for a minimum of twelve to fifteen months.

You’ll follow the monthly compilation of current affairs by Youth Destination to urge comprehensive material on current affairs preparation. The candidates should focus only on the mock test in the last 2 months. Recruit in an exceedingly reliable test series with none any delay once the examination is nearer to organize the question well and revise them systematically.

Some candidates neglect the CSAT paper because it simply desires thirty-third for qualifying. However, you must observe the previous year’s queries on quantitative ability and reasoning as a result if you don’t qualify for the CSAT test you’ll not be ready to clear the Prelims examination.

No matter what your score is within the different General Studies papers. Therefore, don’t avoid the CSAT paper. Provide a minimum of a month to organize it completely.

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How to Start Preparing for UPSC?

Although the Prelims exam is qualifying in nature, specializing in a correct strategy should be the primary and vital step that will lead you to the civil service main exam. Several work institutes provide a prelims preparation course. This course is meant particularly for candidates who need a fast revision of the course.

You’ll enrol during this subject-specific course for a targeted guideline in an exceedingly specific subject. Students will talk to our course counsellor to urge additional info concerning the government officials’ test preparation. Make certain your basics should be sufficiently well-developed once you begin UPSC preparation.

You can not afford to waste one day whereas making ready in half a dozen months for the civil service examination. You must be clear enough in your mind concerning the book list, strategy, priorities, and everything else.

Try and minimize your own mistakes and learn from mistakes created by others. You’ll scan the interview of toppers and neglect the mistakes that candidates usually create. Have a profound study of History, Geography, Economy, and International relations.

You must be assured enough concerning clearing this examination because merely once you believe one thing then nothing will stop you from obtaining that. Therefore you’ll be stubborn and arrogant concerning the civil service examination. You must place your best for UPSC preparation if you want to clear it in six months.

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So now that you know how to start preparing for IAS, you should visit the UPSC Pathshala website if you wish to crack the UPSC examination because this is the best platform to reach your maximum potential.

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