Are you looking for IAS GK questions? Then this article will give you a few sample GK questions that will help you to improve the score of GK questions for the IAS exam.

UPSC GK questions are generally based on current affairs. These current affairs play a very important role in the exam. The UPSC general knowledge questions are not only for IAS exams but for each and every exam that the UPSC has to offer

So let’s check out some UPSC GK questions.

UPSC General Knowledge Questions and Answers

The UPSC holds a preliminary examination to select aspirants for the main examination. Questions and facts from history, political science, geography, science, economy, literature, and current events are contained in General Knowledge, or as it is commonly referred to as General Studies or GK.

Set of 5 Questions and Answers

Question 1

Q1. Which river among the following starts its Journey and ends its journey in India itself?





Ans- Chambal

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Question 2

Q2. The dam Krishna Raja Sagara is located in which state?

Andhra Pradesh


Tamil Nadu


Ans- Karnataka

Question 3

Q3. Which day is known as World Pneumonia Day?

December 21

March 7

September 3

November 12

Ans-  November 12

Question 4

Q4. What is the minimum age to be a Chief Minister of any state in India?

30 years

18 years

25 years

21 years

Ans- 25 years

Question 5

Q5. In which year was the late Shri. Pranab Mukherjee awarded the Bharat Ratna?





Ans- 2019

Set of another 5

Question 6

Q6. Which statement is true among the following?

The ratio of the length to the height of the flag is 3:2

The ratio of the length to the height of the flag is 2:3

The ratio of the length to the height of the flag is 3:3

None of the above

Ans- The ratio of the length to the height of the flag is 3:2

Question 7

Q7. According to the Global Hunger Index, which among the following regions has the highest hunger and undernutrition levels in the world?

Africa South of Sahara

South Asia

Option 1 and 2


Ans-  Option 1 and 2. Meaning, Africa south of Shara and South Asia are the regions that have the highest hunger and undernutrition in the world.

Question 8

Q8. Which state of India is called the Land of Five Rivers?





Ans- Punjab. This is because there are five rivers flowing through the state of Punjab.

Question 9

Q9. With changes in the education policy, the 10+2 system was abolished and replaced by which system by the NEP 2020?





Ans-  5+3+3+4.

Question 10

Q10. Which ion is the most dissolved in ocean water?





Ans- Chlorine

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IAS Level GK Questions on Polity

Questions 1 to 3

1.Which house is also known as the Council of States?

(A) Rajya Sabha

(B) Lok Sabha

(C) Both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

(D) None of the above

Ans- Rajya Sabha

2. What is the meaning of the term secular that is written in the Preamble of India’s Constitution?

(A) The government protects the interest of a single religion

(B) All the religions are equal in front of the law

(C) No religion is allowed in the country

(D) Only the religion of minorities matter

Ans- All the religions are equal in front of the law.

3. Elections for the Parliament are conducted by whom in India?

(A) The President

(B) The Prime Minister

(C) The Election Commission of India

(D) State election commission

Ans- The Election Commission of India

Question 4 and 5

The President of India can nominate how many people into the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha?

10 for RS and 4 for LS

9 for RS and 5 for LS

2 for RS and 12 for LS

None of the above

Ans- None of the above. The President of India can nominate 12 people into Rajya Sabha whereas 2 people into the Lok Sabha


Under which article of the Indian Constitution are the provisions of the electoral commission provided?

Article 15 to Article 30

Article 238 to Article 250

Article 324 to Article 329

Article 45 to Article 50

Ans- Article 324 to Article 329

Question 6 and 7

Which among the following statements is false?

A candidate belonging to Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe can contest from the general reservation and not just the reserved seat

If a member of either house votes against the direction of his or her political party, they may be disqualified

To become a member of Lok Sabha one must be at least 24 years of age.

A candidate can hold only a single post at a time.

Ans- Become a member of Lok Sabha one must be at least 24 years of age. This is not true, the minimum age to be qualified to be a member of Lok Sabha is 25 years.


Which of the following is a compulsory criterion to become a Rajya Sabha member?

He or she must be from a commerce background

The candidate can hold profit earned by the office

The candidate must be of 25 years of age

None of the above

Ans- The candidate must be of 25 of age to be eligible.

Question 8

Who has given a statement that the preamble of the Indian Constitution is “ The Keynote of the Constitution.”?

Ernest Barker

Mahatma Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Manmohan Singh

Ans- Ernest Barker

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IAS General Knowledge Sample Questions 1 to 3

Question 1

Which statement is true about hurricanes from the following?

Hurricanes have a low pressure centre also called as the eye of the cyclone, a closed atmosphere and strong winds

It is a violent storm that is generated over tropical or subtropical waters

Hurricanes only occur during winter

Both 1 and 2

Ans- Both 1 and 2

Question 2

What was the theme of world environment day celebrated in India in 2018?

Think. Eat. Save

I’m with nature

Beat Plastic Pollution

None of the above options

Ans- Beat plastic pollution

Question 3

The term El Nino is derived from which European language?





Ans- Spanish

Question from 4 to 7

Question 4

The term La Nina is derived from which European language?





Ans- Spanish

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Question 5

Which para-athlete won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in the recently announced National Sports Award 2020?

Dutee Chand

Shri Mariyappan


None of the above

Ans- Shri Mariyappan

Question 6

Shri Kale Sarika Sudhakar had recently won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in the year 2020. Which sport discipline does she belong to?




None of the above options

Ans- None of the above options. Shri Kale Sarika Sudhakar is an Indian Kho-Kho player.

Question 7

Which of the following rivers is not part of ‘Panchad’?

The Chenab

The Ravi

The Indus

The Jhelum

Ans-  Indus river.

Questions from 8 to 10

Question 8

How does the Coronavirus disease spread?

When an infected person sneezes or coughs and the droplets from the infected person come into contact with a healthy person

Coronavirus can spread through touching the droplets directly or indirectly

Coronavirus can spread if social distancing is not maintained and masks are not used by either the infected or healthy person.

All the above options

Ans- All the above options.

Question 9

What was the ‘Teen Khatiya’ practice during the British rule in India?

Mandatory farming of Indigo plants

Tax system laid on farmers

Voting procedure for election to the parliament

Food tax paid by everyone of the country

Ans- Mandatory farming of Indigo plants

Question 10

Where do tropical cyclones occur?

Tropical cyclones occur in or near desserts

Tropical cyclones occur in oceans near the equator

Tropical cyclones occur in tropical areas

Tropical cyclones occur all around the world

Ans- Tropical cyclones occur in oceans near the equator

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Most-Asked Questions in 2019

Question 1

What was ‘Petrograd’ called before the year 1914?

  1. Helsinki
  2. Volgograd
  3. Tallinn
  4. St. Petersburg

Answer: St. Petersburg

Question 2

Who was the propaganda minister of Hitler?

  1. Heinrich Himmler
  2. Paul Joseph Goebbels
  3. Eva Braun
  4. Adolf Hitler

Answer: Paul Joseph Goebbels

Question 3

Where is the Serengeti National Park situated?

  1. Zanzibar
  2. Namibia
  3. Tanzania
  4. Botswana

Answer: Tanzania

Question 4

When did India enter Test cricket?

  1. 1932
  2. 1947
  3. 1946
  4. 1935

Answer: 1932

Question 5

Which battle established British supremacy in India

  1. The Battle of Plassey
  2. The Battle of Wandiwash
  3. The Battle of Saragarhi
  4. The Battle of Mysore

Answer: The Battle of Plassey

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Question 6

The city known as the ‘Fabled city of gold’?

  1. Bristol
  2. New York
  3. El Dorado
  4. Rio de Janeiro

Answer: El Dorado

Question 7

Which body is involved in selecting The Chairman of public sector banks?

  1. Securities and Exchange Board of India
  2. Banks Board Bureau
  3. Indian Banks’ Association
  4. Reserve Bank of India

Answer: Banks Board Bureau

Question 8

Which of these is not an asset of a commercial bank of India

  1. Bills Discounted
  2. Government Securities with One Year or Less to Maturity
  3. Loans and Advances
  4. Deposits

Answer: Deposits

How Important is Current Affairs?

To answer the majority of these questions, it is very important to have good control over current affairs.

Candidates should regularly practice for current affairs. If possible, current affairs should be practiced or studied daily.

The best way to practice or study for current affairs is by reading the newspaper, but with a change in technology, blogs and videos on current affairs have started to become the go-to source for many candidates.

Give current affairs equal importance in your timetable, and good scores will definitely follow. Stay disciplined towards this too.

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Why Sample Questions are Important?

These IAS GK questions and answers are just sample questions. These questions are just created to help candidates know their progress or know their knowledge.

Use these sample questions to your advantage. If you cannot answer all questions, do not worry. Instead of worrying or being harsh on yourself, create adjustments in your timetable in such a way that you can revise the topics you did not do well in.

Keep revising more than reading sources, as this will help you to clear your weaknesses and will keep all information up to date in your mind.

How to Study GK for UPSC?

#As you read, take notes. During revision, it is impossible to return to the textbooks. #Notes should be so detailed that you won’t need to refer to the textbook again once you’ve finished.

#Study-Test-Improve-Revise should be the basic approach.

#Use no guides, standard study materials, or NCERT textbooks.

#Continue to check UPSC previous year papers to see if you missed any topics.

#Make sure you are ready for the subjective papers ( i.e mains). As you make descriptive notes, jot down additional facts for the prelims. Prelims are an unavoidable evil.


Are you looking for IAS GK questions? Then this article provides you with 28 sample questions for IAS GK questions.

Use these IAS GK questions to your best advantage by practising and knowing your progress. These sample questions are not predicted questions for your UPSC exam and are just based on the exam pattern.

Keep practising for current affairs daily, as most of these questions and most questions for the exam come from current affairs in the UPSC general knowledge exam paper. Ensure you give enough time every day in your timetable for current affairs.

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