H.V. Anirudh is impressed by Pathshala’s mentorship

Hi, my name is H.V.Anirudh. I am an undergraduate student, currently pursuing chemical engineering. I have enrolled in one of the courses offered by UPSC Pathshala. My mentor is Chandan Singh Yadav sir and i am very comfortable in studying with him as it has helped me to progress and get better understanding of concepts. I improved under his guidance and gained confidence which will surely help me while appearing for the exam.
I came to know about UPSC Pathshala by online referring for the best UPSC online coaching. One of the searches landed me to the UPSC Pathshala page. I watched the sample videos, the test papers provided, their methodology of teaching to their students, understood the reasons why online coaching is better than the offline one and I was pretty much convinced which further let me to sign in. After having a conversation with one of the people from their side, I was confident enough to join the institute in order to prepare for the exam and I must say that my decision proved to be right.
My mentor is very flexible, that is, he always opts for video calls and phone calls according to my schedule. As he knows that I am an engineering student, he sets my time table in such a way that it becomes really convenient and easy for me to focus on both the things and give time to both the aspects. He tells me the dos and the don’ts which I am supposed to follow. This sets in a list of regulations which helps me in being disciplined and also makes sure that I complete my daily tasks. Also, he is very patient. He adjusts the schedule whenever I am not available to attend his lecture and makes sure that all of my doubts are solved. In literal terms, he is an amazing mentor who is more of a guide and helps me to bring out the best in me.
The videos provided with the course material are very explicit. It becomes easier to study from the videos as it reduces the study material and is a better mode of studying than reading the textbooks. My favorite subject turned out to be History. The History videos provided, made the subject a whole lot better and grabbed my interest.
UPSC Pathshala is a better way of studying and it made my life much easier. I have already recommended about the same to my other friends who are UPSC aspirants.