Bharat, a student of UPSC Pathshala is overwhelmed with the online UPSC preparation portal. He finds this platform a great interactive one. 

He says, “UPSC Pathshala is a great interactive platform. Especially for working professionals who don’t have time to attend physical classes.”

Bharat is very happy with the mentorship he got. He adds, “UPSC Pathshala provides best interaction with the mentors and each student will be assigned with the individual mentor who guides like which books to study, what all books to study and how to study. And he will even correct you with all your mistakes and all so this will have a complete package like stuff. So it will be very helpful for working professionals especially.”

Bharat explains, “Actually I enrolled for the one to one coaching, that is every student will be assigned for a single mentor wherein they will be having weekly classes and discussions and will be doing the answer writing and they will be correcting it.”

On asking his take on this online UPSC preparation portal, he says, “I definitely recommend UPSC Pathshala because this kind of platform, it is very rare.”