Varsha is full of praises for UPSC Pathshala. She believes that her study plan got a new direction after joining UPSC Pathshala.

Varsha says, “Before I was preparing for  UPSC but there was no direction, it was like I didn’t have any plan for that. After using UPSC Pathshala, they give me a study plan which I should go according. So I got a proper schedule to study and I can also manage my other studies with that, so this is how it is helping me.”

When asked about what she likes the most about this online UPSC preparation portal, she says, “The mentor is, like the mentor can directly concentrate on you. Rather than in classes where there are so many students where there is no concentration on a single student. So in this UPSC Pathshala, you can have a direct one to one contact. So this is the best thing about this.”

A satisfied Varsha excitedly shares that she will definitely recommend this online portal to everyone whoever is thinking about cracking UPSC.