The Combined Medical Services Examination (CMSE) is held every year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to shortlist candidates for medical officer positions. Along with the formal notice of the combined medical services examination, the UPSC CMS Syllabus 2022 will be given. The UPSC CMS 2022 notice will be released in May 2022, according to the official statement (tentative).

For the upcoming Combined Medical Services test in 2022, candidates should get their hands on the top UPSC CMS Books. These publications will assist you in preparing for the 500-point Computer Based Examination, which is separated into two sections. More information can be found in the following article.

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The UPSC CMS test is divided into two phases, with aspirants required to pass each step. The UPSC CMS selection procedure should be understood by aspirants. Paper I and Paper II are the two papers in the part I exam. In the paper I exam, candidates must answer 120 questions from Paediatrics and General Medicine. 

Aspirants get questions on the paper II exam such as Preventive & Social Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, and must answer a total of 120 questions.

The personality test’s part II syllabus includes general knowledge and awareness, as well as critical and analytical skills. Aside from that, the personality test will look at social behaviour, mental alertness, and character integrity.

How to Prepare for UPSC CMS 2022?

Syllabus of General Medicine


Respiratory diseases






Metabolic disorders

Infections/Communicable Diseases








Nutrition/ Growth

Diseases of the skin (Dermatology)

Musculoskeletal System



Emergency Medicine

Common Poisoning


Tropical Medicine

Critical Care Medicine

Emphasis on medical procedures

Pathophysiological basis of diseases

Vaccines preventable diseases and Non-vaccines preventable diseases

Vitamin deficiency diseases

In psychiatry consists – anxiety, depression, bipolar diseases, psychosis, and Schizophrenia.

Syllabus of Paediatrics

Common childhood emergencies,

Basic newborn care,

Normal developmental milestones,

Accidents and poisonings in children,

Birth defects and counselling including autism,

Immunization in children,

Recognizing children with special management and needs, and

National programs related to child health

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Syllabus of Surgery





Blood vessels

Cysts/ sinuses

Head and neck


Alimentary tract






Bile, Liver, Pancreas



Abdominal wall

Abdominal injuries

Urological Surgery

Neuro Surgery

Otorhinolaryngology E.N.T.

Thoracic surgery

Orthopaedic surgery




Diagnosis and management of common surgical ailments

Pre-operative and post-operative care of surgical patients

Medicolegal and ethical issues of surgery

Wound healing

Fluid and electrolyte management in surgery

Shock pathophysiology and management.

Syllabus of Obstetrics

Ante-natal conditions

Intra-natal conditions

Post-natal conditions

Management of normal labours or complicated labour

Syllabus of Gynaecology

Questions on applied anatomy

Questions on applied physiology of fertilization and menstruation

Questions on infections in the genital tract

Questions on neoplasm in the genital tract

Questions on the displacement of the uterus

Normal delivery and safe delivery practices

High-risk pregnancy and management


Intra-Uterine growth retardation

Medicolegal examination in Gynae and body including Rape.

Syllabus of Family Planning

Conventional contraceptives

U.D. and oral pills

The operative sterilization, procedure, and organization of programs in the urban and rural surroundings

Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Syllabus of Preventive Social and Community Medicine

Social and Community Medicine

Concept of Health, Disease and Preventive Medicine

Health Administration and Planning

General Epidemiology

Demography and Health Statistics

Communicable Diseases

Environmental Health

Nutrition and Health

Non-communicable diseases

Occupational Health

Genetics and Health

International Health

Medical Sociology and Health Education

Maternal and Child Health

National Programmes

Management of common health problems

Ability to monitor national health programs

Knowledge of maternal and child wellness

Ability to investigate, recognize, plan, report, and manage community health problems including malnutrition and emergencies

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UPSC CMS Books for Paper 1

Books Author/Publisher
Human Anatomy B.D.Chaurasia
Human Embryology Inderbir Singh
Pathologic Basis of Disease Robbins
Biochemistry U. Satyanarayana
Textbook of Pathology Harsh Mohan
Essentials of Forensic medicine and Toxicology Dr K S Narayan Reddy
Preventive and Social Medicine K Park
Medical Parasitology D.R.Arora
Elsevier Comprehensive Guide to Combined Medical Services Rajeev Kumar(Elsevier India)
Rapid Digest UPSC Combined Medical Services Examination N/A
CBS Combined Medical Services UPSC Entrance Examination Paperback M. S. Bhatia

UPSC CMS Books for Paper 2

Books Author/Publication
Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Dr Neena Khanna
Clinical Methods in Medicine Chugh
Practical Aspects of Pediatrics Dr Mayoor K Chheda
Medicine: Prep Manual for Undergraduates Aggarwal Praveen & George K. Mathew
Emergency Medicine S N Chugh

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UPSC CMS Exam Date 2022

Release of the Notification 06 April 2022
Availability of application form 06 April 2022
Last day to fill the application form 26 April 2022
Admit card June 2022
Computer-Based Exam Date 17 July 2022
Result of CBE August 2022

Exam Pattern

Paper 1 (Written exam)

Subject Number of Question
General Medicine 96
Pediatrics 24
Total 120

Paper 2 (Written exam)

Subject Number of Questions
Gynaecology & Obstetrics 40
Surgery 40
Preventive & Social Medicine 40
Total 120

UPSC CMS Preparation 

Personality Test:

#For the CMS 2022 personality test, candidates must dress appropriately. Candidates must wear formal attire. Make-up and bright colours are strictly prohibited.

#During the interview, the interviewers will assess the candidates’ honesty. Because the board members will be incredibly experienced and well-trained for the position, do not lie to appease the interviewers.

#Candidates must respond to the questions succinctly and without elaboration.

#While answering the questions, the interviewees must retain their body language and posture.

#Greet the interviewers before and after the interview to demonstrate your politeness.

#Maintain a pleasant attitude and a calm temperament.


MBBS is the minimum academic qualification for UPSC CMS 2022. Candidates must be between the ages of 16 and 32. The written exam will be conducted in a computer-based format. UPSC CMS is not open to ordinary graduates. Candidates must be MBBS to apply for CMS. Hopefully, this article clarified and informed you about exam preparation strategies and books.

It is recommended that candidates do not wait for the results of the Computer Based Test (CBT) test to perform well and demonstrate their worthiness for the position. They might begin early to maintain a good and advanced attitude. They can also participate in mock interviews to become used to the interview environment.

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