Are you interested in becoming an IAS officer? If you are a student who is planning to write the civil service exam then this article talks about a UPSC foundation course that will help you overcome all your difficulties in preparation. Let’s talk about what is a foundation course in UPSC?

Foundation course for UPSC will become the building block for your learning. UPSC foundation courses help you understand the very basics of every subject and will help you in understanding the syllabus well.

Foundation Course for UPSC

Foundation course for UPSC works on the very basic aspects of your course.

It teaches you fundamental skills.

The importance of learning the fundamental skills required from an IAS officer is simple. It helps students get into a mindset that they have to behave like an IAS officer and thus students can start thinking like an IAS officer.

This enables them to study better and also will boost their preparation grade. Students should look to learn the fundamental skills from the foundation course of UPSC so that they can get a better interview score too!

NCERT Preparation

Foundation course for UPSC covers the entire UPSC course syllabus from NCERT. NCERT books are used to cover the UPSC course syllabus for a major reason.

The reason is that most questions are asked from NCERT material. The questions are based on the information provided in the NCERT books.

Best online course for UPSC should focus a lot on NCERT preparation.

Also, remember that NCERT and UPSC are both government bodies. Thus, the chances of getting questions from the NCERT book are very high.

Instead of book learning, UPSC foundation courses will definitely help you understand NCERT topics through video lectures and specialised notes.

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UPSC Course Syllabus

UPSC course syllabus is the same as the UPSC syllabus. The UPSC course syllabus has to cover all the important subjects from general studies.

Most UPSC courses coverS only the syllabus from the general studies subjects. This implies that students may need to look to cover the optional subjects through another course or do it on their own.

Many courses are specialised for only certain optional subjects, this can help students that need help for only certain optional subjects.

Read the UPSC course details carefully before signing up for any program.

Best Course After 12th

The UPSC foundation course is the best course after 12th grade.

UPSC foundation course lays emphasis on the very basics. The basic building blocks are laid down in order to create a high scope of understanding the wide syllabus.

It teaches you the basics that is required in each subject along with training for current affairs.

Students who wish to write the UPSC exam should look to find a suitable foundation course that will help them to understand the basics.

Remember that no building can stand if the base is not strong. So look to improve the base of your preparation before you move to start preparing completely. Check the boxes required and then start moving forward.

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Now that you know that UPSC foundation course is the best course after 12th, you should be able to choose a course in your convenience

The course should fit with your timetable. Students taking the UPSC foundation course need to ensure that they will be able to give the time and efforts required along with their other duties.

Since graduation is a must for being eligible to write the exam, students should ensure that preparation does not affect their college academics.

A lot of thinking should be done before going and purchasing any UPSC pendrive course or any foundation course for UPSC.

UPSC Pendrive Course

The term UPSC Pendrive course might seem a very confusing term. What this means is that pre-recorded videos are given to you in a certain format and students can listen to these pre-recorded lectures and learn.

UPSC Pendrive courses are not like a regular foundation course for UPSC. The classes will be live for the foundation course, and students can also get any doubts cleared immediately.

Live classes will also have a mentor, and this will allow the student to be taught at their own pace. The student need not rush to understand the topics. UPSC pendrive courses are not the best option but it also finally comes down to a personal choice.

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UPSC Course Details

Make sure you read the UPSC course details before you take any foundation course for UPSC. Reading the UPSC course details will allow you to understand how the classes will be headed.

The kind of program they are giving. How that program will help you to score better. There are many factors that come into play when taking up any course.

Students should also look at the worth of the course. Meaning that are they paying a good amount for what they are receiving or are they overpaying for the content.

They should do keen research on the course before entering into any course, not only for better scores but also to be financially safe.

Comparison of Courses

Finding the right foundation course might be a very hectic task. For that, you will need to take some time out before you look into it.

Students should research as much as possible. It is important to know all the best options available to them before making decisions.

Read reviews of every course well in advance and create a list.

Look at all the materials they will provide, the course details, the convenience, the timing and the pricing.

Rank them in a certain order and then go onto reviews. Create a separate list based on the rankings of each course. Compare the two lists and see which foundation course for UPSC has the most similar results.

Pricing Factor

Price is a very important factor in your decision. Many times students select some courses depending on the price itself.

Yes, price should be given importance, but not every time. The quality of content is equally important. Students should look to use online facilities since they are much cheaper, easily available and also very convenient for them.

Online classes will also cut down the cost of coaching and in fact, can prove to be a much better option than offline classes.

The prices should be compared well and make use of any demo class if available, as you can then ascertain the value of the course. Also, ensure that you are looking into many other factors too.

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Accountability Factor

The accountability factor is never talked about. Students should opt for courses that have accountability. Look for the statistics and verify them if you can. Make sure that the promises they give at the time of signing up are followed upon.

Yes, it is impossible for them to make you top if you do not study, but many times you will be charged and forgotten about.

Make sure that students have had good feedback with the course provider and for this, your research is very important.

Use public forums to ask questions or even answer them. Spread awareness to help fellow students across the country.

Study Material

Now, this is the most important aspect of any foundation course for UPSC.

The quality of the study material provided. This will be a factor that decides if it is the best course after 12th for IAS or no.

In simple terms, the course should be able to break down the syllabus into much smaller parts and should be able to help you understand the depths of every topic.

The UPSC course syllabus is very vast and needs a lot of effort to cover. With good study material, it can be done with ease! Remember though, students need to put in a great amount of efforts.

Efforts can never be substituted, so keep working really hard so that you can get good results. Use the free content provided by companies to see if they have the ability to deliver good content when you pay for courses.

Common Misconceptions

Students believe that a course alone can help them pass the UPSC exam. This is a very wrong notion! Students should know that courses are designed to help their preparation.

It is very important that students practice on their own too. The UPSC foundation course just lays down bricks for preparation, but everything else depends on the students themselves.

Constant hard work and dedication are required so that students can get good scores in the exam.

The course is very general and maybe the best thing for you or may not be, but that does not mean it is gone for a toss. Use the course as one of the tools, not the only tool!

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Creating Timetable

Creating a timetable is very important. Students should be able to create a timetable and also follow it.

It takes discipline and willpower to score high in the UPSC exam, so if you can maintain both the qualities in your practice, results will follow.

Create a timetable according to your needs. Understand your capacity and capabilities and know your body requirements of sleep and rest.

Knowing yourself well improves the efficiency of the timetable. Let the timetable be something customised to your body and mind. This should help you in making sure that you can follow the timetable more.

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Foundation Course

UPSC Pathshala is the home to all your UPSC needs. They cover every important aspect related to the UPSC exam and also provide one of the top foundation courses for UPSC.

Students can also avail free demo classes and see if they are satisfied. They also provide free blogs for students to go through and use it in their preparation.

The fees in comparison to most of the courses out there is much lesser and is worth every penny. The mentors will be there to guide you throughout, and the course can be done with your convenience.

Students can check out the testimonials and see the results it has provided in a short term.

Advantages of Selecting UPSC Pathshala

If you think why should UPSC Pathshala be your choice then here are the reason why:

  • They provide more than 400 hours of content of video lectures on skill development, NCERT and current affairs.
  • Live classes to discuss any doubts or create an interaction that will help in deep thinking abilities
  • A detailed day by day study plan will be provided keeping in mind your convenience.
  • Access is available on Phone, PC and even pen drive, thus making it very easy for you to use
  • Pocket friendly. Yes, unlike other websites or companies they do not charge high and also provide high-quality content.

The reasons are many but if you are yet not sure about selecting UPSC Pathshala, book a demo class to satisfy yourself before enrolling.


UPSC Pathshala has launched an app called USPC guru for helping students at the ease of their mobile phones.

Students can download this app and get current affairs updates frequently and will also get updates on their examination.

The app will also give students quick tips that will help in the preparation for many students.

As of now, it is available only for android devices but soon will be launched for iPhone too!

Make sure to make the best of what is available!


If you are an aspirant for the IAS or any UPSC exam, then this article will tell you about the foundation courses many companies offer.

It breaks down the course and talks about the importance of the main factors.

Students should always keep in mind that these courses are one of the tools in your armoury and should not solely depend on courses.

UPSC Pathshala is the one-stop for all your UPSC needs. Students will be monitored by experienced mentors whose main aim is to ensure top results in the exam.

Not only is UPSC Pathshala one of the leading websites for foundation courses but also very pocket friendly. The website does not charge as high as many other companies and also provide top quality content and the results generated in such a short time speak for themselves.

The best part is that even if you are not yet satisfied, you can opt for a demo class to check them out on your own!

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