The Foundation course is a specially designed course to meet the needs of the UPSC candidates. These courses aim to develop the base of the potential aspirants. UPSC CSE is one of the toughest and competitive exams in India. Every year several candidates try their luck and hard work by anticipating this exam. But due to the un-predictive nature of this exam, only a few hundred among thousands of students are selected.

Many students after their graduation start their UPSC preparation. If you are among them then you should surely try a foundation course. But do foundation courses help for UPSC? Let’s find out in this article. Also, find out the best foundation course of IAS at a reasonable price out there.

What is the Foundation Course in UPSC?

Foundation courses are an important aspect of UPSC preparations. This course teaches you fundamental skills. It is specially designed to meet the needs of the UPSC aspirants. UPSC CSE covers a vast syllabus and requires a candidate to have extensive knowledge in each field. This can only be possible by correct implementation of strategy and best use of online available resources.

UPSC CSE Foundation course is one such resource that can help aspirants in a great way. It enables students to develop the fundamental skills for UPSC.

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What does the UPSC Foundation Course Covers?

# It covers the entire syllabus of NCERT. NCERT books are crucial for UPSC preparation as more than 40-60% of questions are directly asked from NCERTs.

# Foundation course covers the entire UPSC syllabus of general studies subjects.

# Students can choose a foundation course according to their needs and requirements.

# Another important aspect of the foundation course is study materials. IT provides you with high-quality study material and helps you to understand the syllabus.

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Why is the Foundation Course important for UPSC Preparation?

Foundation courses are important for all states of UPSC. It covers the materials by experts tutors and teachers and aims to help students to clear their exams in the first attempt. It is an important course for after 12th to build the basic subjects.

UPSC Pathshala Foundation Course: Kickstart Your UPSC Preparation

UPSC Pathshala is a website that is devoted to UPSC solely. It provides various courses for every aspect of UPSC. Moreover, it also provides one of the best foundation courses. Students can avail free demo classes before they buy the course.

This course targets both prelims and mains examination. It has 400+ hours of video content covering GS papers 1,2,3, and 4. And 700 hours of video content in general studies papers, current affairs and CSAT. It also has weekly tests and evaluations to assess the capacity of the students. It also provides you with a mentor to counsel you for your preparation.

Enrol Now for UPSC Foundation Course Batch: UPSC Pathshala Foundation Course

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UPSC Pathshala Foundation Course Details

#1. Course Content

# 400+ hours of video lectures

# Weekly webinar for Current Affairs

# guidance for Interview preparation

# Live classes and discussion

#2. Personal Mentorship

Personal mentorship helps you to develop fundamental skills. It also includes 2 discussion sessions of 30 minutes each every week.

Mentors List

Atul Jain, IIT Kanpur, DSE

Tauha Rehman, Nagpur University

Himani Verma, Mumbai University

Tasneem Bharmal, Mumbai University

Akshay Palabnde, Mumbai University

Neha Dubey, Delhi University

R.Balagopal, Madras University

Ankit Verma, MDI Gurgaon

Vibhor Sharma, Kanpur University

Varsha Bang, BHU

Akshay Goud, Mumbai University

Suchismeeta Sahoo, Mumbai University

Kamakshi Balasubramanian,  Mumbai University

Ananda Reshmi, M.S. University

Apratim Tripathi, CSJM University

Anjali Bihana, Mumbai university

Ankur Ukey, Delhi University

Shreya Agarwal, Amity University

Sreyasi Mukherjee, Tata Institute of Social Science

Anil Singh, Kurukshetra University

#3. Events

This Course includes weekly debates, essay writing, group discussion, etc to develop your personality and skills.

#4. Digitally Available

You can access this course over the website and mobile app.

#5. Validity

One year.

Why UPSC Pathshala?

This foundation course can help you to clear and set selected in UPSC exams. It has the following features:

# Fundamental skills development: You can develop your personality to become a  worthy IAS officer.

# Best Quality Video Content: It contains main videos that help in behavioural learning for civil service preparation.

# Current Affairs Training: Current affairs is an important part of UPSC. With this course, you can understand current affairs through lectures, summaries and live classes.

# NCERT Preparation: This course covers the entire syllabus of NCERTs with exceptional video lectures, live classes, and question banks.

# Weekly Events: This course hosts weekly events like debates, essay writing, group discussions, etc.

# Your  Time, Your place: You can study and prepare for your UPSC according to your convenience.

# Super Affordable: This course is super affordable and you will save quite a fortune.

# Daily News Analysis: There will also be an analysis of daily news.

What will be Covered in the Foundation Course?

#1. Foundational Skills Development

This course helps you to develop the necessary skills to be an IAS officer like reading capacity, writing quality, analytical ability, effective communication, etc.

#2.NCERT Coverage

UPSC Foundation course covers NCERTs entire syllabus with video lectures, assignments, and question banks.

#3. Current Affairs

It has 300+ hours of videos covering all important topics of current affairs. With this, you won’t need to waste your time analysing newspapers and magazines.

Still Confused?

Are you still confused about whether you should take this course or not? Well, here are some sample videos for you to take a brief view of this course.


UPSC Pathshala foundation course is an affordable course that has great benefits for UPSC aspirants. If you don’t want to spend thousands on an offline institution you can surely try this online course. Moreover, it will provide you with a mentor to guide you throughout the preparation.

In addition, this course is structured carefully the entire syllabus of UPSC with the best quality videos by the best educational tutors.

UPSC Pathshala is a one-stop website for all your UPSC needs. Visit the website now and choose a course according to your needs. These courses boast experienced mentors, high-quality videos and affordable prices.

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