Today the internet is the solution to most of our problems. While many students opt for coaching classes, there are still others who cannot afford them. Moreover, there are also other students who prefer self-study over any institutes. Those students can take help of online available materials and videos which they can take advantage of.

Youtube is the best source for such video materials. Many YouTube channels are providing UPSC aspirants free materials to aid them in their preparation. These channels have reputed teachers, tutors who impart their knowledge over social media for free.

Today we will list some of the best youtube channels for civil services preparation. So read this article till the end.

YouTube: Online Video Sharing Platform

Youtube has become a popular video sharing platform and social media platform. With the unprecedented technological advancement, the number of youtube creators, as well as users, have drastically increased. It has become the second most visited website and holds more than 1B+ users active every day.

This platform has high-quality videos of different genres such as Fashion, education, awareness, entertainment, etc. It has thousands of channels providing education for free.

As a UPSC aspirant, you can take advantage of these free online videos. This is a boon for those students who cannot afford or don’t want to attend a coaching institute. But first, let us see some important advantages of using Youtube for education.

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Benefits of Youtube for UPSC Aspirants

Youtube has several benefits for UPSC aspirants. Here are some stated below:

#1. Understand the Core Subjects

For UPSC you need to develop your core subjects. But no coaching institutes can help you to study any subject from the start. But here youtube videos play a significant role. Students have to understand the basic topics and develop a strong base for their UPSC. It is widely known that a strong and tall building is built over a strong base.

You can understand the core themes for subjects like history, economics, political science, geography, etc. These videos can be a good alternative for UPSC crash courses.

#2. Study from Experts and Professors from Worldwide

Students can learn from experts and professors free of cost using YouTube videos. These professors upload videos for free and students can take advantage of them.

#3. Study from Anywhere and Anytime

You can access several education videos for free anywhere and anytime. This can help you to access them from your home. This can help you to save time and money for commutation.

 #4. Visual Learning

It is a widely known fact that a picture value more than thousands of words and a video is a collection of several pictures is the best way to understand things. Moreover, some students prefer visual components over lectures.

#5. Understand the UPSC Exam Pattern

You can understand the UPSC exam pattern and some tips and tricks by experts and toppers through YouTube.

#6. Be Inspired

UPSC is a long and tiring journey. Aspirants get demotivated and lose the spirit of moving forward. In such times youtube has played a vital role to motivate you. There are many inspirational videos on Youtube to motivate you.

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Best YouTube Channels for UPSC Civil Services Preparation

Here is a list of some best youtube channels for UPSC:

#1.UPSC Pathshala

Youtuber: UPSC Pathshala

Subscribers: 17.9k subscribers

Most watched video: UPSC Pathshala: Hindi Promo (201k views)

UPSC Pathshala is one of the best channels devoted to UPSC aspirants. It has experts, teachers and tutors for various courses. It provides videos on various subjects like history, polity, economics, geography, current affairs, environment, ethics, etc. It also contains preparation materials like talk with titans, guidance, general UPSC, etc.

#2.Rajya Sabha TV

Youtuber: Official Channel of Rajya Sabha

Subscribers: 5.9M subscribers

Most watched video: Samvidhan-Episode 1/10 (16M views)

Rajya Sabha Tv is an important channel for UPSC preparation. This channel broadcasts important debates on significant issues, interviews of ministers, government schemes, and other such important topics. Moreover, it broadcasts important programs like Bi picture, Polity watch, world panorama, science monitors and India’s World.

 #3.Lok  Sabha TV

Youtube: Official Channel of Lok Sabha

Subscribers: 926k subscribers

Most watched video: Shunya Se Shikhar Tak (2.3 million views)

Lok  Sabha TV is the official channel of Lok Sabha and covers some important topics of social issues. It covers all important topics and discussions of Lok sabha and other relevant issues.

#4.Byju’s IAS

Youtube: Byjus

Subscribers: 1.54M subscribers

Most watched video: Economic Survey (2019-2020) (3.9M views)

Byju’s IAS is a UPSC preparation channel by Bjyus. It offers free educational videos to boost your UPSC preparation. It covers various subjects like history, geography, science & technology, art & culture, polity, economics, and international relations. It has other important playlists for current affairs such as the Hindudiscussions analysis, explained economics survey, daily quiz, UPSC crash course, etc.

#5.Egyankosh IGNOU

Youtube: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Subscribers: 81.5k subscribers

Most watched video: A Programme on IGNOU (118k views)

Egyankosh IGNOU channel is run by Indira Gandhi National Open University. It provides lectures, discussions by various experts, and other important videos. This is a helpful channel for the preparation of UPSC optional subjects such as history, public administration, sociology, etc.

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#6. Unacademy UPSC

Youtube: Ex-IAS officer Roman Saini

Subscribers:965k Subscribers

Most watched video: UPSC CSE/IAS | Indian Geography other students prefer Sumit Sir | Introduction (902k views)

Unacademy UPSC is a popular education Youtube channel. It provides various videos for various UPSC exams. It offers videos on the economy, current affairs, history, polity, Europe, etc. It also has interviews of toppers, strategies videos, updates, etc. It also boasts some of the best educators such as Ashirwad Sir, Pawan Sir, Siddharth sir, etc.

 #7.Mrunal Patel

Youtube: Mrunal Patel

Subscribers:1.34 subscribers

Most watched video: Longitudes, latitudes, time zones & Dateline (3.8M views)

Mrunal Patel youtube channel was started by the famous Mrunal Patel. He is a known personality among UPSC aspirants. He is also a course director of Unacademy and visiting faculty in SPIPA and PDPU. This channel covers examinations like Civil services, CSAT, Bankinsectors, IBPS, CPF, CAT, CMAT, APFC, etc. Also, it covers various subjects like economics, current affairs, history, political science, etc.

 #8.Vision IAS

Youtube: A group of former IAS toppers

Subscribers: 1.3M subscribers

Most watched video: Toppers talk with Artika Shukla (4.8M views)

Vision IAS is another popular channel among UPSC aspirants. It also has a channel for Hindi medium students. It provides videos on current affairs, economic, surveys, history, economics, etc. It also has some important videos like UPSC question analysis, quizzes, tips for various states of UPSC, etc.

#9.Study IQ Education

Youtuber: Dr Gaurav Garg

Subscribers: 10.5M subscribers

Most watched video: History World War I (6.2M)

Study IQ Education is a popular video channel in the Hindi language. It also has other channels in Marathi, Gujarati, and Benalla languages. It is the most subscribed and watched education channel in  India. It offers videos to aid the preparation of various examinations such as UPSC, SSC CL, RBI Assistant, IBPS, PCS, etc. It provides videos for various subjects like current affairs, world history, Indian politics, newspaper analysis, quizzes, etc.

#10. Drishti IAS

Youtube: Drishti The Vision Foundation

Subscribers: 6.61M subscribers

Most watched video: Sakshi Garg, 350 Rank, Hindi Medium, UPSC-2017: Mock Interview (30M views)

It is another popular channel for UPSC. It was founded in 1999 and has been providing videos for aspirants since then. It is the most recommended channel for Hindi mediums. It provides quality study material for various subjects like optional subjects, essays, interviews, CSAT, current affairs, etc.

Youtube Channel for Current Affairs

Next Exam
Wifi Study
Adda 247
Crazy GkTrick
Online Study Point

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These were some important Youtube channels for UPSC preparation. You can also refer to other online websites such as government websites, non-government websites. Syllabus, books, etc.

Moreover to boost your UPSC preparation visit UPSC Pathshala. This website provides the best courses at a reasonable price, online consultation, high-quality videos, study materials, etc.

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