UPSC Interview Questions of Toppers and Interview Tips to Achieve your UPSC Dream

UPSC Interview Questions of Toppers and Interview Tips

UPSC Interview is the concluding stage of the UPSC exams. UPSC is considered one of the most challenging tests which can either build or curb the dreams of becoming an IAS officer. To hit the target, the focus must be on point. So, from the UPSC interview questions of toppers to the questions like do the UPSC toppers get money to appear in the interview? If you want to know the answer to any one of these questions, this blog will certainly resolve all your blur lines and take you a step closer to your dream.

UPSC personal Interview is a phase, wherein expected are lots of permutations and combinations of questions. As every question of the interview is distinctive for each individual, perhaps learning from topper’s experience can lend you an upper hand in scoring good ranks.

You can prominently observe in any UPSC toppers mark sheet that personal interview’s marks make a massive difference in ranks. Here’s a set of primary and the most critical questions asked to the UPSC candidates and suggestions by experts and toppers on how you should answer those questions to hit the bull’s eye. The genre of the questions may vary from person to person.

Question 1- Why Do You Want to Become an IPS/ IAS Officer?

This question’s answer will either help the candidate climb the ladder of success or can pull one back to the start. Interviewers expect meaningful answers. The solution must reveal the purpose and the motive of why you want to become an IPS/IAS officer. The more generous, satisfying and expressive the answer is, the more will be the marks.

Question 2- If Given an Appropriate Opportunity, What Would You Like to Innovate Today?

The answer here must be very creative, and the interviewer must find potential in you. The innovation you want to create must not be necessarily scientific; it just should have some emotional strands attached to it which display your strong will to change the current situations of the society which will surely impress the interviewers. Such questions reveal your real personality and perspective towards society; hence precise answers are expected.

Question 3- What are Your Perspectives on the Countless Human-made Discoveries  Reported in Between the 19th and The 20th Century?

As mentioned earlier, the genre can vary according to the choice of interviewers. Therefore, you need to prepare from every inch and corner. Such types of questions need quality research, and you must also have the idea why reporting of these discoveries has brought a revolution in the human race.

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Question 4- What is the Fine Dissimilarity Among Militancy, Insurgency, Terrorism and Fundamentalism?

Firstly, to answer these types of questions, you must know the accurate meaning of all the terms. Only if you know the proper importance and you understand these terms, you can deliver a satisfactory answer. Such types of similar and fundamental questions have a greater chance to be asked in the UPSC interview. Accordingly, you must clear your basics and be on toes to answer it.

Question 5- What are Your Views on The Changes Happening From the Last 50 Years in the Federation and On the Federal Front?

This is a political question. You need to know the history of all the political scenarios and the advantages and disadvantages of the federal front. Your answer with a proper perspective will surely win the hearts of the interviewing officials and fetch you good marks.

Question 6- What Draws a Line Between Missions, Objective, Visions, and Aims?

Questions like these expect a witty answer. It is mainly to test your personality and your ability to come up with a satisfactorily sensible answer. This also gives an idea to the interviewer on how many bases are you ready intellectually. If your answer makes sense to the panel and is rational enough, you strongly stand a chance to gain good marks.

Question 7- Why are People Not So Good at Life When They are Excellent at Scoring Marks in Examinations?

To answer these types of questions, your observation accounts the most; you can score good marks by answering such subjective questions. The officials are keen to know how you think and act upon such types of questions. You would also add on solutions according to your answers. Your primary focus must be on understanding why such a problem occurs in one’s life, and the answer should match the same intensity.


Interviews are one of the most critical aspects of the UPSC Exams. If you aspire to be an IAS officer, you must strive hard to give your best shot at the UPSC interviews. The more you research and gain knowledge, the more accurate and fulfilling will be your answer. Questions may also be based on the educational background or the profession you belong to although the predictability of questions is quite difficult as each question is unique in its way.

For a clearer view, you can also watch UPSC toppers interview YouTube. Watching these interviews will help you to enhance your way of answering and minding your body language.

We post various tips and tricks to pass UPSC exams regularly to help all the aspirants prosper in their UPSC exams. Read our regular blogs to get the upper hand and detailed support in your UPSC preparations.

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UPSC Interview Questions of Toppers and Interview Tips to Achieve your UPSC Dream
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